To sell your house fast, you should look at the different cheap brilliant ways to upgrade and add value to their property. Value addition makes a home more attractive to buyers with higher rewards to the seller.

The small things that flip a home make a big difference in the real estate sector. Boosting the appeal of a home may be a small and easy project. These include activities such as tending the garden, tidying up the lawn to a larger project scale of remodeling, and creating open floor plans or building extensions.

The article gives an insight on ten cheap tips you can improve your home with to add more value to it hence more returns when you sell. The tips include:

1. Redecorating and repainting


Redecorating a home is one of the most popular improvement strategies homeowners use to add value to their property. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint in modern and appealing colors goes a long way in scaling up value.

Maintenance in the home is by taking care of peeling paint and dirty walls, especially in areas around switches and near door frames and knobs. Buyers are always attracted to warm and color-coordinated homes both on the interior and exterior.

2. Fixing defects

Before thinking of selling a house, homeowners always start by finding superficial defects around the home and fixing them to add value to the home. These defects affect the value of the property indirectly. It puts off potential buyers as they give an impression of a house not well maintained and run down.

Typical defects that need fixing include:

  • Sticking or squeaky windows and doors
    • Leaking or dripping taps
    • Defective door latches
    • Smelly sewers
    • Squeaky floors
    • Loose tiles
    • Cracked ceiling and damaged windows
    • Mouldy sealant in bathrooms or kitchen
    • Broken light bulbs
    • Damp around the house

3. Good first impression of the home


Many homeowners focus on the interior to add value to their homes to break sales. However, the exterior look of a house gives the first impression which counts to buyers.

Sellers should work on the exterior from:
• Changing the door or repainting with unique decorations.
• Replacing rusty house numbers.
• Sweeping the driveway and front path.
• Adding a couple of potted plants on the door.
• Changing worn-out doormats.
• Cleaning out dirt and mold around the entrance and entire house.

4. Garden and Kerb appeal


Adding a curb appeal and an attractive garden are some of the first details that potential buyers look out for.

A well-designed garden is a great deal of property value. The lawn should be mowed with borders trimmed, pathways cleared, and overgrown bushes and trees cut back.
Homeowners can buy different attractive flowers and do landscaping on their own instead of hiring expensive landscaping companies. Plant flowers around the sidewalk and in the garden while leaving extra space enough for relaxing or entertaining.

5. Remodeling work

Remodeling is one great way of adding value to a house when you want to sell. Get to improve the original existing layout before thinking of extensions. More value comes from remodeling and improving living space areas such as kitchen, dining, and living areas.

You can develop a simple floor plan from the existing one and knockdown or add internal walls to achieve a more appealing layout. Think of making a home-suited less formal lifestyle by getting rid of corridors not needed.

You can also combine the kitchen with the dining room to create a dining kitchen with more multifunctional space. The use of larger but fewer rooms with a clear sight-line is also recommended to add value to your home.

6. Addition of an extra bedroom


To add more value to your home, think of adding a bedroom. More rooms in a home have a great impact on its value. To add the sale price, add an extra bedroom.

An extra bedroom can be created from existing space by dividing it up, adding walls, or extending it. You can also convert the cellar or loft into an extra bedroom. When re-using spaces like vast bedrooms for cost-effectiveness, make sure you’ve created a balance between the available bathrooms and the bedrooms.

7. Kitchen makeovers


Most potential buyers focus on the kitchen hence reshaping, repainting, and decorating the kitchen will lead to selling up. Make the kitchen as attractive as possible by using wall decorations, potted plants, and ornaments or art. Buyers are always willing to pay more to avoid a hassle in the kitchen.

Renovations should be done in the kitchen by replacing unit doors, floor tiles, taps, cupboard handles, and floor tiles. Think of getting new and better lighting to make a huge impact in the kitchen.

Replacing items is also crucial. Appliances such as the refrigerator and microwaves should be in good working conditions. The kitchen should be remodeled to give it an appealing modern look.

8. Renewing leaseholds

A home with a diminishing leasehold reduces in value. Potential buyers will avoid it or push for lower sales. Getting the property to a freehold with a new lease increases the property value. Controlling the freehold gives the landlord control over service and rent charges, common areas, and repairs management.

If you can qualify to enfranchise your property, a surveyor can work out the true value of the property for you.

9. Get planning permission

If you are thinking of making major extensions or improvements to your home before selling, getting planning permission is important. You should check to know if you qualify for planning permission before making big changes.

Gaining planning permission will give consent to building an extension, street parking, erecting a new house or garden office. According to WeBuyAnyHome, it also enhances the property’s value regardless of the work done or not as it still creates the potential for enlarging the property.

10. Mending Fences


Fixing or replacing fences on a property is very necessary for a quest to increase a property’s value before thinking of selling.

Fences are a vital part of a home as they provide security and establish boundaries of the property. If your fence is down, fence posts and panels are rotting or broken then the issue ought to be addressed first. Replacing or fixing fences is affordable as it is a do-it-yourself initiative and will lead to great rewards for a fast house sale.