2020 was quite a year. It feels like everything that seemed impossible to happen did happen in 2024. We have a lot to blame it for. Some people caught the disease; others went bankrupt running their family business. All of us experienced tremendous insecurity and suffered from major changes to our routine and lifestyle.

It was a rough year, but we also have lots of things to thank 2024 for. People realized the real value of a hug, handshake, and face-to-face communication. They stopped taking an opportunity to go out and have fun, travel, and engage in many other activities for granted. Most importantly, we all reconsidered the preciousness of our health.

Today, we are more conscious when it comes to quality sleep, food choice, and physical training. A long walk in the fresh air followed by a nutritious and healthy meal is not something we can give up or ignore anymore. People, no matter how busy they are, learned to find some time for themselves.

The number of health-related apps has also increased recently. We tend to use technologies and smart devices to monitor health, grow useful habits, and get to physical activity. This article will be dedicated to discussing a few of the very best health apps that every student should have.



The best thing you can do to your brain to keep it working is to have a healthy night’s sleep. So, if you lack time and choose between staying up late working on your essay or getting to bed, choose the latter. You can always order essay editing on essay editor service, however, it’s pretty hard to make up for the lost hours of revitalizing night’s sleep.

SleepCycle is great for people who have trouble sleeping. It is an app that is used to track the quality of sleep and define problems. It can record disruptions like snoring or sleep talking as well as monitor your sleeping patterns. Based on that information, you’ll be able to identify possible issues and discover the best ways to resolve them.

Also, the app can wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase. This will make the process of getting up a lot more pleasing and help you feel well-rested.



If you want to become a conscious eater, this app is what you’ve been looking for. It helps track your calories using a huge database with nutrition information. MyFitnessPal creates a food diary so that you can easily track and modify your consumption.

The app allows setting your own fitness goals and programming it to notify you when you need to drink water. For example, if you want to lose some weight, the app will suggest the healthiest way of decreasing the number of calories consumed. If you want to gain muscle, MyFitnessPal will adjust your diet and will suggest products containing more proteins.

Overall, this app gives a better understanding of what and when you should eat as well as provides lots of useful food information. A community forum and notifications are just a few more features that help users stay on track and feel encouraged.



This fitness app is a great fit for the current situation when half of the world’s population is under a threat of yet another lockdown. It lets people train from the comfort of their homes.

It can develop a program for outdoor training and the gym session as well. Overall, it has around 2,500 classes, all of which can be adjusted based on your fitness level, preferences, and the available equipment.

Aaptiv can track users’ progress by collecting data on their workouts. This information is further used to develop recommendations on how to make training more effective. In addition, if you wish, workout sessions can be replaced by such activities as yoga or stretching.



Our mental health depends on our ability to fight stress. Unfortunately, 2024 gave us lots of reasons to feel insecure and unsafe. To help your brain combat all challenges, apps like Happify offer activities and games that can elevate happiness.

To cut it short, Happify is a science-backed app created by experts in emotional health and resilience. They insist that we all must gain awareness of the techniques that allow us to strengthen stress resistance.

This app has a great selection of games and activities supported by meditation and relaxation audios and other features. It helps people look at any problem from a different angle and trains them to think more positively.



Have you ever googled your symptoms whatever they may be? We bet you did. Were you surprised by the findings? Definitely. If you turn to Google with a sore throat, you are likely to be diagnosed with the worst possible disease.

Fortunately, you can avoid this stress by using HealthTap, especially if going to a real doctor is not an option at a time.

This app connects patients who clearly described their symptoms to real doctors online. The pros can give advice and even prescribe some treatment to ease the symptoms. Of course, such consultation does not replace the need for a proper doctor’s examination.

However, it may give some reassurance to a panicking person and help them make it to the doctor’s room.

Charity Miles


Do you know that running can contribute not only to your health? Charity Miles makes it so. It is designed to get people moving not for their health and physical endurance only. With this app, you can run and add some impact as well.

The mechanism is as follows. The app is free to download. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your activity. Whether you walk, run, or bike, each mile will turn into 10 cents donated to the charity of your choice.

Admit it – running becomes twice as effective and fun when you know that your moves help in generating money for those in need.

Wrapping It Up

Taking care of health is a primary duty that, unfortunately, is often ignored. Lots of diseases can be prevented if you are conscious of your daily choices.

Get educated about the way your body and mind functions, and you’ll see how productive and active you can become.