Once you and your partner have agreed to terminate your marriage, you may be asking yourself what you should do next and if you need an attorney. There is one short answer to this question. Do not try to manage the divorce proceedings on your own.

To be honest, even if you think that you and your spouse agree on everything, this can only be your thought, but the reality of the situation may be different. Maybe you do not have many properties that need to be fairly divided between the two of you, or you may have an agreement concerning who will receive what if the marriage ends.

Moreover, you and your spouse may both think that you can work it out on your own and prefer to avoid paying for a divorce lawyer.

In case this seems like your position with no intention of hiring a divorce lawyer, you should read on. Consider making the decision based on all the knowledge and information you can get.

Besides, even if your divorce has been a mutual decision, and it seems like it would proceed promptly and with ease, you still need to consider hiring a lawyer to advocate for your interests as well as to make sure that the order is enforceable. To learn more about collaborative divorce, click here.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce


The first thing you need to know before you start with the process Is the type of divorce you are getting into. Namely, is your spouse willing to accept a divorce? Also, will he or she accept to sign the divorce documents? Finding the answer to this question matters and will influence determining the type of divorce lawyer you need to look for in order to represent you in the process of divorce.

Divorce itself as a process may be difficult for some of us. There are times, however, when the divorcing parties completely agree to all the conditions. A divorce of this type is referred to as an “uncontested divorce.” This type of divorce may be finalized faster than a regular divorce without any issues. As a rule, for an uncontested divorce, the parties file a Joint Petition for Divorce instead of a Complaint about Divorce. In general, the process involves filing by each party and agreeing to whatever is included in those documents to finalize their divorce. In many cases, there is no need for a court decision to complete this type of divorce; however, each case is unique. Reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer to discuss the specific details of your case. Even if your divorce has been a mutual decision and it seems like it would proceed promptly and with ease, you still need to consider hiring a lawyer to advocate for your interests as well as to make sure that the order is enforceable.

When it comes to a contested divorce, it is a type of divorce when the parties simply do not agree on everything included in their divorce. You must contact a divorce lawyer to handle this type of case. Going through such divorce cases may cause a lot of stress for both parties during the process. Trying to handle your case yourself or choosing the wrong divorce lawyer may not only have a negative impact on your case, but it may also have consequences for your life when the case is over.

What type of divorce lawyer would you require?


When your marriage partner is rational, plus both of you agree on all conditions of divorce by yourselves, then you may file for a joint divorce. At this point, you can present all of your terms and conditions to your lawyer, which he or she will use in the divorce pleadings. In other words, as long as you have been married for several years with shared property, with children and pensions involved, and even if you think that you both agree to everything, the only thing worth doing would be mediation in order to be sure as to whether or not you are being fairly treated. At the end of the day, there are suggested guidelines that a divorce mediator should follow, and which can help you both receive what is reasonable for your specific situation, your finances, and the years you have been married.

If for some reason your spouse refuses to sign the documents and wants to fight the divorce after it is filed, it means you will require a much more aggressive lawyer. Moreover, when your spouse is determined to fight all of it to a conclusion, your wisest move will be to get a divorce lawyer who specializes in litigation. No matter if there are children and finances included; mediation may always be your first step to try before you go into litigation. Regardless it will be through a lawyer who provides collaborative divorce within their divorce practice or through one who is a certified and licensed divorce mediator who is not a lawyer.

How to choose the best divorce lawyer in Las Vegas


Always ensure the person is a highly experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyer. To put it another way, consider that he or she is a local lawyer, not one who, for example, recently moved to Las Vegas. Right Lawyers are one of the most recognized law firms in Las Vegas with a good reputation. They are a team of divorce lawyers with over 40 years of collective experience. Right Lawyers were able to achieve successful representation for many clients in various cases involving divorce, child custody, family law, auto accidents, as well as workers’ compensation. As they are widely known for their persistent commitment and dedication to achieving the best possible result for their clients, they have gained a high reputation as experienced and informed litigators. There are two ways Right Lawyers can help you. First, you need to visit RightLawyers’ website in order to find information by reading their articles on various cases such as divorce, joint petitions, legal separation, and child custody. Secondly, you should consult them by scheduling a meeting.

Remember that you need a lawyer who can help you with your situation, who looks at the divorce the same way you do. In case you choose a collaborative divorce, which means you like to achieve an agreement on all terms of the divorce, and you want both of you to sign the divorce papers before filing, you may find a lawyer willing to do his or her best to encourage mediation when you encounter an obstacle, instead of jumping into court immediately.

But if you choose to go to court and fight for everything you want with no willingness to settle, then, of course, you may find a strong litigator with a proven record of winning tough divorces. In addition, get informed about all the fees you are going to be charged in advance, as well as what it might cost you later on.

A licensed divorce lawyer will meet with you in order to help you understand what your rights are, to assists you in creating some sort of plan, which will help you with the process of fighting for your custody rights. Furthermore, the lawyer will help you receive your equal share of the property along with your rights when it comes to paying or receiving spousal support. By following this guide, you may find a professional and highly experienced divorce lawyer in Las Vegas that will be as concerned about the result of your divorce as you are.