Are you having a hard time falling asleep? It is about time that you change your mattress and replace it with one that guarantees you a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping well reflects on the work you do the next day. To sleep well, it is essential that your mattress is comfortable and is of good quality.  

Everyone has to replace their mattress after a few years of use. With a plethora of options available from numerous brands, choosing one that is best for you may seem daunting. But, if you can answer a few questions, then it will help you to narrow down your choices. The questions may include how, why, when, and where from? Don’t worry if you are not sure about what you should ask. You can read more about this at   

We have reviewed and answered a few top questions that will help you decide which one is best for you. Let us start with the questions to know the answers. 

1. How often is it recommended to replace a mattress? 


A few sleep experts claim that even if the Mattress is fine and can be used for good 10 to 15 years, it is recommended to change it every seven to eight years. However, there are many factors on which the replacement depends.  

 2. How will I understand the signs of wear and tear? 


There are a few things that show the sign of wear and tear in your, address. Possibly you can notice a dip in the material, or if you have a spring mattress, they will poke against the lining. Also, you will have an uncomfortable sleep, or will not be able to have a good bedtime. Hence, we recommend changing it before it makes your life messy.  

3. What is the level of firmness a mattress should have?  


The choices of the users are different. The level and type of firmness required are also different. However, there are mainly three types of firmness levels found in it. In a recent study, it has been found that the medium-firm ones are more comfortable for sleeping. By using it, you also get a comfortable sleep. 

Soft is rated between 3-4 out of 10 in terms of firmness. They are the best choice for side sleepers and tend to sink almost from 1.5-3 inches. Medium is rated between 7-8 out of 10. These types of mattresses are best for side sleepers and back sleepers as well. The firm is the last level that has low sinking capacity and is the best choice for back sleepers.  

4. What are the different sizes of Mattress available?  


There are numerous different sizes available. 

  • Twin- It measures 39*74 in size and can only accommodate one child. However, a taller adult cannot fit in.  
  • Twin XL – Is available in size 39*80. A child and an adult can easily fit in. Taller adults can sleep comfortably.  
  • Full – 54*74 is the available size. This site is an ideal fit for individuals who want more room while sleeping.  
  • Queen – 60*80 is the size it is available in. It is an ideal choice for couples who want to sleep together close to each other.  
  • King – Available in 76*80 size. This site will have enough space even after a couple of sleep together.  
  • Cal King – 72*84, this size provides maximum sleeping comfort with adequate space. 

5. What’re the best mattresses for back pain?


According to BestMattress, the wrong mattress can cause severe back pain. Lack of proper support will hamper your posture and will inflict pain on your spine. When your muscles do not align while you are sleeping, your body is going to ache badly when you wake up the next morning. 

When you are looking for a mattress, check its firmness. Choose one that has memory foam. Memory foam ones tend to remember the posture in which you sleep and provide you with optimum support. 

Always opt for a firm mattress that will provide good support to your back and protect your back from pains and aches. 

6. What are the things to keep in mind while buying a mattress?


There are some things that you need to give special attention to while buying a mattress. Features like the quality of the base and height of the Mattress, designing, comfort, model of the mattresses play an important role in helping you choose the right one. 

While buying them, also pay attention to your budget. Before buying them, compare their price from different places. 

7. Does my sleeping posture rule the type of Mattress I should buy?


Yes, there are three types of sleepers, and they require different types of mattresses. 

  • People who sleep on their sides: Medium or soft ones are meant for those who sleep on their sides. 
  • People who sleep on their backs: Those who sleep on their backs one which supports the natural alignment of the spine and keeps the users lifted in it. 
  • People who sleep on their stomachs: A person who sleeps on his back should choose a firm one since it should offer him the required physical support.

Also, the body type of the individual determines the level of firmness of the Mattress. A person who is chubby and small will feel most of the cushions to be firm. On the other hand, those who have a more massive build will need a bed that promotes healthy sleeping postures.

Final Words

We hope that this guide answers a majority of questions lingering in your mind relating to the mattress that you should buy. Fix your budget and then choose a mattress that gives value for the money spent on it. Also, the mattress should be good for your back. People often complain of suffering from severe back pains. Hence, always lookout for a mattress that has memory foam present in it as it ensures to provide optimum support to your back while you sleep.