At this point, you may be asking yourself – what does self-storage have to do with superheroes? We explain it to you. Just as superheroes protect people, likewise, self-storage service keeps an object safe and secure. However, unlike famous superheroes, many people still do not know this service. On the other hand, many people and companies still rely on keeping their belongings in a friend’s house or hiring an entire warehouse.

In this context, self-storage DC emerges as an excellent ally for those who need to store furniture, objects and even stock up in large quantities in a safe and affordable place. To help you better understand this business, let’s show you what heroes self-storage could be.

Dead-pool: wildcard and versatile


One of the Hollywood movie hits presented to the public is the comic Dead-pool. Considered a versatile and wildcard character, he can be part of any story, as he will always fit naturally. In turn, Livelyt self-storage also has this versatility. It can be used for several purposes – from storing old furniture that no longer works at home to documents and other larger objects of your company.

Iron Man: resistance and protection


Iron man is one of the heroes most loved by the public. He wears a high-tech bodysuit and has sturdy armor. His work is to protect people. Tony Stark (the man behind the iron plates) is knowledgeable. Like Iron Man, we can highlight self-storage services as an intelligent solution that will guarantee the protection of your objects. By having a monthly contract, self-storage will optimize your costs without leaving security aside.

The incredible Hulk: growth and strength


One of the main characteristics of the green giant is the change in size during its transformation. From a simple man, he becomes a massive, strong being who protects people. Self-storage has also shown dramatic growth, evolving from a simple place to store objects to a great alternative and logistical solution. But, unlike the Hulk, there is no need to use radiation to make this growth happen. It was due to the facilities and advantages that the service offers.

Wonder Woman: modern and protective


Symbol of strength and modernity, Wonder Woman is considered the most robust and most protective character of comic book stories. With her many unusual abilities and her whip, she protects and gains her space in any situation. In parallel, self-storage stands out as a modern service that increasingly wins over consumers with exclusive benefits, guaranteeing autonomy, protection and versatility, whether for those who need to keep something from home or for their company.

What’s the origin?

Self-storage emerged in the United States in the 1960s. The first self-storage company appeared in the city of Sioux City, Iowa. Currently, more than 100 companies are offering the service. If you are from DC and looking for the best self-storage services, get in touch with Livelyt. Currently, 2 in 10 American homes use self-storage. Many of these people associate self-storage with an extension of their homes. 1 in 10 small businesses uses self-storage as an extension of their office space. The factor that influenced this advance was the reduction in sizes and the increase in property prices. Thus, it was necessary to resort to this service to store belongings safely and with quality. It is worth remembering that the American country is very consumerist, contributing to the increase of unused products in homes.

Box storage, furniture storage, and self-storage different?


Let’s start by answering that question – yes, there are many differences. Each of these solutions serves a different type of problem. In companies, the optimization of space has been causing managers to look for these alternatives to have unused furniture or documents with little access. With that, it is worth knowing each of these alternatives and understanding which one is the best choice for what you need and brings more advantages for your type of business.

Furniture Storage

Much more traditional, the furniture storage works with warehouses, where employees have access and permission to handle whatever things you store there. Its most common use is linked to removal companies. Generally, they have more extended contracts and do not give you the freedom to enter and leave the time you want to access your materials, which ends up restricting the time to store part of your material externally.

Box Storage

Commonly used for document storage, box storage is a good solution for companies with reduced head offices and little space for their files/stocks. It has a very varied usage time, possibly being hired in the short, medium, or long term. Documents are controlled by the company responsible for storage, and access is restricted.

Self Storage

If you are looking for flexibility, affordability, complete safety of the belongings, ease of use, and ZERO bureaucracy, the best solution is self storage DC. With this type of service, you have space according to your needs, where you can have boxes of varying sizes. Generally, it has a much more flexible contract, with no minimum period and no termination penalty. The care for space also pays off. As self-storage allows free access for those who hire it, the company makes a point of keeping everything clean and organized, ensuring a good experience for the user. Only you have the key to your space.

Which one to choose?


The tip is that you think about your main goal when looking for a solution like this. In most cases, the best of them is self-storage. The control you have over the space makes it possible for you to use it in the best way to store your furniture or documents. The flexibility to handle your belongings whenever you want also has a good weight when choosing. Now that you can get to know each of the different types of storage better, it’s easy to see the advantages of self-storage and bet on it as a great solution to your space optimization problems and ideal document layout.

Take advantage of the self-storage space and hire a professional service that offers you affordable prices. Choose right now the one that makes the most sense for your business.