Getting your friend or a loved one a cool and unique present for their birthday isn’t as easy as it might seem. Sure, getting them any kind of ordinary present would be easy, but even though a perfume or a wristwatch is a nice present – that may not be something they would enjoy that much.

The key is to focus on what they love. If they love books – get them a book. If they like clothes – get them a cool jacket. If they love anime, well, here’s what you can get them.


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1. A Crunchy Roll Subscription

If your loved one enjoys watching anime for hours on end, it would be great if you could get them a subscription to a website where they could stream anime at full HD.

Sure, this is not your everyday present, and a subscription must be maintained, but you don’t have to pay for their sub their whole life. A year of Crunchy Roll would be more than enough, and it wouldn’t cost you that much.

2. Naruto Ramen Bowl

Any Naruto fans know that there isn’t a thing Naruto loves more than having a bowl of ramen at the old man’s Ichiraku. Granted, Ichiraku’s bowls are just plain white, and if you get them that, it’ll just look like a regular bowl.

However, Naruto-themed bowls can be found anywhere. You can get them an Akatsuki-themed bowl or a bowl with a Sharingan motif – that’s entirely up to you.


3. Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball is certainly one of the most influential anime of all time. The decades-long ongoing saga of Goku and his friends and foes has millions of fans all over the globe, and if there’s one thing all of them wish they could do, apart from being able to perform Kamehameha, is to call up Shenron and ask him for anything their heart desires.

To summon Shenron, you’d need all seven Dragon Balls, and unlike our favourite vegetable-named heroes, we don’t have to look for them all over the world. We can just buy them on the internet. To be fair, these ones won’t allow your friend to summon Shenron, but they will look really good on the shelf.

4. A Death Note(book)

Death Note is one of the most critically-acclaimed anime of all time, and we all loved watching Yagami and L (not Near) battle it out with their minds. Now, we feel like it’s safe to say that anyone who has watched Death Note had at least once wished to possess the magic notebook – just because.

While you can really get your anime-loving friend an actual Desu-noto and a Shinigami that comes along with it, what you can do is buy them a really cool replica of the notebook that they will cherish for as long as they’re alive.


5. Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch

If your friend has watched Fullmetal Alchemist, we’re sure they would love to have a pocket watch that proves they’re the powerful state alchemist, just like their favourite tiny boy Edward Elric.

In the anime, all state alchemists receive a certification and a silver pocket watch to prove that they’re the “dogs of the military”, and all of them keep their pocket watches on themselves at all times.

Now, while we do understand that the era of pocket watches is kind of over, we’re sure your anime-loving friend will greatly appreciate this awesome gift. If not, you can always get them a Transmutation Circle towel or a rug, or whatever else you might seem fitting.

6. Ichigo Kurosaki Mask

We’re already wearing masks every time we have to go out, so why not wear a mask that’s cool and frightening? When we think of a mask that’s both cool and frightening, we can’t help but think of Ichigo Kurosaki – everyone’s favourite Bleach character.

Now, these masks can come in any way, shape or form, but if you really want to go all out – we’d suggest getting a full-face replica of Ichigo’s mask. To be fair, this is not a mask that will protect you from anything, but it will look badass both on your face and on the shelf.


7. An Awesome Framed Poster

Who doesn’t like a good poster? We’re pretty sure everyone does, and we’re even more confident that your anime-loving friend loves it even more. The best thing about these posters, as you can see on Asiana Circus, is that they’re not limited to a single anime like some of the previous gifts we’ve recommended.

You can get or print out a high-quality poster of any anime scene or a character, frame that up and give it to your friend as a gift. You can get them a bunch of small ones or a really big one – that’s up to you. We’re sure that whatever you end up choosing will make your friend really happy.

8. Anime-Themed Clothing And Accessories

Anime-themed clothing is always a great gift for an anime lover. You can either go for a full cosplay vibe and get them an outfit straight out of the anime, or you could simply get them a hoodie or a t-shirt with a cool print from the anime they enjoy.

But why stop there? You can even get them a bunch of cool accessories like headbands, rings, hats, necklaces, pendants and so on. Just make sure you choose the right anime!


9. Anime Or Manga Set Boxes

If your friend is an anime lover, chances are, they’re going to re-watch that same show numerous times. So, is there a better gift for them than a DVD or a Blu-Ray set of their favourite anime? Not really. Sure, this kind of only works for the finished shows, but then again, you can start them off, and they can finish the collection later on if they please.

Also, most anime are based on manga, so if you want to do something a little bit different, you could even get them a manga set of their favourite anime. This should provide them with a new perspective, as well, as most of the time, there are some slight differences between the anime and the manga, which a real fan will know how to appreciate.


There you go. Hopefully, you’ve found this list helpful and will now be able to easily put a smile on your anime-loving friend’s face once their birthday comes.