Top transmission fluids in 2024

Automatic transmissions need automatic transmission oil, which is a specific lubricant with certain qualities (ATF). Only a few companies serviced the entire marketplace when automatic transmissions were still a novelty.

Most automakers now build their transmissions, and the top transmission fluids in 2024 can make each one run smoothly. Here, we will be reviewing the top 5 transmission fluids of 2024 to help you choose the right transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Buying the Right Transmission Fluid for Your Vehicle—What You Need to Know

If your transmission is to be dependable and function as per the manufacturer’s specifications, it, like the rest of your car’s mechanical parts, needs proper, regular lubrication. Automatic transmission fluid is extremely significant since it lubricates the transmission’s mechanical components and supplies the hydraulic pressure required for seamless gear changes.

However, not all transmission fluids are created equal. There are various options to suit the typical step-type automatic transmission found in the vast majority of automobiles on the road. If your automobile has a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which is becoming more prevalent in mainstream vehicles and SUVs, it requires a special lubricant. High-end vehicles with high-tech dual-clutch transmissions have even more stringent standards.

If that isn’t enough to keep a record of, you may also purchase transmission fluid additives that are designed to improve performance and safeguard your transmission’s sophisticated mechanical parts.

The 5 Best Transmission Fluids to Buy in 2024

We understand if you’re unsure which brand of transmission fluid to buy if you think your car could benefit from one. With the following list of the top transmission fluids in 2024 on the market, we hope to make it easier for you to find the right transmission oil for your car.

Valvoline Transmission Fluid


Valvoline is a well-known manufacturer of automotive lubricants, so you can rely on their transmission fluid to keep your car running smoothly. The Dew/Merc composition from Valvoline, which will suit the majority of Ford, General Motors, and import automobiles with an automatic transmission intended for use with Mercon or Dexron oils, is the solution we’ve featured here.

Do not worry if this oil isn’t advised for your car. Valvoline offers transmission fluids for practically every new car, even those with manual transmissions, so you should be able to find one that works for your vehicle. You can also always talk to a mechanic or expert at the manufacturer if you’re unsure.

This friction-modified transmission fluid comes with a high-quality base lubricant and is strengthened with additives to withstand all road conditions. Valvoline says that the Merc/Dex transmission fluid ensures seamless shift function and outstanding friction resilience for dependable shift operation in your car’s auto transmission.

It is also said that the fluid safeguards against high-temperature breakdown. As such, you can depend on it to keep your car lubricated regularly. The oil is also intended to flow seamlessly at low pressures, ensuring that your transmission performs as it should, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Royal Purple Max


The results of replacing an assembly line, semi-synthetic transmission fluid with a fully synthetic replacement can be significant. Royal Purple says that its ATF can lower working temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, doubling the life of transmission components.

Royal Purple Max ATF is a synthetic fluid with low friction at extreme temperatures and sheer resilience. It’s compatible with a wide range of modern automobiles transmissions. This was one of the top seekers in 2024 and it remains among the top transmission fluids in 2024 – you can read more about it, and some other choices that aren’t on this list, here.



The transmission fluid will operate perfectly depending on your vehicle model because it meets both Dexron and Mercon criteria. Also, if you have a Mercon-required car, you can use this transmission fluid for your power steering.

Due to this functionality, it is the best option on the market because you can have power steering oil and transmission lubricant in one package. The product is broad, so it will save you a lot of plastic wastage.

It will also improve the smoothness of the friction. It also has a track record of delivering high-quality results. Overall, this transmission fluid will be a good choice because it is reasonably priced.

Amalie Universal


Finding a significant source of transmission fluid for a fleet of race vehicles or a commercial garage might be difficult. Finding something affordably priced without having to go via a distributor is even more difficult. Both of these challenges are addressed by the Amalie Universal transmission oil pack of a dozen one-quart cans.

It works with any form of CVT system, so you shouldn’t have to worry about belt vs. pulley systems. This synthetic mixture is made specifically for outboard motors and is intended to handle the extra wear and strain.

Although twelve bottles may appear to be a lot, the universal design of this mix allows for a great amount of versatility. It works on both CVT and ATF setups and can be used on everything from a chainsaw to a motorbike to a side-by-side.

You may trust the formula to stay effective for a long time if the bottles aren’t opened and left on a shelf. This gets an honorable mention for optimizing lubrication and increasing the lifespan of any automobile.

It is worth mentioning that the initial outlay is substantial, especially if you’re not doing transactions in quantity. Transmission fluid should only be changed once every 30,000 miles. It’s an excellent choice if you need a dozen quarts of fluid. Getting a lower quantity is generally a better idea otherwise.

Mobil 1 ATF


Mobil 1 transmission fluid complies with various manufacturers’ specifications, including Ford’s Mercon V and GM’s Dexron III.

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is a synthetic fluid with exceptional cold-temperature movement and a viscosity index of 176. It’s also inherently resistant at high temperatures, which helps to keep the transmission running cool.

Final Word

The top transmission fluids in 2024 can be used in a wide range of automobiles, which says a lot about the level of contemporary transmission engineering. Hopefully, based on your car’s needs, you can choose the best transmission fluid for your car from our list above.