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At the moment many people have gotten somewhat sick of the fact that almost everything has to be done online. Education is especially hard to stay focused on, as long as everything is taught to us by a screen. We need to hang in there and do whatever it takes to get through these times and still get our degrees.

Ifairs – an all-in-one virtual event and conference platform
Education is nothing like it used to be. This is not something that will go on forever, but for now we will have to figure out a way to deal with the difficulties online education brings with it. Many students struggle with just reading about the material online, without being able to interact with other people.

As professors and teachers, it is very hard to figure out the best way to keep the students educated while not being able to study the way that they used to. Education is crucial which is why it needs to be taken seriously.

Perhaps the teachers and professors should call in for a meeting to discuss where to go from here? To gather a big conference with multiple teachers and professors you would need a decent platform that you can count on. You should try Ifairs, an all-in-one virtual event and conference platform.

Ifairs is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to host all types of conferences, depending on what you have in mind. Trade shows, sales conferences and recruitments are just some of the many options. This platform is also the perfect solution when hosting a conference about the future educational plan.

We all need to put in the effort

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It is very difficult to study and get a degree, especially given the circumstances that students face these days. Getting an education in the first place can be difficult, but when we throw in some extra curveballs, it can feel almost impossible at times. So how do you prepare for undergrad during a pandemic? It surely isn’t easy, but you can do it.

Even though studying in front of the computer what feels like all day long, it can come in handy being able to be at home, learning and studying at your own pace. It also eliminates the traveling time you have to do, in order to come to school. This time could be spent on homework.

It can be very hard to find the good in a horrible situation, but sometimes that is what we have to do, to stay sane. Both students and teachers are wrapping their brains to come up with the best solutions, but it is just not that simple. Teachers and professors need to teach students online instead of face-to-face interaction.

Online meetings can be extremely long and boring, which is why it is important as a teacher, to know how to run a virtual meeting like a rockstar, to maintain the student’s attention. It may be difficult and overwhelming, but together we can do this. We just have to all but in the effort.

Moreover, here are some tips that will help you to improve your educational experience.

1. Know more about your habits

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The most common problem that students face is procrastination. We have a habit of putting things for the next day without considering the consequences. This doubles up the work and we fail to do anything. So if you are also a habitual procrastinator, you need to know the reason. Know why you do so. And then you can deal with the issue and pay attention to your study. Here are some examples from other students that you might relate to;

  1. You do not have confidence that you can do the work. Thus, you firmly believe that it is beyond your capabilities.
  2. Not doing the school work because you want to rebel against your teachers or parents.
  3. The topic is not of your interest
  4. You are habitual of waiting for something to kick start you.

2. Divide your work

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Sometimes the whole book seems too much for students. So the thought of “how to finish it” makes them slow. If you also face such situations, it is better to divide the syllabus. Breaking down every task will help you in focusing on small sections. Do not aim at finishing all the sections in one go.

Furthermore, if you ‌look at a website like StuDocu — a comprehensive platform that helps students get detailed study materials on almost all the subjects — you’ll find beautiful sections that will help you with your studies. There are books, guides, summaries, assignments, and much more categorized for your ease of use.

Start from the first chunk and your aim should be able to finish it. Afterward, move slowly towards the end. This chunk might be a chapter for you or some MCQs for someone else. It depends upon your syllabus and how much you think is enough or too much for you.

3. Choose a reward for yourself

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Some students are not good at self-motivation. They need something to trigger their abilities. So if you cannot pay attention to your school tasks and often fail to complete them, you need a change. The best way is to reward yourself.

This reward could be your favorite chocolate or a 10 minutes break or something else. Thus, every time you finish the task, reward yourself. The reward will motivate you to finish the task earlier and in the best way.

4. Develop a routine

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Doing things at certain times often brings fruitful outcomes. And repeating the things at the same time develops a habit. Therefore, if you have been failing at completing your homework, create a routine for yourself.

For example, you come back from school at 2:00 pm, you can choose to get a break of an hour. After this hour, you will have to study. However, it is likely that, you will not be able to finish the work on time. Therefore, you should also set up something for the evening or nighttime. This may include a gaming session at 6:00 pm or a plan with friends.

Such things often work in a better way. You will have the pressure to finish the work before a certain time. Thus, you will pay more attention to it and will try to finish all the tasks before time.