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Time goes by fast, and even if you’ve thought that there’s so much more until college, you’re probably reading this now wondering where to apply for your studies. Luckily, we are here to help you with a few suggestions, so if you are currently wondering which country to choose, make sure to read until the end of this article.

When it comes to studying abroad, there are many things that you need to consider, and although it’s not that big of a deal, in some situations your future career may depend on it.

It’s pretty common to get the will for studying something that is not available in your country, and this usually happens with the rarer types of studies, such as learning how to be a movie producer or a video game developer.

If this is not available in your country, or it is but it’s not as advanced as in Germany for example, it’s much better to get a student visa and take your studies abroad.

For this article, we’ve chosen Germany as one of the countries that many students are looking forward to visiting because of the many educational opportunities, so let’s take a look at these top 10 reasons why you should choose it as well.

1. Affordable Prices

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It is pretty well-known that education is valuable in Germany, and the government knows that not everyone can pay thousands of hundreds of euros just to finish one semester.

Those who want to get educated and drive humanity forward shouldn’t be punished by unacceptable prices, instead, they should be given an opportunity, and sooner or later they will pay back by contributing to the society with their new professional skills and inventions.

Germany knows this, and so the prices of almost all colleges there are pretty acceptable, with almost all of them offering scholarships as well.

2. Many Opportunities

No matter what type of studies you want to take, chances are that you’ll find them in this country. Germany is pretty developed in every way possible, and it holds a great reputation for providing all sorts of educational opportunities to students from across the entire globe.

3. A fun place to be in

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If you’re visiting here to get an education, that should be your main concern, but every once in a while you have to let go and have some great time just to get some stress off your shoulders. Germany is known to have very interesting places that you can visit, and cultural as well.

Museums, operas, sophisticated cinemas and theatres are just some of them, and for a student, they’re especially entertaining.

4. You’ll meet a lot of people

In this country, you will be able to meet tons of new people that might become your future co-workers or even best friends. College lasts for a couple of years, and we are pretty sure that during this time you will bond with someone from your university. Teamwork makes the dream work, so if you have the chance to study or work together with another person, don’t miss it.

5. Quality of life is great

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Germany is not the most expensive place in the world, and if you are carefully making your decisions about shopping there for the basic things like food and drinks, you will spend even less money than what you were spending back home. Sure, there are expensive places, but they are not the only option for you.

6. You can get financed

We know that there are tons of people that can be great let’s say lawyers for example, but they can’t quite afford to go to the most expensive law school. Luckily, many institutions and agencies can help you by funding your education and covering most of your expenses. For more information, you can read more here.

7. It’s great for students

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Germany has tons of students that are not German. It’s a country that’s known to have some of the best opportunities for foreigners that want to get educated there. There’s organized transport to every location that you’ll ever need to be in, and many other alternative ways of getting from point A to point B, such as very cheap rent-a-bike service around every corner. Metros are tons of fun too.

8. You can travel there from anywhere

We rarely hear that a country doesn’t have a regular flight or bus-line that leads to Germany, especially if you live in Europe. It’s not too far away, like Australia for example, and you can get there from almost any other country, so if your parents want to visit you, that shouldn’t be a problem as well.

9. It’s safe

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Unlike some other countries in which you can often hear about something that is a safety threat going on in the capital city, Germany is considered to be safe throughout the entire year, with security being on the highest possible level on almost every official location, such as an airport or a university.

If this is something that might concern you, we want to assure you that there is nothing to worry about, as almost every part of Germany that you can go in as a student is perfectly safe.

10. The language isn’t hard to learn

Like it or not, when you’re in a foreign country, you’ll have to learn to speak the language of the locals to at least some degree. You don’t need to have perfect grammar, but it is pretty beneficial if you manage to get it to a conversational level, it simply makes your life easier.

Luckily, the German language isn’t that complicated to learn, and you can quickly pick up some of the most important phrases that are used in almost every shop, or during class. Although it sounds like it’s a hard-to-learn language, it’s not, and there are also free courses that students can visit to improve their understanding of it.