The newest addition of CoD came out in early November, and millions of players all around the world were skeptical about what this play has to offer compared to the franchise that keeps players engaged for a long time now. No one was expecting anything special from this lore, and many thought that this campaign was placed just to fill in the gap while we’re waiting for newer and more interesting things to be placed on the market. However, in less than a month many players started reporting that this game is actually far more engaging than we thought it would be, and here we are going to list some of the reasons why Call of Duty Vanguard is better than people expected it to be.

1. It offers a lot of new content while still keeping the story


When we play a game that is from the same franchise, we want to combine the new and the old, and that is exactly what the new CoD offers. Players were amazed at how the developers managed to combine the two without going into one of the extremes. More often than not, when we play a new extension, we feel like we are just playing the old game again. With Vanguard, you will be getting a lot of new content, and still, you will feel like you are part of the original lore.

Exploring the new extension will keep you interested for days and even weeks, and both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer selection will allow you to have a lot of fun while exploring everything the game has to offer. All in all, the developers found a way to put out a lot of new content without steering too much away from what we know and feel comfortable with.

2. Zombie mode is brilliant


Another reason why this play is so much better than people expected is the zombie mode. No one was expecting anything exciting or good with this part of the game, but it turned out that is one of the best parts that are offered with the extension.

It is varied and definitely more enjoyable when compared with some of the other modes that CoD has offered before, and you will be excited about exploring this part of the game. The experience is promising for even the most demanding players, and even though it is not as good as some of the most popular zombie games, it still provides enough details and an engaging story. Ultimately, you need to remember that at the end of the day you are playing Call of Duty, and this mode is a great combo of something that feels familiar and a different world that has not been explored enough for now.

3. It offers a balanced play


When this game was first announced, everyone was expecting that it is going to be just a play made to fill in the gap before the popular Modern Warfare returned. When this play first came out, no one expected the boom that it made, and CoD enjoyers thought that there was nothing that could top the feeling that Modern Warfare gave. Because of this, Vanguard was hesitantly explored and everyone was looking for a way to find all the mistakes in it and all the things that makes it worse than Modern Warfare.

However, this extension did not disappoint, and it offers a balanced play between good and strong lore, interesting gameplay, a huge variety between things that you want to explore, and a historical narrative that ultimately interests every CoD player.

At some points, Vanguard may even be too challenging for the inexperienced player, and even those who have been part of the franchise for a long time may have difficulty finishing every task with ease. According to lfcarry, if you are having any problems with the play, no matter the model you’ve chosen, you can always explore booster packs that will ultimately make your life easier and the play more enjoyable.

4. There are not as many bugs


Every game that is placed on the market will have positive and negative sides about it, and just like everything else, CoD had some issues with every extension that was placed on the market. People once again thought that since this is a mode that is supposed to fill in the gap before the new MW comes out, that they will experience many issues when it comes to not only the lore but the overall look and feel of the game.

Everyone was surprised when things were actually patched up, and even though there are some small issues here and there, it offers a far better experience than anyone was hoping for. If you start nitpicking you will see that there are still some problems to be fixed, but overall this game presents a nice flow without any huge things that could take away from the feeling you get when you explore the play. This surprised many, and it turned out to be a lot stronger and better game than users were expecting.

5. It offers gorgeous graphics


Every player knows that the graphics of the game can either make it or break it. When we are presented with good graphics, we can easily feel like we are part of the play, and when the visual part of the story is bad, no matter how amazing the lore is, and no matter the features we have, we cannot shake the feeling that there is something missing.

The graphics of Vanguard are simply stunning and they will let you fall into the story and enjoy every moment that you spend playing the game. Users from everywhere in the world reported that they were surprised by the facial animations and that they are some of the best that you can see on the market. The top pretty much every campaign that was placed before, and they are a good stepping stone for everything else that we will be able to see from future updates of CoD. In addition to all this, the voice acting is brilliant as well, and once again, it is far better than anyone thought it would be.

What we can see from this mode is that far more effort and time were put in than people expected and it resulted in an extremely interesting play that will keep you occupied for a long time. If you are a skeptic about the quality of Vanguard, you should give it a chance and see all the amazing things it has to offer.