If you’re looking for an awesome experience, a desert safari in Dubai is the way to go. It’s a unique way to see all that Dubai has to offer. Click here to check best packages for desert safari in Dubai.

You can experience everything from camel riding through the desert plains to watching birds of prey soar above the sand dunes.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 tips you need to know about taking your own private desert safari tour!

1. Where to go for your desert safari?


Dubai desert safari is the most exciting way to explore the desert. There are many different places around the world where you can go for a desert safari. Some of the best options include Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Each of these locations has unique features that make it perfect for a desert safari experience.

Abu Dhabi is known for its lavish palaces and stunning beaches. It’s also home to the Emirates Wildlife Park. It offers visitors an opportunity to see some of the world’s rarest animals in their natural habitat.

Qatar is another great choice for a desert safari because it has so much to offer tourists. It has sandy beaches and sparkling water supplied by underground springs, lush green forests filled with wildlife sightings such as lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes and rhinos (among others). It also has exciting shopping opportunities at Souq Waqif or The Galleria mall among other places and even nightlife!

Oman is perhaps best-known today as one of the hosts location filming scenes from Game Of Thrones. But long before that happened Oman was well-renowned for its vast deserts full of beautiful sand dunes and Arabian Oryx – yes there really ARE Arabian Oryx out there! And last but not least we have Saudi Arabia – birthplace of Islam and site of Mecca – one of the holiest cities in Islam.

2. Desert Safari vs City Tour

The idea of a desert safari may conjure up images of a leisurely day in the sun. But it’s actually quite the opposite. You will be on your feet most of the time and moving quickly.

Much like any other kind of adventure tour.  A city tour is also an adventure. But one that you could do anywhere in the world—and at any price point you want to pay! So why would anyone choose a desert safari over such an affordable option?

Because there are many things people don’t know about deserts. They can be dangerous places to explore alone.

It may require advanced gear or experience (or both). And even though they look similar on satellite photos, they often feel very different when viewed through human eyes.

3. Best time of year to visit


When you’re thinking about a desert safari in Dubai, there are three main seasons: winter, spring and autumn. In the winter months (January to March), temperatures can drop as low as 50 degrees Celsius (122°F).

This is when you’ll find out just how cold it is outside! In addition to warmer days and nights during this time of year, there are also fewer tourists on the road than in summer or fall.

Springtime is usually between April and June. You’ll see more people visiting from Europe and Russia during this season. That is because they get good weather with warm sunny days followed by cool evenings.

Click here for exploring Dubai’s cityscape at nights as well ! Summertime typically runs from July through September. But can vary slightly depending on where you’re traveling from or going to. Remember that even though it gets hot during these months your vehicle will still need air conditioning!

4. The key factors to consider

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a desert safari is safety. If you don’t want to risk your safety, then it’s best to look for other experiences in Dubai that can be had without any risks.

The second factor is how many people are in your party—this can make or break your experience. If there are too many people and they are not familiar with driving in the desert or on sand dunes, then it may be difficult for them to navigate through those areas safely.

Finally, what kind of experience do you want? There are several options when it comes down to what type of vehicle will take you around town (e.g., four-wheel drive vehicles).

Also, whether or not there will be an English-speaking guide along for the ride as well. This option does come at an additional cost.

5. How much would it cost?


The cost of a Dubai desert safari depends on which company you choose. It’s usually per person. And the average cost is between $100-$150 per person.

The price can vary depending on season. Winter is cheaper than summer because it’s less crowded at this time of year (and there are fewer tourists). If you’re traveling during peak season, your trip could be more expensive than if you take off in November or December!

Bonus point: Saving money while having a great experience is totally possible!

A desert safari is one of the most exciting experiences you can have, but it’s also an expensive one. If you want to save money while having a great experience, consider booking in a group.

Make sure that you go with a reputable company. Booking ahead will help ensure that everyone gets what they paid for and more!

Another way to save money on your trip is by combining trips together.

For example, if there are two types of tours available, then try booking both options before deciding which one would work best for yourself and your friends/family members traveling with you.

This way no one has wasted any time looking around or waiting around when they could be enjoying the sights already!


To take a private desert safari tour, you need to plan far in advance. Since it is a luxury activity, book your tickets as soon as the company announces its opening date. This way, you will be able to experience this amazing journey like never before.

We have discussed its key features and what makes it such a unique experience. We have also provided some tips on how to make the most of your time there!