Video games have enticed gaming lovers all over the world. However, only a few games have received the kind of love and appreciation that Resident Evil has. The Japanese horror game was first released in the middle of the nineties. But ever since its first release, there have been thirty versions of the game, including major and minor spinoff stories.

Apart from this, the makers have also ventured into making films, television series, and animated versions on popular demand. So if you are a video gaming buff, you need to check out the resident evil game, and before you start, you must know the right order to play the game.

What Is The Best Order To Play The Game


Most new players want to play according to the chronology of the main story. However, each series is more or less complete on its own, and you will not ruin the fun and experience if you do not follow the strict chronological order.

Anyway if you are keen on following the timeline, then here is the right order to go about it.

Start With The Fifth Installment Of The Series First

The fifth part is the one that goes back in time and shows you the origin of the villains of the series. The fifth installment of the game is first in the timeline because it also talks about the origin of the T virus and the Umbrella corporation, which will be the hot bet of a lot of evil activities in the entire series.

After The Fifth Installment, Go For The First One


The first series, in a way, picks up where the fifth series ends. You will play as a part of the rescue team. Also, one of the main characters who were a part of the rescue team in the fifth installment will become a supporting character in this version of the series.

After The First Installment, Follow It Up With The Second Installment Of The Series

The second series begins some months ( precisely two months) after the first season ends. So most experts suggest that even if you are unable to follow the exact chronological order of the game. It is always better to play the first, second, and third parts one after the other. This will ensure that you have a more wholesome experience.

The second season introduces two new protagonists for the very first time. Also, it introduces a new variant of the virus ( the G virus) which is even more dangerous than the virus that players have seen so far in the series.

The Things Get A Little Confusing After The Second Season


Most experts might recommend following up the second season with the third one simply because they were released one after the other. But the plotline does not follow the same timeline. This is because a part of season three has events that occur before season two, and other parts have events that follow up on what happens in the second season.

The major highlight of the third season of the series is the introduction of Nemesis. The character has been shown to process extreme intelligence, and he has the ability to make peers undead.

Season Four Should Follow Season Three

Arguably the most loved season of the entire series is season four. The events year have a time difference of about six years from the events in the second installment of the series.

Also, many of the spin-offs have events that happen before the fourth season, but for the sake of simplicity, it is better to complete the seasons of the main series before starting off with any of the spin-offs.

Follow The Fourth Season By The Fifth, Sixth, And Seventh Installments


The fifth version starts five years after the fourth one. The most exciting part of the fifth version of the game is that the protagonist flies to Africa to prevent the illegal sale of bioweapons.

The highlight of the sixth version is that a group of protagonists works to stop the operations of a group that promotes bioterrorism. The main highlight of the seventh version of the game is that it changes the series’ perspective from the point of view of a third person to that of the first person. The first-person perspective is one of the major reasons for the rise in popularity of the series.

Play The Revelation Seasons After The Fourth And The Fifth Version

Although it might cause some confusion if first-time players are keen on getting a more enriching experience, then they should play the revelation season between the fourth and fifth and between the fifth and the sixth versions of the core series.

The revelation seasons have many elements, like the introduction of the squad to fight bioterrorism. The protagonists take their fight to the Mediterranean region for the first time. Also, there is the introduction of a new antagonist in the plot who is named Wesker. These versions also reveal in detail the impact of the bioweapons.

After The Final Season, You Can Watch RE Village


The RE Village can be treated as an epilogue to the main plot of the series. And in many places, you will find references to the main plot.

The biggest highlight of Village is that it gives more details about the origins of the Umbrella corporation, which in a way, takes the player back to the start of the timeline. There is also a much-talked-about scene after the credits have rolled out.


Video games appeal to the audience because they give them a larger-than-life experience. People get to fight, shoot with fancy weapons, and unlock ammunition with new characteristics all the time. The biggest appeal lies in the fact that most of the latest games allow the player to play from a first-person point of view. Thus it increases the thrill of the game further as the player himself is the center of all the action.