Sleep is an essential factor that allows an individual’s mind and body to function or recharge. Waking up with enough sleep leaves you feeling alert and refreshed. With enough healthy sleep, it can help to keep your body healthy and fight against diseases.

When you don’t get enough rest, your brain tends not to function correctly, resulting in delayed response time, failure to think, remembering the next task on your list, and concentrating on the task at hand.

The number of hours of good sleep for adults would range from seven to nine hours, while teenagers and kids would need more hours of rest time. However, sometimes the problem for most is even with enough snooze time, they still wake up sore in the morning.

That could be a sign that you need to check on your mattress. Investing in a new bed is an excellent choice, but you might also wonder where to begin on your mattress shopping. This article will serve as a guide for homeowners when it comes to purchasing new beds.

Types of Mattresses


Did you know that an ordinary mattress can double its weight for up to ten years? You would need your family to help you up in lifting a year-old bed because of its longevity.

This weight change is because of all the stored up dust and dirt inside its cushions.

Nowadays, people find it easier to shop for their items online than driving to the local store and finding out the bed they want isn’t available. Shopping for a new mattress may sound like a chore, but it’s a worthwhile task, especially when the bed you’re getting fits your preference perfectly.

Each type of bed has redeeming qualities that make consumers choose this mattress over the other. Click Here to learn more about your desired mattresses. Below are the basic types of beddings that you’d want your eyes set after on.



These classic futons go way back to the 20th century and have been famous ever since.

The innerspring’s technology has helped in creating new types of beddings today. Made from metal springs and other durable materials, these beds have made their mark in the market for being tough and affordable.

As mentioned above, the innerspring can be found in almost any furniture store and is quite safe for the wallet. The interconnected coils built inside the futon provide the best body support for any sleeper.

However, one of the innerspring’s disadvantages is that finding the perfect quality can be tricky. When you’re not eyeing the bed’s top quality, its body support and durability may sag in the long run, and it can feel uncomfortable.



The hybrid is a multi-layer cushion built with the combination of memory, latex, or gel and an innerspring bed’s coil system. Anyone could experience the best of both worlds with the futon’s incredible pressure relief and sturdy, comforting feel of the traditional spring bedding. You can check out for great quality hybrid mattresses.

This type is the first choice for people who love to move around in their sleep or are fond of lying by their side, stomach, back, and more. Innovations have made more rooms for beds with high-tech support systems arise in the market. However, this doesn’t mean the price would come cheap.



The all-time favorite of modern-day customers is the foam kind. NASA used this type in the 1970s to provide excellent support while sleeping in their space missions. Made from special materials such as latex and memory, this type of bedding brings a high-quality comfort level when lying down.

Visco-elastic foams are formed from polyurethane, a factor that gives the futon its popular elasticity. With that said, the cushion provides superb body support, that no matter how much you move around with it, your body perfectly conforms to its softness.

Marvelous functionality that could prevent sleepers from waking up tired the next day.

However, due to the cushion’s high density, one of its disadvantages is heat and temperature sensitivity. It works to deeply absorb the warmth your body produces as you lie down against it. This could make you feel uncomfortable and restless, especially during summer nights.

Others would prefer to buy latex foam over a memory bed, as the pallet gives more bounce and compression to your body, as well as it is less dense. You might also need to prepare your wallet, for latex can be expensive.

Google About the Levels of Comfort and Support


One must consider their preferred level of comfort. Sometimes others can sleep with a firm bed while others rather sleep on a pillowy, soft futon. There are three types of comfort levels that a mattress has, soft, medium, and firm.

Your body also has to be aware of its position as you lie down every night or whenever you just want to take a nap. Soft and plush mattresses are what side sleepers should go for, as it fully supports the body’s pressure points as they sleep.

Breakdown Your Budget


Now that you’ve got a load of knowledge on the different types of futons available in the market, it’s time to ready your budget. The average cost would depend on the materials used to manufacture it and the brand company that produced it.

The starting price of an innerspring is around $500 and can go above $1,200. All-foam has cheaper options, as the price range begins at $250 and can go beyond $1,200. Both latex and hybrid futons start at $1,000 and can cost around $3,000. You can also try shopping online to avail shop discounts and promos.

What matters is that the chosen mattress can serve its purpose to your family and yourself. No need to worry about those restless nights; when you’ve finally chosen the best type of cushion, then you know that it was worth spending on.


Start your night right by getting enough rest and waking up with enough energy to conquer the rest of your day. However, we should know that it’s not always all the time that we get to experience a good night’s sleep.

Maybe because of stress, overtime, or even an old mattress. May this mattress shopping guide allow you to gain more knowledge and street-smarts when purchasing a new futon for your home.