Brand Awareness is a crucial part of any business’s success, irrespective of industry, size or type. When a brand becomes a proprietary eponym, that is when it has reached its success of brand awareness fully. Be it a small or large business, it has to reach a level of recognition and achieve a connection with its target audience. This is what matters when it comes to customer loyalty or sales. Brand awareness drives the customers to select your services or products over your competitive companies.

Brand Awareness connects your business to your potential customers and associates them appropriately with your service or product. Brand awareness makes business advertising and marketing meaningful and elicits emotions and connections to your target audience. Given below are some sneaky ways to enhance business brand awareness:

Branded Display Stands


Branded display stands are the best tools for showcasing your products that carry your brand design and logo. They are vital for your brand marketing as they gather the audience’s attention on a physical level and are visually appealing. The display stands are generally made from metal, acrylic and cardboard material. These stands highlight and organize the retailer’s merchandise. They are available to fit in any product and location with the flexibility of size and shape. Branded display stands come in the following kinds:

  • Retail display shelving: These stands are made of acrylic and have adjustable shelves with 1000mm height and 300mm depth. They withhold up to 15kg of weight. The business can use it for shelf edge, custom design and header graphic branding to make it visually attractive to the target audience. The color can be matched to the identity of the brand.
  • Free-standing display unit: These stands are light in weight and made of acrylic with 1800mm height, 800mm width and 400mm depth. It has double-sided adjustable shelving with optimum visibility of the business brand. The design is sturdy, compact and easy to reposition and move.
  • Pop display stands: These stands are eco-friendly and make them the best choice for displaying cost-efficient and eco-friendly products. They are made of cardboard with 400mm depth, 800mm width and 1800mm height. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble, easy to transport and convenient. The stand carries the brand design in full color and clear print.

Given below are some tips for designing the brand for brand awareness

  • Do not overcrowd the stand with several design elements or business information.
  • Remain focused on the brand’s key message to gather the audience’s attention.
  • Use eye-friendly fonts and colors for your brands for brand recognition.
  • Showcase and highlight the business’s selling idea uniquely to stay competitive.
  • Make use of images that are high in quality and associate an emotion to your business service or product, even as you pass.
  • Make it interactive and engaging to the audience with a touch screen or 3-D interactive elements.

Here are some tips to place branded display stands:

  • Place your branded stand in spots like shopping mall entrance or any other high-traffic public zone to get optimum exposure.
  • Place the stand that focuses on your potential customers. If your product is related to beauty, it could be near a salon, a beauty parlor or a beauty store.
  • Place your stand in a low distraction zone. It should be a zone with no competing images or with noisy zones.
  • Place your stand in a zone or eye level where it will be visible and easily noticeable.
  • Place your stand around the competitor’s zone with visuals that stand out and are competitive.

Guest Posting


Guest posting with unique, creative and engaging content on trending, popular and current industry-based websites is another way of promoting brand awareness. An eye-catching and creative guest post is a win-win for the website owner and the product or service associated with your business to reach a wide audience. You can add backlinks to get the target audience to your site and tell them about your product or services. This is one of the best ways to connect to a potential audience and set your name in the industry. Below are some tips to make an effective guest post:

  • Deliver gorgeous, valuable, engaging, creative and interactive content.
  • Refrain from run-of-the-mill or dull content.
  • Make it high in quality and one that makes a connection and a lasting impression on the reader.
  • Make it engaging by adding high-quality and interactive images.
  • Add infographics-data statistics, marketing data, etc., to your content to make it more interesting and real.
  • Try to make the guest content close to the audience’s life.
  • Create efficient and valuable content through blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • You can also share this content with your followers on social media or other networks.

Collaboration With Other Brands


Collaborating is another sneaky way to increase your brand awareness. When you collaborate with other popular industry brands and local partnerships both online and offline, it enables you to gather the attention of your target audience. It enables your brand to get good exposure and drives the potential audience to get more information about your service and products. A collaboration is again a win-win for both brands as they promote each other. Given below are some tips for collaborating with other industry brands:

  • Get in touch with local partnerships to get the target audience around.
  • When collaborating, choose the brands that accentuate your brand in itself.
  • Collaborate with popular and local ones equally to gather a wider audience.
  • Host events jointly when collaborating to meet the audience in person.
  • Cross-promote and co-brand during collaboration to make it a positive outcome and association with the audience.
  • Host giveaways for new followers and enhance engagement with the customers.
  • Host contests to make it fun and engaging with the audience.
  • Remember collaboration is not just for a new audience but also for retaining the present customers.
  • Hold festivals and seminars to get in touch with locals and shortlist those interested in your services and products for other associations.
  • Sponsor and donate when collaborating locally to make it positive outreach to your audience.


Enhancing your brand and associating it with your target audience for brand awareness is a strategic approach. It aligns your brand with its values and stands to its unique message. The above methods are good ways to enhance your brand awareness to garner new customers and retain old customers effectively. It introduces new services and products successfully, promotes the business over different channels, sets a business reputation, and finds and retains potential customers.