Science Publishing Group (note the unoriginal name) is a predatory publisher that first appeared in late 2012. When it appeared, it used the logo from Google Chrome (bottom panel, above), but it later adopted an original logo (top panel).

This is deception — they are not really based here.

This publisher’s true location is a mystery to me. It uses a New York City address (see screenshot above) as its headquarters location, but I think this address is merely that of a mail-forwarding service. I have no idea where this publisher is really based. It could be anywhere — with the likely exception of New York City.

No one answers the phone when I call.

Dark pseudo-science.

I recently learned about the above article that appeared in the publisher’s American Journal of Modern Physics. As you can see from the title, the article “corrects” Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence equation. The author, an apparent sycophant of the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie, concludes,

With that, we feel quite confident that the mystery of the dark energy has been solved at least in principle by Mohamed El Naschie and that it is essentially not a mystery any more (p. 262)

So, the article claims to confirm El Naschie’s purported discovery of the nature of dark energy. In my opinion, this article is an excellent example of pseudo-science, and no legitimate publisher would allow such rubbish to appear in its journals.

If you publish in any one of Science Publishing Group’s many journals, it’s possible that your article will appear next to an article that is pure rubbish, such as the article described above, and this will threaten the scientific credibility of your article.

Therefore, I recommend that all honest scholars not submit any papers to the journals of Science Publishing Group.

Hat tip: Nils Berglund