It’s no secret that more and more people are buying furniture online. But with the coronavirus pandemic, this trend is even more on the rise – in Europe and the US, but also around the world. Can buying furniture online provide a better shopping experience – or is a good old-fashioned going to a furniture salon still irreplaceable? There is no universal answer. However, we will mention what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying furniture online – and what you should think about if you are considering this option.

Offline Shopping Will Not Disappear


Some customers still prefer to go to the salon when choosing furniture. Buyers are attracted by the fact that they can see the furniture live, sit in an armchair – or try out the bed. Of course, there are also conversations with friendly sellers – that some people consider necessary for the right choice of furniture. On the other hand, some people consider going to the salon, having long conversations with the seller and crowds – are too old-fashioned ways of buying, which they want to avoid. Besides, coming to the salon creates a certain pressure for some customers – so they can’t think cold-headed about their decision. That’s why more and more of them are turning to online shopping – with which they can forget about the crowds and all the pressures.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Furniture Online


Buying furniture is not a small thing, nor a small cost – so you need to take enough time and think carefully about what furniture you need, how much you can spend, etc. Unlike buying in a furniture store – when you purchase online – there is no pressure from the sellers and you can take enough time and review all the models you are interested in. You can also study their characteristics and compare them to some others. As we have already said, online shopping is growing every year. Therefore, we have explored some of the reasons that make online shopping so attractive – but also some of the disadvantages of this way of purchasing furniture.



1. Greater Choice

In a furniture store, you are limited only to furniture pieces that you can find over there. In that sense, online shopping is a little different. Webshops have a far greater offer than physical stores – because they don’t have to worry about where to place all those pieces of furniture. In most cases, when you notice something you like – you can immediately get information about whether that piece of furniture is available and when it will arrive at your home address. Best of all, the fact is that if one webshop doesn’t have what you’re looking for – you can easily visit another webshop in just a few clicks. No waste of time, hustle, and bustle.

2. Price And Comparison

In the times before we started using the online shopping service, we had to drive from one furniture store to another – to compare prices and find the right piece of furniture at a discount. And rarely has anyone been able to spend so much time and money – to save just a few hundred dollars on a new aluminum dining set for the terrace. Today things are a little different. You can compare prices yourself by looking at different websites – or even use price comparison services that allow you to compare prices of different stores in one place. According to RemarkableFurniture, it’s not just about where the product is cheapest – it’s also about the cost of shipping and product availability. It is quite certain that in this way you will save both – time and money.

3. Fewer Crowds – Less Stress

When you are purchasing online, you don’t need to stand in line at the checkout for half an hour. You don’t need to go between the rows and search for dining chairs that are listed in the catalog as discounted – and yet, you’re not able to find them anywhere. When buying furniture online, simply look for what you need, check availability – order delivery, or pick it up. No crowds, no stress. You can purchase tucked away in bed – or at work during breaks.



1. Misleading Images

The biggest problem with online shopping is that sometimes things don’t look like they are shown in the picture. Often with the arrival of purchased furniture comes great disappointment. So that beautiful color from the picture looks completely different in reality – or the material from which the furniture is made is not exactly what you expected. Due to such situations, it is recommended to buy exclusively from reliable web stores that attract a large number of customers.

2. You Cannot Be Sure Of The Quality

When buying furniture online – in many cases you can’t be sure of its quality. The truth is, you can’t touch the furniture, try it, or see if it’s uncomfortable. Only when the furniture is delivered – you can see what it is about. So, this type of purchase can in some sense pose a risk. Therefore, it is very important to buy it in reliable webshops – and you can also rely on customer reviews. Also, make sure that you purchase in webshops where you can return the goods – in case you are not satisfied. If you’re not able to do that – then you should consider going to a furniture store.

3. Online Store Security

Security is an important issue for online businesses. The user easily loses trust in the online store if he suspects that he is endangered in any way. That is why when creating a webshop, rigorous security standards and the most modern technologies for the protection of online communication are applied.

Customer advice: Although internet transactions are very secure today, take extra care. Keep a minimum amount of money in your online payment account, and only pay as much as necessary before making a purchase.

The Bottom Line


Shopping online is a luxury of the modern age – because it offers us access to endless varieties of things we want to buy, including furniture. This is a purchase you can do in a very easy and simple way. But, you should definitely approach it with a bit of caution. In the end, don’t let one bad experience discourage you.