The first rule when you are using stock photos is to always add a description where you will mention the source. Also, you should never forget that most of these pictures are not free, which means that unauthorized use might lead to legal issues. On the other side, there are some websites where you can find a lot of stock photos for free, like

Still, even when you are using free options, it is necessary to add a description of the source. Additionally, there are websites like that offer a wide selection of free images for you to choose from and ensure that your designs are visually appealing and legally sourced. Moreover, legality is not the only thing to think of when you are interested in these pictures. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important things to know about stock photos and their use.

1. Choose Only the High Quality


Commonly, most of the options available on sites where you can download this type of content might seem as a good option. However, it is crucial to be sure that the resolution is right so the picture will look good after you upload it on your website. Keep in mind that users these days expects only the highest quality, and poor selection of proper images might make them less interested in your content.

2. Make the Right Choice

The great option is that many people are uploading their work and let us using it for free. However, the problem is that the selection of high-quality photos is limited. Therefore, finding the best solution could be an issue. The biggest problem is when you strictly decide to use free options. Keep in mind that many other people might decide to do the same.

That means that chances are great that your content might appear similar to some other pages. Also, people will notice that the same photos are being used all the time on different websites, which is also not too attractive. In that mater, you should consider paying for some unique content so you can ensure that your website will appear authentic.

3. Beware of Potential Legal Issues


Keep in mind that the content of other people that you decide to use on your website might lead to problems if you don’t take certain actions or make a deal with creators. We already mentioned that the main rule is to add a note under the photo you are using, where you will mention the source so that the people can use it to find the creator of the content. If you decide to avoid adding the link, you can do so only when you make an agreement with the creator.

4. Don’t Focus on the Price

The most common mistake a lot of people are making is that they will choose some option only because it is free or cheaper. We already mentioned that the selection of free content is limited. Besides that, even the photos available on sites where you will need to pay for them could be frequently used.

The key is to find a way to be more original. In that matter, the best solution is to hire a photographer who will prepare the set of unique stock photos for your needs. It maybe is the most expensive solution, but you will get the most of it in terms of uniqueness, branding, design, and more.

5. Sizing and Positioning


After you are sure that there won’t be any legal issues when you decide to use some photos, and you downloaded a set of them so you can use them on your website, the important step is to learn more about positioning and sizing, that will have a huge effect on the page as well.

The type and size should depend on the type of content you are sharing. For example, releasing a guide with clear steps and details related to some process should never have a lot of photos between the headlines.

That will make the content more annoying to read. In this case, people are looking for detailed instructions, and simplicity should be in the focus. On the other side, when you are sharing a description of some product, it is a great solution to add a lot of photos where you will show how the products look when it is used by other people. You can add some stock options that are related to that industry as well.

6. Avoid Generic Photos

If you are using pictures on free sites, chances are great that you will choose some generic options used on a lot of sites. An even bigger issue can be if you add a photo of some person since there is a chance that the person is sharing a lot of these pictures for various products and industries. Your clients might notice that, which will have a negative effect and make you less reliable and unique.

Besides that, it is crucial to choose an option that is somehow related to your content. For example, if you are selling clothes, the best solution is to hire someone to create pictures of people while wearing the brands you are selling. It can be a huge mistake if you simply download a photo of someone wearing a similar piece of clothes. Also, if you own a smaller business, adding pictures of famous people to seem as related to your brand will only seem ridiculous to visitors.

Last Words


The main advantage of using stock photos is to make your content more attractive to visitors. Also, it can improve your branding in many ways. However, there is plenty of space for mistakes that could affect the reliability and design, along with potential legal issues.

In that matter, you should focus on finding a unique set of photos. They should be related to your company, brand, and values you are promoting. Choosing a free option is a great way to save some money, and you can do that when you are sharing some articles or blogs. On the other side, when you are introducing a new product or service, the best solution would be to invest in unique pictures specially designed for your brand.