People are now getting more attracted to vaping because of its benefits over other options. With the latest technological advancements in vape devices launched into the market, there has been an audience for all types of vape products.

One of the most popular devices in the market today is disposable vape pens. These devices come pre-filled with a decided e-juice quantity, providing a specific number of puffs.

However, there are ways to get more puffs from a disposable. If you wonder how to keep reading this article.

Here, you will get the answers to what can cause the puff count of a device to go high or low. Also, you will learn how you can get more puffs from a disposable vape pen.

On What Things Does the Overall Puff Count Depend in a Disposable Vape?

Usually, reckoned manufacturers like Esco Bar or Elf Bar mention the puff count on the packages of disposable vapes. For instance, you can check premium disposable vape pens from Esco Bar Flavors to get a comprehensive idea of the puff count range they offer.

However, how a person uses the device will eventually affect the number of puffs they can enjoy.

So, below are the top 4 factors on which the puff count of disposable vapes depends.

1. How long do you draw the vape?

Every user has a different style of drawing a puff from a vape device. Some like a deep draw to enjoy the complete essence of vape juice, while a few prefer taking a light drag.

So, when a user draws a deeper puff, it will use up more vape juice, leading to lesser puff counts until the e-liquid lasts. It often happens when you vape your favorite flavor and want the best experience.

On the contrary, when a user is habitual to drawing lighter puffs, the vape juice will last long. Hence, the number of puffs out of the device will go higher.

2. Are you a smoke or vape addict?

People addicted to smoking or vaping usually have a significant role to play in how much e-liquid they will use to draw one puff.

Addicted people like a stronger hit to get a more intense taste of the vape juice. This will cause them to draw deeper puffs, leading to more consumption of the e-liquid in the disposable. Overall, this can make the puff count go considerably down with time.

3. How do you store your vape juice?

Any product that ends up being consumed directly or indirectly needs to be stored properly to maintain its overall quality. The same applies to disposable vape pens too. The better the quality of the vape juice in the device, the more the puff count, and vice-versa.

Thus, it becomes imperative to ensure that the disposable is stored away from sunlight and in a cool dark place that does not impact the quality of vape juice. When the quality of the e-liquid is maintained, the puff count will be higher.

4. What temperature do you prefer in your vape device?

How the vape juice and the device are used plays a critical role in maintaining the puff count you can get from a specified quantity of e-juice.

Different devices use different temperatures to heat the e-liquid and create vapors. When a disposable is used at a higher temperature, it will result in two scenarios. First, the vape juice will burn quicker, and second, the battery will drain faster.

So, the faster the vape juice ends, the lower the puff count will be.

Is It Possible to Make Your Vape’s Puffs Last for a Long Time?


It all depends on the quantity of e-juice and the brand of disposable vape pen you use. These factors will primarily define the number of puffs. However, it will just give an estimate of how many puffs you can expect from the respective device.

Various reasons can cause a difference in the final puff count you will get from a disposable vape. However, if you use the pen optimally and take smaller breaths initially, it may make the e-juice last a little longer to give you more puffs.

How to Get More Puffs from a Disposable Vape Pen?

The main question in every vape lover’s mind is how to increase the number of puff counts out of a disposable vape pen. Well, the answer to this is practically possible. You will just have to tweak how you use the device daily.

Below are a few tactics to get the most out of the disposable vape pen and get more puffs each time.

1. Opt for Rechargeable Devices

Disposable vapes come in two varieties. One is non-rechargeable, and the other is rechargeable. For non-rechargeable vape pens, it is a little harder to extend their puff count. In fact, if their battery runs out but the e-juice is still there, it can go to waste.

Thus, opt for a rechargeable disposable vape pen. It will help you recharge the battery regularly to ensure you get more puffs without wasting the e-juice.

2. Use It as per the Direction

Using a disposable vape pen as per the direction is crucial to maintain its quality and prolong its lifespan. When you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can ensure that the vape pen works efficiently and produces the desired amount of vapor. One such renowned brand is Elf Bar. Additionally, using a disposable vape pen correctly can help you get the maximum number of puffs from it over time. This is especially important for those who rely on disposable vape pens for their daily vaping needs.

It’s important to note that different disposable vape pens may have different usage instructions, so it’s crucial to read and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. By using the vape pen as per the direction, you can also prevent any potential safety hazards that may arise from improper use. Overall, following the manufacturer’s instructions is an easy and effective way to ensure that your disposable vape pen performs well and lasts longer.

3. Buy Disposables from Good Brands

Branded disposable vape pens come in a sturdy build, pre-filled with good quality e-juice to get the best experience and maximum puffs. Elf Bar Flavors provides large-capacity and rechargeable BC5000 vape devices; click here for more information.

Summing Up

Vaping involves investment, so people want to ensure that they get what they pay for. A good puff count is what any vape lover looks for.

Thus, manufacturers launched disposable vape pens with variable puff counts to give users a flavorful vaping experience. But due to inadequate usage or preferred drag styles, they often go low on the number of puffs with time. So, use the vape pen as per the tips mentioned above and get more puffs.