With live dealer casino games, players can play virtually, alongside other real humans, from anywhere they want. You don’t have to visit a physical casino to play these games as a player. With video conferencing, you can have a real person not anywhere near you deal you cards right from your house. A camera set-up captures all activities of a dealer and relays them to your computer.

The interface for live dealer games is the same as you’d find in normal, non-live dealer games. Every step in your gameplay gets relayed via a video channel for a dealer to act on. Live dealer roulette, baccarat, and other table games work the same way in the Philippines casino online, except you only see the person dealing the cards or spinning the wheel, and not necessarily other players. The betting surface or table layout is usually digital, like playing at an online casino without a live dealer.

Live Dealer Casino Games


Live dealer rooms only feature games that justify the presence of dealers and are simple enough to be streamed over a video channel. One great choice, for instance, is roulette. Dealers need only spin once and can also take several bets at once.

Some key components needed by a casino to successfully deliver live casino games are:

  • Cameras
  • Game Control Unit
  • Wheel
  • Dealer
  • Monitor

In deciding whether or not to register with a live dealer casino, you’ve to consider where the casino is based. Depending on the strength of your internet connection and the number of network nodes your video signal might’ve to be routed through to reach the dealer, gambling at a casino may not be worthwhile. Before you decide, though, carry out your studies first of all.

Here are some of the more common live dealer casino games. While these might not be the only games you can find, they cover over 95% of all the live dealer games available online.



Data suggests that Filipinos prefer Blackjack to other live casino games available today. Though it takes a bit more effort for a casino to offer a live dealer version of Blackjack, its popularity among players justifies the effort.

After players might’ve made their wagers, the online card dealer deals each player two cards and picks two for themselves. It’s up to a player to decide whether to double, surrender, hit or stand. The dealer executes their preferred course of action. The dealer ultimately reveals her other card and rounds up.



Roulette is arguably the second most popular live casino table game after Blackjack. Even a non-player would most likely be able to relate to the spinning ivory ball in gambling-themed flicks. Typically, live roulette bets are placed on various possibilities, including red, odd, or black.

The double zero-wheeled versions are tagged American Roulette. The single zero-wheeled ones are called French Roulette. The casino’s commission on single zero wheel types is typically lower than double zero wheels. If you had to choose, consider playing French Roulette – the single zero-wheeled ones.


Because the dealer completes all of the game acts after the player enters their bet, baccarat often plays well in live dealing rooms. Like Roulette, the casino may accept virtually unlimited bets on this game without affecting the current hand or gameplay.

The dealer then gives out two hands of two cards each after the players have placed their wagers on tie, banker, or player. Each hand either stays or receives an additional card, and established rules must be observed. The lucky bets are then paid out, and wagers for the following round are made.

3 Card Poker


Only a few live dealer rooms offer 3 Card live dealer Poker, although it is a very common game at land-based and virtual casinos. The payoff depends on the strength of your hand when you play a three-card poker hand versus the dealer.

Sic Bo


Sic Bo is especially well-liked in Asia. You may bet on your prediction of the outcome of the dice roll in a select live dealer casino. After players have placed their bets, the dice are disclosed, and you are paid out according to your wagers. Depending on the likelihood that a particular number will be revealed, various casinos pay varying sums.


Not too many providers develop online casino dealer games. The ones that do, however, excel and deliver an immersive gaming experience. The three major software providers of live casino games are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. A newer participant in the live dealing space is Global Gaming Labs.

Live dealer games are arguably the future of online gaming. Once VR becomes suitable for wide-scale deployment, live casino games will become even more sought. Hopefully, after skimming through the contents of this article, you’re more familiar with how these games work and are ready to settle on one and start playing.