Games have provided the potential to play something old school, which is why there’s much hype for New and Upcoming Medieval Games (For PC, PS and Android). Medieval games, especially with an old plotline and characters narrative, have become quite attractive to game lovers.

Their eye-catching graphics with stunning, flashy sequences are quite a treat. Many types of gamers are into medieval games, and if you are so excited about them, you are in the correct place. We will mention some of the best medieval games that are to be released. You can learn about their exciting features, thrilling gameplay and visuals.

Best Medieval Games Releasing In The Near Future

Veteran gamers like medieval games, especially when they have an interesting storyline with challenging missions. Since there is a huge collection of such games releasing in the future, selecting the best ones to play is often tricky. But you need not worry about it as we have made a list of the elite medieval games.

1. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is an upcoming medieval game showing Tolkien’s world from Gollum’s POV. The gameplay seems exquisite, and the developer’s revelation indicates the story’s timeline. The player will experience the Middle-Earth fictional character Gollum and will be able to use his multiple personalities and abilities.

The parent company’s deal with Middle-Earth Enterprises means that the game will be based on the books. Gollum will possess an enhanced physique, and his stamina will determine the gameplay.

The game had a preview in a magazine in January, and some details were revealed there. According to the studio, the game will be in multiple regions, including the land of the elves, where there is an assortment of Lord of the Rings characters. The time frame is set to give a lot of creative space to discover other aspects of lore.

Gollum’s stealth and gameplay skills can be manipulated through every level. He can also jump across multiple platforms, use his hanging techniques, and move covertly through restricted areas or around his enemies. Some parts will also feature Gollum’s fight with his alter-ego Smeagol.

The game aims to make the player experience something different and more positive. It tries to induce a sympathetic approach towards the vile creature, which is different from the books and novels. Since the character of Gollum is naturally tragic, there are plenty of opportunities for trials here, coming up with new and unique narratives.

2. Forespoken


Frey Holland lands herself in trouble in the scintillating land of Athia after being uncannily relocated from New York City. A mystic bracelet is worn around her arm, and she gains the power of magic to explore Athia.

Christening her new bracelet as “Cuff”, she goes on a hunt to find a way back home. However, she is struck by the reality of that picturesque place and realizes that the place prospered during the time of the kind matriarchs and a destructive blight ruined everything it touched.

The destruction turned creatures into beasts and monsters, and natural lands became unsafe zones. The matriarchs, now transformed, reign as irked and evil witches. Curious to find answers, Frey unwillingly agrees to help the rest of the living citizens of Athia, who view Frey as a ray of hope.

The journey of Frey through his unknown and evil realm will fetch her in extremely difficult circumstances where she has to fight demonic creatures, face the strong witches, and go to the roots of secrets.

The player gets to play the character of Frey in guiding her through an odyssey after being transported away from home. They are uncovering the secrets of Athia as the character goes through a devastating storm and learns how to use her immense strength.

The amazing graphics and the technology portraying the fantastical lands of Athia and the visual experience involved is a treat to the eyes. They face troubled monstrous beasts in a mystical battle with an array of skills. The player can reach high walls, jump over canyons and extreme heights, and easily implement her special skills to travel the wide world.

3. Lies of P


The game is supposed to come out soon. For a few years, we have received many rare flashes of the game. Now that the gameplay action is revealed, there is extreme excitement. It will be interesting to note whether this game matches the quality of Disney’s Pinocchio movie.

The game is based on the novel and presents a mature version of the novel’s character. The background is set in the city of Krat, where there is no humanity left, and evil beings are remaining. According to a press release, the development director revealed that the game is a combination of good and bad. It is another edition of a classic story presented uniquely.

The press release also indicated that players would have to make certain choices that affect the game’s narrative. The gameplay involves stealth, attacking, defending and countering attacks from the foes who can rapidly beat you. As the game’s title suggests, the characters can lie more to become more human and gain some positives. The process has its pros and cons.

A deep selection of narrative and customizable character development are some of the RPG features in the game. Round8 Studio develops it.

The game seems more like a linear single-player thing and has a hostile environment. The surroundings are stylish and tense with clear combat tactics. The graphics and storyline are absorbing making it one of the most anticipated New and Upcoming Medieval Games (For PC, PS and Android).

4. Lost Eidolons


The game is about a kingdom that once prospered near the sea. However, a cruel conqueror changes the world’s geography by burning it. The kingdom of Benerio is now a suffering region in a broken empire full of corruption.

Eden, a charismatic captain, is prompted to become a rebel leader when his homeland is forced into a war. Now is his chance to get his supporters together and face a dangerous army with monsters and beasts and some foes within.

The player has to use strategy to position the soldiers in every war to benefit from their skills and abilities. Fighting on the battlefield, winning in difficult combat situations, and defeating clever masters with extraordinary skills and giant fighting monsters can pressure you to overturn your strategy or die in front of them.

Heading a whole rebellion is not only about wars but also building your camp, manipulating people to join you and knowing their stories and helping them through the high and low points of the uprising. Also, training and assembling the ideal battle army is an important aspect of the game.

There will be 20 playable characters and 10 classes to select. Prepare and practice with your allies to unlock new skills, spells and powers. Put your whole team against the whole army and taste the victory.

