Having a multi-language website is surely a great choice if you want to reach your audience from different corners of the world, but you aren’t sure if they know your language, or at least English, so they can understand your content. Most of the websites that are ranked on Google will be automatically be translated if the provider signs up for that service. The best option, surely, is to hire some translators who will have all your articles and descriptions translated in the language you want, but it can be very expensive, especially if you are at the beginning of your business journey. If you know a few languages, you can also do it all by yourself, but it takes a lot of time you can dedicate to improving the overall strategy and launch your business as soon as possible.

So, we are getting to the big “Eureka” moment for you – many websites, even the popular ones, are using language translation switchers like Yes, it’s true, we are talking about those who are the most profitable on the market too. It’s easier to integrate a few languages, and maybe it’s not always perfect, but it’s clear and understandable, no matter the potential tiny mistakes that may (or may not) occur. It’s very practical for e-shops mostly, especially for those who want to ship their products worldwide. As we all know, most of us know and understand English, but at the same time, many people don’t know this language. Services like Google Translate, and other online translators, are intuitive and predictive, and they are also smart enough to learn more and more languages, so they can give a better translation to the content.

It will surely bring plenty of benefits for your website, and here are some of them:

1. Increased number of visits and pageviews


Analytics data is important when you own a commercial website you are using to place ads, or sell something. It will be easier for people to find you, especially if you did a great job with your search engine optimization. The basic version of your site should have your maternal tongue and English language, but by buying a switcher, you can ensure that more people will be able to access it, share it with their friends, and bring visitors from all around the world. Web marketing is based on the number of page views every day, and as you attract more of them, you will surely be able to earn from your website.

2. You create a great connection of trust with the customers


When you travel abroad (sorry to wake those memories up) and you have to communicate with the locals, they will be more open to you if you, at least, try to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in their language. It’s the same with the websites. If you want to offer something to some person from the other continent, then you can be sure they will take some action of engagement with your content if they recognize your effort to use their words. With the integrated switchers, the browser will recognize their native language and will offer them to see that version. So, if you have an English website, but you still want to place your products in France, they will understand the message, but will be more likely to react if it’s written in their language, even when the translation isn’t perfect. And today’s software can be pretty perfect when it comes to that, so you won’t have any problems due to misunderstanding.

3. Improving your global presence


That’s your point – to be present and recognizable to potential clients all around the world. As you engage with them using their languages, you can be sure that you are getting a better place in the world full of similar websites. According to some data, more than 70% of the people are likely to stay on some site if it’s in their native language. Don’t underestimate this one, because even though you have to pay for the switchers. Their price is only a small part of what you can accomplish if you choose the languages of your website smartly.

4. The huge benefit of the international SEO


Can you imagine how many keywords can lead to your links, if you do that properly? Many people make a huge mistake when they overuse a few words, thinking they are increasing the chance of their content to reach the first-page results on Google. But, in that case, the search engines will mark it as robotic writing, and won’t rank it anywhere. The simple key is not to only translate the text, but you have to focus on the same keywords, but in a different language. One thing is for sure, if the people are looking for the best COVID-19 protection masks, they will do the same no matter the language they speak. It’s on you to estimate which languages are worth incorporating into your website.

5. Better marketing and brand strategy


Reaching the people in different parts of the world will surely become a crucial part of creating marketing strategies, and implementing them to improve the brand image. This is the best option when you are trying to create a global business. Language is the most powerful tool we have, and we only have to learn how to use it – and this is the same for every spoken language out there.

Until today, maybe you didn’t recognize the importance of this type of communication. But, as you can see, many websites are already using it, and they are surely ranking better worldwide than you can imagine. If you can afford to do that, invest in an automated language switcher, that will help the potential customers and visitors navigate through the content easier. These are only five benefits, but as soon as you start using it regularly, you will see that there are many more, and the profit and recognition are just a few of them.