Roulette has been one of the most appreciated games in the casino industry for a long time. This game was widely used in many land-based casinos, and over time it was also introduced to online casinos, where hundreds of thousands of its variants appeared. The game of roulette has evolved rapidly over the years, eventually culminating in an amazing gaming experience that always keeps players on their toes.

Online casinos have given rise to many variations of roulette, where you get to casino roulette free play for example. Despite all this, a number of myths about it have arisen that have caused a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes. These misconceptions keep players from fully enjoying the game, which is why we’re here to dispel those rumors.

In this article, let’s deconstruct several roulette myths, sometimes hard to uproot, that have been around. Roulette is an incredibly exciting game that will be able to really entice you. Let’s dive into the topic now!

Roulette Is A Totally Strategy Game


One of the most outrageous myths about roulette is that the game is all about strategy and that taking the right approach will result in winnings. The game of roulette is without any hesitation, the entertainment of the gambling world that’s a 100% a matter of luck. Its purpose is to predict in which cell the ball will stop.

There may be a way to predict by looking at what numbers the ball has stopped on in previous games and develop a plan based on that, but it’s not a reliable enough way to win.

There Is Only One Kind of Roulette

The history of this game began in the 17th century. Since its creation centuries ago, the game has only spread in common culture to become a popular practice. For this reason, it is completely wrong to believe that there was only one version of roulette. Of course, the overall goal of the game hasn’t changed, but over the years many different types of games have emerged.

It all started with French roulette, after which European and American roulette appeared. With the development of online casinos, we have met the emergence of online roulette, including Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette and others.

Each of them has its own unique table for the game. For example, European roulette has 37 numbered slots, while roulette made in the US has 38. These roulette tables also differ slightly in their playing field, as well as in the advantage of the casino.

French and European roulette are well known for having the lowest house edge. American roulette has a higher edge due to the fact that it is increased by an additional double zero cell. Other options may also differ in roulette wheels.

All Types of Roulette Have the Same Casino Edge


As mentioned earlier, different types of roulette also have different tables, wheels, and odds of winning. That is because of this main factor that the house edge for different types of roulette can also be different. A perfect example is the difference between European and American roulette. The American version of the roulette has 38 numbered slots – one more than its European counterpart. This extra number increases the house edge as players have less chance of winning.

Roulette Wheels Pre-Tuned

One of the most common myths is roulette wheel alignment. This misconception originated from popular movie scenes that use magnets to artificially change the course of a wheel, but this is actually not true.

No reputable casino would ever consider rigging the wheel as this could result in a complete loss of the gaming license. Obtaining a license is not an easy task, so casinos do not risk losing it. It is possible that there are casinos that can try such a scam and that is why it is recommended to check the license before investing your money.

5 Possible to Cheat Casino Roulette is a game of chance, and its advantage in the casino varies from one type to another. What’s more, you can use some tricks and strategies to turn the edge of the casino to your advantage. There is one thing that people have the tendency to omit: it is fictitious to think that winning every time is reality. To put it shortly, play responsibly.

Dealer Can Control the Ball

Many players think that the dealer can control the ball because he controls everything from the opening of the game to the announcement of the winners. But this fact is simply illogical. The dealer does not have the ability to manipulate the ball so that it stops its motion at a specific number. Casinos constantly take appropriate measures to ensure that the game is regulated and fair, and its outcome is random.

There Is A Pattern Of Winning Numbers


According to some so-called experts, there are several winning number patterns that can be used to win every time. Unfortunately, this is completely false. People tend to see patterns and symbols in everything, but if you look at exactly how this game works, you will realize that there are no numerical distortions in it.

What people enjoy about this game is trying to predict the striking number. So the idea that there are winning combinations just takes away from the fun of the game.

Should Stick to the Same Rates

This myth is very popular all over the internet as many players believe that if they win with one bet they should stick with it on the next spin. In fact, this is not an efficient method at all. If you win with one bet, there is no guarantee that you will win again with the same bet.

The only attempt that you can maneuver is to experiment with bets, as there is no sure way to know where the ball will stop. Moreover, such a game can help you find your betting style.

With the Right Strategy, You Can Win at Roulette

Poker and blackjack require a bit of skill and knowledge of techniques to help you make better decisions. Some people think that by watching the winnings in previous rounds, they can use this experience to try to beat the wheel next time.

There is no right or wrong technique, as roulette is entirely dependent on luck. As with all casino games, be very aware that there is no method that can provide a guaranteed win.

Roulette Was Inspired By The Devil


There are many interesting rumors about how the devil inspired roulette and why this game is considered such a bad pastime. It was the French mathematician and philosopher, Blasie Pascal, who had the genius idea to invent the roulette game, in the middle of the 17th century.

Some people say that he took inspiration from the Devil when creating this game, since the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666, the supposed number of the devil. So is it true that she is inspired by the devil? No. Blaise is said to have actually tried to create a perpetual motion machine but failed and accidentally created a roulette wheel.

Your Last Win May Help You With Your Next Bet

If you were under the impression that your last win could help you win the next round, you are very wrong, this is just one of the many misconceptions of this game. There is no connection between your last and next game. It is widely believed that if a certain color or number appeared in one round, then it will not appear in the next.

For example, some people think that if the last five numbers were black, then their chances of appearing in the next round are low. This can lead to rash decisions and unfulfilled calculations and, ultimately, to loss of money. Roulette is a guessing game, and the chances of getting any number in the next round are equal.

Possible Restriction

Some experienced players who have worked with different types of bets think that if they place different bets on each spin, they can effectively hedge positions. It is definitely unfeasible to decrease the house edge. This trick can be useful on some specific spins, but you shouldn’t depend on it.

Martingale: Good Strategy


If you’ve been patronizing this game, you may have come across the Martingale strategy. Basically, this method involves doubling your bet every time you lose in the previous round. Simply put, the Martingale strategy involves doubling your bet if you lose.

This may work on other platforms such as trading but not on roulette as it is not a good idea to try to win back after a loss. A large number of beginners in the game are making use of  this technique because of the insistence of some so-called experts and end up bankrupt. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Luck and Skill

Roulette can be seen as a fusion of luck and skill. And the people who affirm to have found the way of mastering the art of this game are greatly mistaken, because there is no single reliable technique that would help the player make a profit on every spin. Remember to always play responsibly. When playing online, it is useful to use a money management system to control your gambling when you sit down at the roulette table.