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It has never been easier to switch over to a new energy supplier given how competitive the market currently is right now. However, with there being so much choice, it can actually make switching suppliers an overwhelming task.

It is important that you do plenty of research and uses websites like Utility Bidder to get unbiased switching advice because the supplier that you use is directly responsible for setting the rates of your tariff – choose the right one and it could be good news for your wallet.

For this reason, we have put together this brief guide, so that you know exactly what you need to be looking out for when switching energy suppliers and be confident in the decision that you come to.

Reasons to switch

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Other than coming to the end of your contract, other reasons as to why you may want to switch energy supplier include wanting to be able to budget for your monthly bills with a fixed rate tariff, needing a tariff that is cheaper, having a desire to reduce the size of your carbon footprint, or needing a tariff that works better for your current situation. There is also the reason that you are not happy with the level of service that is provided by your current supplier.

Whilst some customers may be compelled to switch energy suppliers for just one of these reasons, there may be some that have a number of reasons for their desire to leave their current supplier and find a new one. The most common reasons are needing to find a cheaper alternative tariff and wanting a supplier that provides a better level of customer service.

What to look for

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Some of the main things that you need to consider when switching to a new energy supplier include checking that the supplier is operational where your property is, what the cost of their various tariffs are, how long they have been supplying energy for, and if they provide a good level of customer service.

Each one of these factors is an important thing to consider when making a switch to a different supplier. Whilst things such as the price of the tariff will be important to some, to others the most important thing might be the customer service that they deliver – it varies greatly from person to person. You can check out power to choose to view your options when it comes to energy suppliers.

How it works

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Once you have identified a tariff and a contract length that you are happy to commit to, you can proceed to sign up for it with the supplier. During the process of switching over, you should not experience any interruption to your service. What will be different is the bill that you get and how and when this is issued to you. What will be different is the bill from energy procurement, what will you get and how and when this is issued to you.

Any smart meters or other pieces of hardware that you have in your home for the purpose of recording your energy use etc. will still remain the same and will not have to be removed and returned to your previous supplier. There should be no need for physical modifications to your property.