We all know what the year we finally left behind looked like – it was a leap year in every sense of the word. We could hardly imagine that we’ll spend basically an entire year mostly in our homes, but that’s exactly what happened. Some people used the lockdown to transform their home offices into more functional and pleasant rooms by piling up some super chic pieces of furniture. We keep reimagining our living spaces according to our new life circumstances, but at the same time, we seek more comfort, which again demands some investment.

Regardless of whether we need a backdrop for our Zoom meetings or a new wallpaper for the kids’ room, suddenly it seems as if every inch of our homes requires some refreshment. That should be the first thing you should consider if you decide to dedicate your time to dropshipping and selling home decor stuff.

Here are some trendy home decor products worth considering to sell in 2024.

1. Imitation brick


In a time of crisis, people hesitate when it comes to all unnecessary costs. Renovation expenses could be significantly high, especially for the people who are renting their apartments, which is why DIY solutions have become increasingly popular. Still, individuals who lease or rent apartments aren’t usually allowed to make any kind of adaptations – and that’s exactly when imitation brick enters the scene as a very handy solution. This is a relatively inexpensive solution and one can find literary tons of YouTube videos on how to easily apply this solution.

Another quite practical benefit of this material is that it’s rather soft, so your customers probably won’t have to worry about the safety within their apartments, especially if toddlers keep running around. Much more classy and stylish than regular wall foam – so it’s a win-win situation for anyone.

2. Premium glow-in-the-dark stars and stickers


Have you ever considered transforming your living room or a bedroom into an improvised planetarium? If you didn’t, people around you did – for sure. That’s why you should include this quite simple and fancy solution that has become largely popular during the last year in your regular offer. Of course, it’ll probably be more interesting to small children or pupils, but also for adults interested in space or astronomy who just want to see their living space looking different and yet awesome.

It’s significant to note that there are a few variants of this product – from basic, more childish-looking shapes of Moon and stars, to real premium, planetarium-looking products. Yet, whichever you choose, you’ll definitely be amazed at how original and different your room looks.

3. Scratch maps


One of the things we surely miss so much since the COVID-19 pandemic started is – traveling. We must’ve already found ourselves remembering our summer anecdotes or weekend shopping chills dozens of times in the last year. Maybe now it’s the best time to get ourselves a scratch map and evoke some more memories, but also pin all the places we’ll visit as soon as the world gets back to normal.

How do scratch maps work? Well, quite easy –  you simply need to scratch off all the places you’ve visited so far and the amazing world of colors will reveal in front of you! Traditional scratch maps require coins or fingernails to scratch away the top layer, but you can do it basically with any small object such as a tiny rock or a piece of plastic.

This super nice and decorative item will help people make their personal travel record and keep them everlasting. It’s a perfect present for anyone who is addicted to wanderlust and currently feels like a beast in a cage, so make sure you make some nice supplies of this beauty.

4. Home decor wall stickers


Another increasingly popular decoration product proved to be a very handy solution for various purposes. These stickers are similar to the ones we usually see in kids’ bedrooms like stars, clouds, emojis, etc. Besides children’s rooms, they’re also quite popular in kitchens, but also in college dorms and family apartments.

They come in different shapes, colors, and thematic areas – from sticky letters to nature scenes and beach murals. You can find inspiration for getting some of them in your next ordering round on numerous Instagram pages or Pinterest, or you can just click here and consult an amazing article on for more mind-blowing ideas.

5. Rubber wall protector


It’s rather important to prevent any damages to the house and thus save some precious money before you decide to decorate your living space further. One of the items whose popularity also rises at breakneck speed is a simple rubber wall protector.

Although at the first glance it looks similar to a toy, it proved itself as more than a practical item. One just needs to run a door handle through a small hole in the wall protector – and there it is. It’s an especially useful solution for families with small children who are keen on slamming all the doors in the house for fun! And, well – although it might not look like a decor item, it actually is. Not only is it useful, but its simple, colorful design will surely help someone’s living space gain a different look.

6. Colorful crystals


Last, but not least on the list of trendy home decor products, colorful crystals are convenient for those apartments with a particular aesthetic – but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be found in ‘regular’, ‘ordinary’ ones. Most likely, the additional decoration may include candle cages that can also represent a compelling idea that should definitely be included in your product spectrum.

What’s however certain, is that the pair or two of these crystals will make any apartment stylish or maybe even aristocratic if matched with other rustic details around the room. Consider various combinations of colors – red and green, blue or orange, or any other combination of your choice – but make sure it fits the design of other elements in your home.

The global home decor market is expected to grow to approximately 700 billion USD by the end of 2024, which means that clever sellers who are capable of catching the trends will probably make a lot of money. That’s why getting amazing decorative products in order to fulfill your offer is a great idea – because everyone who shops online lives in homes that need at least a slight redecorating to make their living space more beautiful and improve their mental wellbeing in these difficult times.