The reports of online casino scams are vastly overblown, just like everything else on the internet. But are they real? They are, indeed. Online gambling is hugely popular in India. As it is the 2nd largest country in the world and houses the sixth of the world’s population, it represents an important market for any type of business.

So many people are playing at online casinos in India, placing their information and money on those sites. We’ve discovered numerous frauds, scandals, and dishonest practices that ought to keep everyone on their toes.

We’ve also learned how to protect ourselves, as well as how to protect others, and you could save money and time if you learn about some of the most famous scams we discovered.

What Can Players Do to Stay Safe While Playing at Online Casinos in India

The idea of playing at online casinos should provide fun and enjoyment without consequences. To do so, players need to be informed and watch out for the traps we are about to mention.

Every player should make sure that the casino is suited to their needs. Most of the scams never happen on the safest casino sites in India. Still, the players need to check if the casinos are licensed. Appropriate regulation bodies like MGA, UKGC, and Curacao eGaming are making those casinos safe for players.

Game providers or Software companies that create those games we all enjoy should be reputable. Security of the site needs to be on the highest level. All secure sites have RNG and SSL encryption. Their systems need to be audited by independent sources, like eCOGRA and others.

Casino Deposit Theft


This term is familiar to almost all gamblers. Online casinos will ask you to deposit funds before you can start playing on their site. The actual issue, though, arises when one wants to withdraw this money.

When players attempt to recover their money, fake casinos have a well-known strategy for manipulation by luring them into never-ending formalities and technical difficulties. This continues until the player loses patience and gives up looking for the money.

Identity Information Theft

Privacy became the most craved and wished-for thing in the world. And the lack of it frustrates everyone who feels threatened. No matter if the online casino has weak protection and your information leak or the whole site is a front for robbing you of them, this is one of the worst scams which can ruin you.

With just your name, social security number, and information from one of your credit cards, a scammer may drain your bank accounts and wreck the credit score you worked so hard to create.

To prevent this, be mindful and inform yourself about online security tips available to you. Because if you compare the chaos identity theft can cause, deposit theft seems practically irrelevant.

Bonus Frauds

In this competitive world of online casinos, those establishments need to fight for every player they can get. There are so many of them, and their strategy is based on the best offers they can provide for their users.


One of the tools for that is – bonuses. Many online casinos are trying to draw in new customers by providing a variety of bonuses. We’re talking about sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, and notorious reload bonuses. It is a bonus that will offer you a ridiculous amount of money if you re-invest in your account.

The catch is in the number of times you must play to win the bonus. You end up investing more than you win, so read those terms and conditions very carefully.

Unfair Games

Random Generation Number (or RNG), the foundation of casino games, ensures the integrity of the game. Scam casinos change the system to raise the house edge and give themselves a bigger advantage over the players.

Another important problem is non-payment; they will invent any justification to prevent payouts. The arguments for the refusal of compensation are unjustified and do not have sufficient evidence to support them.

Instead of giving you a quick and simple payout, they might offer you another bonus so they can continue to take advantage of you. They keep your deposit and force you to jump through hoops to obtain real money.

Changes in Terms & Conditions


Delaying payments to customers for days, weeks, or even months for a variety of reasons is another fraud tactic, including limited funds and slow cash flow. Or encouraging customers to keep playing in the hopes of being paid later.

Most players do not read the terms and conditions fine print. These terms restrict wagering and withdrawal amounts, forbid players from taking part in progressive jackpot games and contain other restrictions.

To keep players, they underpay them and urge them to play more, which causes them to forfeit their winnings. To fit their requirements, they arbitrarily alter the terms. During a conflict with the customer, they alter the terms to their benefit.

Fake Customer Service

The absence of customer support is the most well-known and widely used scam in the world of online gambling. If you are having trouble, being taken advantage of, or having trouble withdrawing money, you must phone the casino’s customer service representative for assistance.

What if the casino’s website’s customer care contact information is inaccurate? Yes, it does happen frequently. Make sure you check the customer care contact information once to confirm the legitimacy of the online casino and avoid being scammed before you place a wager or make any deposits.



India represents a huge market for online gaming, and many companies provide their services there. This is also attracting fake casinos that try to scam players who are trying to have fun.

There are some well-known frauds and scams we have covered for you, so don’t be alarmed. Inform yourself and stay safe1