Looking for a gift for someone dear to you is either too easy, or you can’t think of anything suitable. If you fall under the second category, and you are looking for a gift to surprise your uncle for his birthday, you are in the right place.

The gift should be something that is personal or a thing that they enjoy doing. For example, if they like fishing, you should be looking for something under that sphere. Depending on what your uncle likes to do, that is what you should focus on more.

In this article, we are going to list some cool things that you can pull inspiration from. The gift does not have to hurt you financially because many options are less costly, but still an excellent choice.

1. Chessboard


If your uncle enjoys the game of chess, getting him a new board would make him happy.

Their price ranges from extremely cheap, to really high so depending on your budget you can make a choice. The figures can be made from wood, and if they are carved by hand, they cost a lot more.

When looking for one, make sure that it looks decent, but also feels great in your hand. That will increase the experience and will make it feel more premium.

2. Equipment for making beer

Getting equipment for crafting beer as a birthday present for your uncle will definitely make him as happy as they can be. Everyone who enjoys the beverage has thought about making their own, so you are fulfilling his wish.

Having a whole system to make their beer will get him into a hobby of regularly making his drinks. The variety of grains and other things that you put inside your beverage come up with a different flavor, so they can experiment well. In the end, they will come up with a formula of theirs that they enjoy the most, and that is the only thing they will do.

You are getting an extra benefit of getting your free bottles, so you can enjoy the work of your uncle.

3. A golf club


Most of our uncles enjoy going to the course and playing golf with their friends. If your uncle is doing this as well, getting an item related to golf will be a perfect gift for them.

The first thing that comes to my mind is getting a club for them. They surely have many clubs for different situations and hits, however, if you get them one, it will surely become their favorite.

Keep in mind that this item is on the pricier side, so if you are not having a large budget, you should think of something else related.

4. Clothes

This is a category that is too large, and you should choose a piece that suits the style of your uncle. You can go for main pieces, like tops and bottoms, or you should be looking for accessories which are also a great choice.

From main pieces, a jumper should be an excellent pick. When choosing one, don’t go for v necks if your uncle is not wearing them at all. The color is also something you should be careful about, however, going for neutral colors like grey, black or beige should be safe enough.

If you are looking for accessories, it is easier to find the one that suits the style of your uncle. Getting them a belt is something you should consider. The prices can differ, however, you can get a great one for a reasonable amount.

5. Sex dolls


This is rarely gifted especially in situations like these, however, it’s a good idea to consider it. If you feel like you want to make your uncle’s life just a bit more interesting, why not get them mini sex dolls?

You can also gift them this as a joke, but make sure that you know your uncle well because gifts like these can make them uncomfortable. If you insist on opening your gift in front of everyone, you might even cause a situation where they might feel ashamed.

Because of the delicacy of these items, make sure you know them well before even considering this. However, if you are certain that they will like something like this, go ahead – visit and get one.

6. Watch

Another thing that falls under the category of accessories but deserves to be mentioned separately is a watch. You can find one for as low as twenty dollars, to extremely expensive ones. Depending on how much you have separated for the gift, you should be looking at that price range.

Even if you get a less costly one, make sure that it will suit your uncle. To make sure that you get something they like, go with neutral style, or get them something retro. In addition, show that to your parents and they will help you decide which is a better choice.

7. Perfume


A safe pick as a birthday gift for your uncle is getting them perfume. Since they are not that expensive, you might have a hard time doing the right selection. To get an assist there, you can ask the people who work at the store to help you with your choice. Explain to them what is the purpose of the gift, and they will give you some recommendations. Choose the one that reminds you of your uncle more, and you are good to go.

8. Alcohol

If your uncle enjoys the taste of certain alcohol, you can get them a bottle of that. For example, if they like whiskey, getting them a bottle that they have not tried yet will make them happy.

To get a better quality one, you should inform yourself before you go to the store. Or, you can visit special stores which only sell alcohol, and let the employees there recommend you one.

9. Car accessories


Car accessories are something that is overlooked in these situations, but they are an excellent choice. They can be very, so you should pick one that suits the needs of the person you are buying this for.

A kit that has all the necessary things for keeping your vehicle clean is great if your uncle loves his car. Also, you can look for jump starters or any other thing that is related to the car that your uncle has.