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Studying is like a roller coaster: sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard, but most of the times it’s quite stressful, especially when you feel overwhelmed with all the assignments at hand and don’t know which one to start writing first. For you to easily manage such situations, there are a lot of apps and platforms that will help you make studying structured, easy, and fun.

In 2024, it’s important to filter stuff and know what works best for you specifically, so you need to try various tools and apps and see what brings the most value to you. Here is the first batch for you to consider: Xmind for mind mapping, Chegg for memorization, MyHomework for scheduling, TED Talks for inspiration, and edX to explore additional online courses. Now, let’s consider each of those apps and platforms in more detail.

Xmind: Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

When you start reading a book like One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez with tens of characters to remember, it’s very handy to draw a “mindmap” that will help you with that. The same goes for planning a new project where brainstorming can turn chaotic, and you might end up losing track of your ideas. Instead of wasting time trying to draw a comprehensible mind map, you should consider using the app called Xmind. It helps you structure and organize all of your ideas, highlight the main points, and create logical links between all the pieces of information.

Chegg: Studying with Flashcards

Sometimes studying doesn’t come easy. If you are struggling to memorize chunks of information it does not mean that you are not good at studies, it just means that you need to get a bit creative with the way you present all of that information to your brain. As an option, you can make flashcards that will help you test yourself. But time is money, right? That’s why using digital flashcards is much more reasonable. There is an app called Chegg for that; you can create, customize, and remove all of your cards from your “digital deck.” It might turn out to be even more helpful if you have an exam to prepare for, and there are a lot of notions and definitions to cover.

MyHomework Student Planner: Digital Scheduling

MyHomework Student Planner is a very useful digital planner for students to keep up with their schedule and all of the ongoing assignments. It will also let you see if you can manage everything by yourself or if you need to find a good essay writing service like that will make things easier. It helps you keep track of all the papers you need to hand in, their deadlines, and other details. Having an app that structures all of the dates, timelines, and milestones are very resourceful. It’s like clearing all the clutter off your desk and finally enjoying cleanliness and structure, Marie Kondo style.

TED: Talks that Inspire

We all need inspiration from time to time; nobody expects you to keep going whatever the challenges are. To get yourself through some difficulties, to get some creative ideas on how to approach studies and life in general, consider listening to speeches. The TED platform is just the place for that. There are talks related to science, philosophy, art, medicine, history, biology, and even studying techniques. You get to listen to some of the most successful scientists and public figures of the world, all of them sharing their inspiring experience with you.

EdX: a Platform with Online Courses

EdX is a popular learning platform where you can take not only the courses that are related to your study but basically anything you find interesting and exciting. With every course, you get lectures, discussions, reading materials as well as some tests to check your knowledge. If you choose to pay for the course and you pass all the tests with a mark above 70%, you will get a certificate of completion that is valid on employment platforms like LinkedIn, which also means that you can mention this achievement in your future resume.

Sleep Cycle: for You to Be Well-Rested for Studies

Sleep Cycle is a great app that will help you take good care of your health by improving the quality of your sleep. There are countless studies proving the importance of getting enough sleep: it directly impacts your cognitive abilities, improves your academic performance, attention span, as well as general well-being. Available for free for iOS and Android, this little helper uses your phone microphone to analyze the stages of your sleep and wake you up when your body is ready for it. Rather than getting a lot of sleep, it’s much better to wake up when you are in your lightest sleep state. The app will determine when you have that sleep state (within a time zone that you set in accordance with your classes schedule) and help you wake up all happy and ready to do your very best at college.

All of these apps and platforms will ease your life, making room for you to not only have time for learning but also to maintain a healthy social life. Furthermore, they will help you make sure that you don’t forget about taking good care of your health while performing at your best and becoming one of the best students at your higher education institution. You know how sometimes they say “don’t work hard, work smart” – the same approach applies to study: it’s not about devoting every minute to learning; it is about knowing how to study, being able to do it efficiently. That’s why these apps will not only help you structure your studying experience but will also teach you how to manage your time. At the same time, the platforms will help you expand your horizons and inspire you to be more creative with your life in college.