Moving to a new place for studies is super exciting. You get to meet new people, study something you hopefully love, and a kind of experience you never had.

Yet, moving for attending university is about more than just studies. You are pulled into a completely different kind of life. Hence, the place you move to is just as important. Moving to a new community and getting to know it and its culture is a whole other aspect of student life.

If you are thinking of attending some of the great universities in Leicester, get ready to dive into an invigorating experience for the next few years. Anticipate an incredibly vibrant life ahead of you as a university student in Leicester.

Learning to Love Leicester


While many people love moving to a new place, most of us hate changes. Moving to a new city is not only a lot of work, but it also means you are moving away from friends and loved ones.

Don’t stress it because when you decide to move to Leicester for university, you are saying yes to a happening new life! You will find that learning to love Leicester wouldn’t take much effort.

Just a 90-minute direct train ride away from London, the population of east midlands city of Leicester is not even 400,000. That is not even 5% of London’s population. But, does that mean that life at Leicester is dull and boring? You will be pleasantly surprised.

Places to Stay in Leicester


If you are looking for a place to live in Leicester, you will be surprised to find that King Richard III also was once in your position. He was found by archaeologists sleeping in his tomb under a car park and then was shifted to his current permanent residence in Leicester Cathedral.

All jokes aside, just as the late king found his home, accommodation for students in Leicester is not hard to come by. Especially with service. This is not surprising as the student population of Leicester is about thirty-five thousand.

The city accommodates students well, and you can easily find properly furnished housing with multiple added benefits at affordable prices. These housing options can be sharable or singular, depending on your needs.

Student Life at Leicester


Student life at Leicester is socially rewarding, and you can find students from around the world in the city. Since more students come in each year, adding fresh faces to the vibrant young community.

Just as Leicester’s scholarly environment is rich and filled with numerous growth opportunities, students also get the chance to relax and rewind.

The universities and colleges provide an excellent educational atmosphere. In contrast, the city itself removes many entertainment places, including shopping malls, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, parks, etc.

Leicester’s nightlife is one of the best in the UK, and the city is also a popular hub for sports. It hosts four large festivals and provides numerous events to explore art and culture.

Historical Leicester


Leicester has a rich, two millennia-old history! As mentioned earlier, the tomb of the late monarch, King Richard III, is in Leicester Cathedral. The cathedral itself is a gothic architectural masterpiece, a must-see landmark. You will get to learn a lot about this intriguing king if you visit the cathedral and the King Richard III Visitor Centre.

As the city is about 2000 years old, it existed during the Roman occupation of Britain. Some remains of the structures(including a masonry bathhouse!) and mosaic streets built by the Romans are in existence to this day.

Even in history, the city was always pro-development and growth, which you can see in its two Victorian Steam Heritage Railways and Abbey Pumping Station.

A Culturally Diverse Leicester

Ever since the time of Romans, Leicester has been a city of diversity. Currently, about seventy different languages are spoken in the city. Just imagine how dynamic and culturally diverse the learning environment is.

This makes Leicester a great place to live for the numerous students who arrive at the city worldwide. Historically, it is a city that has given many refugees a safe place to stay.

Leicester is a city that has firmly remained intolerant towards racial discrimination and, to this day, has taken numerous initiatives to change public perception. Every year, both new and returning students, from all over the world, come back to a safe haven. An environment that is racially and culturally diverse and inclusive.

A Green City


Unlike many other cosmopolitan areas, greenery is not as hard to come by in Leicester. The natural gifts of Leicester are many. You will find two natural reserves, several parks, and gardens.

There are many water bodies, including ponds, lakes, canals, and reservoirs. Living in Leicester means you get access to so many natural wonders!

If you are a student who loves nature, Leicester will not disappoint. There are over ten parks within the city walls, and not too far from reach.

Cost Of Living in Leicester


The estimated rent of living in a standard area in Leicester is about £655, which is nearly £100 less than the national average cost of rent in a city. This makes the cost of living in Leicester comparatively cheaper. If you buy a monthly local transport pass, your travel cost would be under £60.

Eating out at a regular restaurant costs anywhere from £8 to £15. The highest price to pay for a coffee cup is about £3. The average monthly cost of food can be covered within a hundred pounds.

The cost of living for students in Leicester can be roughly covered with about a budget of 1000 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Student life in Leicester is both vibrant and pleasant. Leicester is a historically rich and culturally diverse city with numerous things to explore. Whether you are into studies, art, music, history, culture, or simply love partying, Leicester is your one-stop solution to all the needs of your student life.