We all strive to do everything we can to make our business more successful. Part of that should include updating the way we do things every so often so that we’re taking advantage of the latest tools, tips, and technology to make our business more efficient.

One of those pieces of technology is time tracking software. Time tracking software allows you to automatically track employee time and attendance from any permitted location. However, each time tracking solution is different and what one may offer might not be available with other vendors.

If you’re considering making a switch from your current time tracking vendor, we’re here to help! Following are the 6 most common TSheets alternative and how each one can benefit your business.

TSheets Alternative #1: Time Doctor


Another option that we decided to add to our list is the web-based time clock software. Time Doctor. One of the main features that make this a great TSheets alternative is the fact that it’s completely web-based, meaning that it can be accessed from just about anywhere. Employees can even access the system from their favorite smart devices or company systems instead of a traditional job clock.

The benefits of this online time clock software extend even further. It can be challenging to track employee hours and keep track of attendance and other demands with remote workers. Time Doctor is explicitly designed to help keep track of remote workers’ hours and productivity.

This helps businesses make sure they are investing in the right workers and that jobs are being completed, and also helps the workers have a way to stay organized and on top of what it is they are supposed to be doing while still having the autonomy to do things at their own pace.

The addition of project management tools makes it easy for workers to communicate with each other when part of a team and send notices and alerts to management in the event of issues.

TSheets Alternative #2: Buddy Punch


When it comes to TSheets alternatives, there are a few things that you can think about:

  • Features
  • Reporting
  • Ease of use

One of the reasons that many users like it as an alternative to other timesheet options is because it manages to do a great job of making itself easy to use for employees and managers without sacrificing too much on the availability of other features.

Buddy Punch makes itself easy to use by hiding all the unnecessary features and information and making the basic interface as simplified as possible. By doing this, employees can use the software for its intended purpose without getting bogged down with other details.

From a management standpoint, businesses can enjoy an easy-to-use platform with numerous valuable features such as payroll integration, project tracking, and reporting. The online timesheet software can also handle other tasks, such as tracking breaks and time off, for even better employee oversight.

TSheets Alternative #3: DeskTime


Unlike the other TSheets alternatives on our list, DeskTime is an app-based time tracker with several features designed to track how effectively your employees are working and eliminate waste within your business.

Some of the features include an app-based time tracker that works on mobile devices, a web-based tracker, and even an offline tracker so that managers can always know what employees are working on and whether they are doing what they should be.

Additionally, the work tracking software allows for mobile viewing and reporting so that employees can access their data on the go and managers have easier access as well. These features are combined with several reporting features that help track expenses, project estimates, and time wasted on projects so that businesses can better assess performance and make adjustments where necessary.

Each of our timesheet alternatives represents different features and functions. It’s always best to examine your specific needs and find the right one for your business.

TSheets Alternative #4: Harvest


In general, Harvest represents a TSheets alternative that includes very beneficial business features such as project management, team scheduling, and some other important business insights. It functionates on the streamlined principle and it constantly provides business details that are highly productive and effective. It does not only track time, but it also tracks payroll as well as business expenses.

This app is providing recurring invoices and many different payment options. The things that all Harvest’s clients appreciate the most when it comes to this app are definitely the accessible time tracking factor and overall expense tracking factor. Additionally, it is very beneficial that Harvest treats everyone that enter as they are part of the project. This means that it can be a little challenging for those businesses that constantly have one-off tasks or frequent clients interactions.

The software is very easy and convenient when it comes to use. However, you can not expect them to have live customer support. We must conclude that this tsheet alternative is the most suitable for small or even medium businesses that are looking for an option that includes time and expense tracking.

TSheets Alternative #5: Hourly


Hourly is the tsheet alternative that provides a lot more than just a time tracking feature. This app refers to the one that is dedicated to people. Despite tracking the time, all small businesses can use this platform in order to manage payroll which is linked to all employees’ comp policy, so they can pay the bill automatically.

This will allow you to save a lot of money because all of those comps are going to be tied directly to your payroll. We can freely say that Hourly has an advantage over other tsheet alternatives since it provides together time tracking, employees comp, and payroll. Now, all of these tasks can be effectively and easily managed from your mobile device. Best of all is that Hourly has one additional feature which is GPS tracking. Your overall business can even benefit from the custom feature rules that offer 8-hour workdays and 30-minute lunch break reminders. Hourly even provide flexible payment options and some automatic tax filing which will improve the overall business operations.

You can use Hourly as a web platform on your desktop device, but you can also use it through a mobile app since it comes with a user-friendly design and digital time clocks. Your workers can now effectively switch and change tasks as well as access their total worked hours.

TSheets Alternative #6: Hubstaff


When it comes to Hubstaff TSheets Alternative, we need to highlight that despite time tracking, workers can enjoy monitoring software that is providing things like payroll integration as well as team schedules from which they can take advantage of.

Clients that are using Hubstaff are having access to monitoring features such as mobile GPS tracking, URL, all monitoring, and screenshots options. All of these tools let businesses improve their productivity. Users’ reviews are reporting the user-friendly design as well as the ability to customize their tracking.

Businesses can now keep tracking of all workers in different cities since the clients note trouble working with different time zones. With the automatic screenshot, the element allows businesses for production monitoring. In general, this is a very reputable app for design.