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Children and television are two topics of conversation that frequently happen. There is much to be said about whether children should be able to watch television or not.

One thing, however, is that there are positive effects of watching TV. There are also negative ones, but that’s why we’re here to try and separate one from the other.

With so many cartoons, shows, and movies specially catered towards children, we’re betting they could learn a thing or two from watching TV.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s dive right into it.

1. They Will Learn New Things

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The first positive is the one that most can agree on; there are tons of educational content where kids can learn a lot about various things. From learning about the environment to learning about the animal kingdom, and even learning English, educational content is an undisputed positive when it comes to kids and TV time.

With that said, not every program is catered to children, and parents should be careful as to what their young ones watch.

However, there are mostly disclaimers that help us figure out what type of content is going to air next on the TV.

What parents should let their children watch are programs such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Arthur, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Peppa Pig, and many similar educational shows.

There are also specific television channels that broadcast strictly shows and movies for kids with an educational and scientific purpose. These shows are designed to teach kids new things and to even make them interested in some of the activities.

What your kids should definitely avoid watching, however, are the news and various crime shows that are frequently aired on TV.

2. They Will be Kept Entertained

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TV time is quite possibly the best way to keep your children entertained and occupied while you’re doing things around the home or working.

Simply play their favorite show and leave them as they are. You’ll be surprised when you find them exactly how you left them an hour later.

Most of the shows we talked about previously are not only educational but also entertaining. So you can reap both benefits by letting them watch the same show.

You have to remember that these shows are designed by people that understand what children need and want from an early age. They understand why it’s important for kids to learn, but they will not do it if they don’t find the program entertaining.

3. They Will Learn About Sports

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Your pediatrician will explicitly tell you that you have to sign your kids for some sports. Whether that’s football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or any other sport under the sun, it’s important to get them involved from an early age.

Sports are not only great for your children’s development, but they’re an excellent way to get them to live a healthy life. Also, you could say that sports athletes have pretty lucrative career options, and you’ll never know if your kid is the next Steph Curry.

But how would you do that if your kid has no idea about the sport? What if your kid doesn’t enjoy playing it? Well, a pretty great way to get them to like sports is to watch sports on TV.

Watching the game on Sunday has never been easier in today’s time. If you happened to have aerial TV, then chances are you have access to dozens if not hundreds of sports channels.

This makes for a pretty great selection and your kid can choose which sport they like the most. This makes it easier for them to develop a liking to the sport and with that comes an eagerness to play the sport.

Never underestimate how important watching the Sunday game with your kid can be for their development.

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4. They Will Learn New Cultures

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The best way to familiarize and learn about new people, new cultures, new traditions, etc, is by watching TV.

Nowadays, we’re living in an age of globalization. That means that you can gain access to information from any other place in the world with only a few easy steps.

But how is this a positive effect for our kids? Well, there hasn’t been an easier time for us to learn new things about other cultures. By watching shows and programs from various other countries, we can learn more about the culture of these people. But not only that, we learn about their lifestyle, their traditions, and that can be a pretty exciting thing from an early age.

5. Television Can Inspire Our Kids

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We talked about how kid’s shows are educational and meant to entertain. Well, another thing that kid’s shows are meant to do is to inspire our children into developing a liking for a particular thing.

The children’s shows on TV are meant to encourage our younglings to try out new things. They’re meant to tap into their potential and even unleash it by showing them how creativeness can be fun.

Most of these shows have a different topic each new episode and you’ll never know what comes next. This can be potentially inspiring for our children and develop a liking for a particular activity that can come useful in the future.

Shows that aim to inspire kids can also bolster their creative thinking abilities.

A Word of Advice

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Long-gone is the time of black and white screens and poor video quality.

Nowadays, the programs and shows we watch on TV offer an enhanced experience for our kid’s thanks to the advancements of technology.

All of this can create a negative habit that can be potentially harmful in the future. This is precisely why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limited screen time, regardless of your children are watching TV or are using your phones.

Watching TV might come with a set of positive effects, but it can be very harmful in large quantities.