5. Thymesia


Developed by OverBorder Studio, Thymesia is yet to be released. This medieval game imagines a kingdom where death is spreading rapidly. Here you get to play as a Doctor, Corvus, treating the epidemic. Corvus has amnesia, and he no longer remembers how he ended up here. He sets on his journey to discover the truth behind the circumstances.

it is his destiny to end the turmoil unraveling in the kingdom while fighting for survival. The player comes across mysterious monsters that you have to defeat by the blade as a part of the game.

Throughout the mission, the player will uncover the notes falling on the ground, around the mysterious dead bodies. Surveying the notes helps you with clues you require to move forward. If Thymesia looks familiar to the nightmares one has at night; it is because of the strong H.P Lovecraft inspired tone. The influence of the 20th-century author of gothic fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction can be seen through the game’s campaign.

Your enemies will attack at an incredibly fast-paced pace that promises to be thrilling and challenging at the same time. If it is not enough to fasten your seatbelt, the stimulating audio provides everything you need to have goosebumps all over your body while playing this medieval fantasy game.

Every time you win a fight, you earn Memory Shards, which stands for experience degrees. In brief, the combat structure expects you to operate the light attacks, claw attacks, throwing feathers, and dodging. If you love playing fantasy games, you ought to love it. Thymesia should be out by 2022 and be accessible on PC, PS 5, and Xbox.

6. Crimson Desert


Developed by Pearl Abyss, Crimson Desert is constructed in medieval society. Macduff is the protagonist living on a mainland island called Pywell. He is a professional soldier troubled by the weight of leadership and sad remembrance of his past. The desert is crimson because it is masked by blood.

The official page phrases it as ‘a saga written in blood’.Due to the similarities in the alternate universe, this game was thought to be a sequel to Black Desert. But later on, the directors suggested its independent existence.

In this game, the war between humans awakened some mythical creatures and in this time, evoking an ancient good also presents a danger. Here the players travel the planet and try to solve mysteries.

Other than Macduff, there are also other mercenaries. Among them live a runaway slave, a mother who left her children behind, and a non-human creature who no longer has their mother. The protagonist puts together a team by assembling them.

The squad is made to face the disruption created by the King of Demeniss. The game emphasizes an attacking combo system that enables you to team up with other mercenaries from the team. In addition, the video game provides the player access to axes, cannons, guns, and swords on screen. Crimson Desert is scheduled to be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox series X.

7. A Plague Tale: Requiem


Requiem is the sequel to the award-winning game A Plague Tale: Innocence. Developed in Asobo Studio, this game is yet to be published by Focus Entertainment on platforms like PC, PS5, XS, and Nintendo Switch.

After bypassing their wrecked homeland, Amicia and Hugo travel to new places and provinces. They embark on their journey, hoping to begin with a fresh start in life and control Hugo’s fate. While they fight against the odds, they start to trust each other in this journey again.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the lives of Heroes, Amicia, and Hugo, running down a field, sailing a ship, and a sudden flood of rats against them as a result of Hugo’s revival of power. So the siblings flee yet again with the hope of a second chance at life.

The characters survive against the uncertainty by using various tools and metaphysical powers. The game follows the theme of survival. It signifies the expense of saving the people you love in a cruel world.

8. Wartales


Developed and published by Shiro Games, it is an open-world RPG. In this game, you steer a team of mercenaries in their quest for fortune across a medieval world. The timeline shows hundred years from the fall of the Edoran Empire. In this game, your fight for wealth determines your everyday life. But still, the ultimate goal is to fight and survive in a brutal medieval world.

The developer explains the subject as violent, where blood shedding happens frequently. Wartales is easy; you move forward, gain rewards, and unlock new missions by simply playing. You can also enhance your team’s equipment by putting together new arms and weapons. The more you move ahead, the more rewards and missions you earn.

Luckily Wartales provides you with a detailed map with an exploration marker. Using the map is a great way to find quest areas. You can move around lively villages and abandoned camps to fight against the wild animals and many more dangers on the road.

To play this game, you must have a minimum of 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM, and 6 GB free storage in your system. Wartales is already out and existing in Microsoft Windows.


Medieval times or the middle ages have left a mark on history with their architecture, religion, education, and mass migration. Therefore, it is beyond a pleasure when we get to maintain a brief look at the middle age way of life through the games existing on the screens of our PCs or PlayStation.

You can experience the medieval lives unfolding right in front of your eyes and also experience how hard survival was in those times. Most of the New and Upcoming Medieval Games (For PC, PS and Android) we included in the article shall excite you into playing more medieval games in the future.

Released in February 2022, Elden Ring was a pure success, and it pumped up all the gamers across the nations towards the upcoming games of this year.


Q1) What Makes The Medieval Fantasy Genre So Popular?


Ans1 They tend to be extremely popular because of the tactile feeling of combat and grow to be more up close. There’s also a lot of skill involved, and mixed in with fantasy troupes creates an extreme pop in them.

Q2) What Is The Difference Between Strategy And Role-Playing Games?

Ans2:  The focus of a role-playing game is more on the individual experience of the players, while strategy requires calculated moves.

Q3) What Is The Critical Strategy To Use When Fighting Against Big Boss Battles?


Ans3: The idea of survival is the key against any battle, which means advantageous combo moves, keeping distance, and defense moves.

Q4) Why Have Souls-Like Games Found New Popularity?

Ans4 In the recent past, games with higher difficulty levels have found a new audience, and they also tend to have rich mythology.

Q5) Is 2022 The Year Of Medieval Games?

Ans 5: Given that Elden rings have firmly started, 2022 will likely be a notable year for this genre.