We have all seen those huge MRI scanners in the hospital, indeed many people have already reaped the benefit of hi-tech medical equipment, yet have you ever wondered how they manage to transport and install such complex equipment? This is certainly not a job for the local Fed Ex driver, far from it, and the people who are responsible for the final mile delivery, installation, and configuration of high-grade medical equipment are the white glove logistics technicians.

White-Glove Logistics


This is a booming industry, and it services the medical industry and many other business sectors, including all of the following:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Fitness Sector
  • Vending Machines
  • Data Centre Removal and Relocation
  • Telecommunications
  • Robotics for the Manufacturing Industry
  • Public Facilities
  • Access Control Systems

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In the medical sector, very expensive and complex equipment can only be handled by technicians who are approved by the manufacturer, and should someone handle the equipment without authorization, the manufacturer might withdraw their warranty on the product. This requires white-glove technicians to regularly attend seminars and workshops at the manufacturer’s facility in order to be approved to work with specific models. As much as 50% of their working time is dedicated to learning about new products in order to be competent when working with high tech equipment.

Special Medical Services


The white glove logistics company would offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Final Mile Delivery
  • X-Ray Test Facilities
  • In-Transit Merge & Separation
  • MRI cold Storage
  • Clean Room Environment
  • Overhead Gantry
  • Pre-Delivery Preparation

The provider would assign you a project manager and they would liaise with the technicians to ensure a smooth operation and with many years of hands-on experience, you can rest assured that the equipment will be installed and set up ready for testing.

Reverse Logistics


There are times when high-tech equipment fails and must be removed and returned to the manufacturer and this is a job for the white glove logistics team. The project is planned and all the necessary resources are in place, with protected transportation and special unloading facilities, to protect the equipment during transit.

On-Site Repairs

In the event high-grade medical equipment can be repaired on-site, the white glove technicians would carry out the work and arrange for new components to be delivered. This sector not only installs new devices but also maintains the equipment, offering a complete solution using manufacturer-approved technicians.

Other Industries

  • Banking – The ATM that you use near your office was installed by a white glove team, indeed all the major banks have ongoing contracts with white-glove logistics companies, to transport, install, configure, and connect to the network. This can include maintenance (we all know how often ATMs malfunction) and a single team would cover a certain radius and service every machine in their area.
  • Fitness Centres – We all love the hi-tech equipment in state-of-the-art fitness gyms, and these are also the domain of white-glove logistics and once the machinery is installed, it must be configured and connected to a network that allows a single controller to manage everything. The white glove technician can even train staff on how to use and manage the equipment and often they will take on repair and maintenance, which is essential and recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Telecommunications – The major stock exchanges and markets use a very complex fiber-optic network that is secure, and this is the responsibility of the white glove technicians, who maintain and manage the network. Global video conferences are set up by the same people and during the pandemic, their services have been extremely useful, allowing organizations to connect in a virtual environment. If you have a flair for digital technology, this would be a very challenging and rewarding career and with the rollout of 5G ongoing, the Internet of Things (IoT), the future looks rosy for this industry.

Merging with Artificial Intelligence


White glove logistics is very much connected to AI systems, as the equipment must be connected to the controller (AI), therefore the technicians must be qualified and approved to handle the set-up of high-grade medical equipment. MRI and Cat scan machines are already being managed by AI, which is far more accurate than a human could ever be, with development in machine learning and diagnostics, AI can diagnose cancer from a scan with a 100% success rate. Click here for further reading on artificial intelligence and how it works.



It won’t be long before every factory will use robots and the white glove technician is approved to handle this complex equipment. The configuration is critical and the technicians spend a lot of time learning about the systems, which often integrate with AI. The maintenance contract would be given to a white glove logistics company, which offers a 24/7 service to get you back online quickly.

Touch-Screen Interactive Technology

Shopping malls use touch-screen digital signage to assist shoppers regarding location and products; these devices are installed by white glove technicians and the digital information boards in museums are also handled by white glove teams. This is most definitely the future and if you are looking for a challenging career in a booming sector, white-glove logistics is a very attractive proposition for someone with technical know-how.

Digital Vending Machines


We’ve all used these from time to time and the new generation of touch-screen devices require specialist handling, with approved technicians who are qualified and experienced in the handling of such equipment.

In conclusion, white-glove logistics is an essential sector that services the medical industry along with many others, and if you are ever in need of such services, Google will help you make contact with a leading white glove logistics company.