While most investors are interested in buying BTC these days, which is at a record-high value of over $63,000, you should know that there are many other options, and some of them might provide you with better profit if you manage to act on time. More and more people started to use digital wallets as standard payment as well, which is positively affecting this market to become more stable in the future.

There are many benefits of using this method instead of standard payment processes. Still, most people will buy crypto because of the potential profit. Besides BTC, ETH, and some of the widely popular options, there are many other units available on the market as well. You can choose from over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies today.

Furthermore, if you want to become an active trader with cryptocurrencies, there are some important things to know before investing your money. Buying well-known options might offer a certain level of security, but in case that some new model manages to reach the same status as Bitcoin, you could earn a lot of money with a relatively small investment. Here are some important things that investors should know about new cryptocurrencies.

1. Popularity


The demand for some units on the market is a very important factor that can lead to an increase in price over time. The best example is the hype over BTC in 2017. However, overselling has led to significant falls that lasted for a couple of years. When it comes to new options, you can determine which one might have the best chances to grow over time if you notice that many people are starting to invest in it.

Besides buying, you should also check whether if it is available in popular online exchanges, and are there already platforms that accept payments with that unit. These are all indicators that it is accepted as a well-known cryptocurrency.

2. Background


It is crucial to find more information about the developers and company that is behind the new unit on the market. That is especially important since there are some suspicious models available as well. There are common frauds like pyramid schemes where people might get lured into buying something worthless, that might not even be a standard digital currency.

The best example for that is One Coin, which is proved to be a hoax. There are some other models as well, and you should learn more about these fake crypto organizations that lead people to invest in scams and even lead others to do the same.

Moreover, you can learn how to avoid any scams by reading more about the blockchain technology and its main features. If there is a new unit that is using advanced technology and follows the trends related to security and improved user experience, chances that it can rise over time are great.

3. High Volatility


The best way to learn more about this market and new units is to look at the trends related to previous years. You will notice many ups and downs for most cryptocurrencies. Also, you can expect the same for new ones as well. However, the market is changing rapidly, and some factors could affect the status of some currencies even more.

For instance, China is known for its resources and economic growth in recent years. Therefore, we can assume that Yan Pay has an excellent background related to security, advanced platform, and the ability to attract a lot of people. All of these factors could lead to much higher prices over a short time.

Still, predicting with high accuracy is pretty complicated. The only way to assume the trends related to price movements is to follow the news in this branch and check more about various things that could influence the changes.

4. Become a Member of Online Community


Another great way to follow the news and increase your chances to find the best option for investment when it comes to new cryptos is to become a member of some online community where you can find a lot of people interested in this market. There is a hype over blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that is increasing over time.

You can find a lot of experts and people with years of experience in trading on this market, and learn from their actions. You can also visit some websites, such as and find useful information there.

There are many features similar to the stock market, where the price of some asset can increase if more people start buying it. Therefore, if you notice that a lot of people are talking about some new unit, you should consider investing in that option.

The Bottom Line

Many factors are the same for both new and already-established digital currencies today. According to current indicators and trends, there is a high chance that the global economy will accept virtual currencies as a standard payment method. Also, with the fact that there are over 2,000 of them, that is great for higher competition, which brings many benefits, especially for less-known coins.

You will have to learn the basics of trading, such as the fact that you should never choose only one unit. Instead of that, maybe the best option is to select several of them with the best chances for profit. Some of the best affordable coins are Cardano, with a price of only around $1 per unit, Dogecoin, which price is estimated at only 0.007.

Moreover, there is Theta, which you can buy for less than $8, and many other cheap options that have an excellent potential to become much more valuable in the future. Still, there is no way to predict whether any of them will reach the same status as Bitcoin.

In the end, be sure to determine the amount of money that you can invest, and never go beyond your limits. Even the best experts are not able to predict this market with all of the changes with higher accuracy.