Many understand reading books as a journey into a completely different world, into someone else’s life. Books are a powerful medium that can convey a message on any topic to a person of any age. In a very easy way, through books, we learn about the life, people, feelings, history, but also about ourselves. Books fit perfectly into any living space, complementing the interior, but they can also clutter a room if not adequately disposed of. Therefore, it is important to choose the right shelf that will keep your books in one place.

What many are wondering is what kind of bookshelf is best to choose, large or small, simple or specific in shape, wooden or metal, and so on. Here are some facts to help you decide.

1. Quantity of books


To begin with, you need to determine how many books you have and whether that number will continue to grow, or whether you are a passionate lover and collector or simply want to find the perfect place for the fruit you have without any desire to expand your library.

2. Pay attention to the space

It is very important to blend this piece of furniture with the rest of the interior, but by no means allow it to dominate the room. Shelves leaning against the wall will look modern and functional. You can also add a final touch by adding some flowers or decorations on shelves. If the apartment is still smaller, you will find a solution in the form of wall shelves.

3. Construction material


Today, different styles are popular when it comes to interior design, so everyone will find something for themselves, whether they are a fan of industrial style, modern or baroque. When choosing a shelf, it is important that it is solid and stable, and that it will be able to withstand the weight of books without any problems.

4. Do you like cleaning?

We come to the not so interesting part – cleaning. Shelves with doors may not look as visual as you imagined, but they will certainly spare you from frequent dusting. If you opt for open shelves, be prepared to clean a little more often. Open book frames will give you easy access to any book you are interested in. A Bookshelf can also be combined. This feature means placing closed and open shelves in the closet. If you want to find the closets with those features for your home, check out TribeSigns. There are also original versions – with curves and diagonal shelves. The main thing here is to take into account the fact that such a cabinet fits harmoniously into the interior.

5. Practical or decorative?


Whether you like it or not, bookshelves are often the centerpiece of your living room. This piece of furniture is the first thing people notice when they step into a room, so it is vital that it be as aesthetically appealing as it is practical.

When choosing a shelf, consider whether you want to give it a decorative or functional role. If you want to expose your memories, favorite books, and little things, you can opt for “floating” shelves, which will bring a dose of creativity with their effective and subtle look.

6. Think ahead

Book lovers need to think one step ahead and devise a design that will meet the criteria in the event of an increase in the number of books. In any case, if space allows, it is better to take a more spacious shelf and combine books with decoration.

7. Take the opportunity to make a selection


Just like when cleaning a wardrobe, deep cleaning of your home library is a good opportunity to get rid of some copies you don’t need. Now is the right time to do it so that your new shelf shines in full glory. Put all the books on the floor and single out your favorites, copies of which you by no means want to give up. Then inspect damaged or obsolete books and those for children and young people that you may be able to donate to a school, kindergarten, or city library. Then choose the copies that stay with you.

8. Library as a separate room

The happiest are those people who can afford a separate room for a library in their home.

In this case, special attention should be paid to the reading corner. In this case, you will additionally have to take into account the interior, because it is important that the ambiance is comfortable and pleasant to stay. What shelves you choose for your home library depends on the taste and the atmosphere you want to achieve in that room. Metal shelves on the visible brick walls will give a modern industrial flair characteristic of lofts. If you prefer wood, make shelves.

There is such an incredibly wide selection of shelves, libraries, and other types of bookshelves on the market that you will easily find something that will suit the room you are decorating and the style of its layout, both in terms of dimensions and colors, and designs. There are also a lot of those brave people who are ready to invest a little effort and creativity and design one themselves.

Shelves do not have to be just for storing small things, books and decorations, they can be an ideal solution for separating space. We usually use them to separate the kitchen from the living room or the sleeping area if it is a space that also serves as a living room.

Final thoughts

Shelves are an indispensable part of the furniture in every room: from the bedroom to the study, children’s room, living room, bathroom, kitchen. In fact, there is no corner of the house where we don’t need them to accommodate various little things and try to organize our lives cluttered with material things.

A bookshelf is a furniture that almost every home has. It is necessary for those who like to read. The bookshelf can functionally edit all books and provide the necessary conditions for their storage. In addition, a properly selected bookshelf can decorate any interior.