Live streaming has become one of the biggest trends of the 2010s, and so far it seems that it’s here to stay and even evolve throughout the 2024s. if you own a business, plan on starting one, or simply want to get some online exposure, then live streaming is one of the best choices for you.

It’s usually free depending on the platform and your goal, it makes for interesting content that people can directly interact with, and it gives your brand the recognition it deserves without necessarily going overboard with the budget. With all that out of the way, let’s see a few tactics that can help you use live streaming in your favor.

New Journalists, Take Notes


Journalists use live streaming for breaking news or for unique perspectives about the news/content that they write about. The biggest advantage in doing so is that they can reach their audience without necessarily having a bulky camera around with them at all times.

In certain scenarios, journalists might need to go undercover, and thus getting their smartphone out and starting a live stream on Facebook or YouTube would be more helpful than carrying a huge camera.

How does this work in your favor as a journalist? It’s simple: it increases your reputation. Everyone will know you like that “new kid” who got that hot info which led to that dazzling turn of events that left everyone with their jaw dropped.

New Businesses Can Get a Lot of Exposure


Do you own a bakery? Why not live stream how you’re making those sweet sweets or those delicious snacks? Don’t worry, not many people will steal your secret recipe. You don’t even have to give them the exact ingredients. Instead, you can just show them how fun it is to create the sweets you’ve got on sale or how cheerful the atmosphere is inside your bakery.

Other more niche businesses can use a form of interactive live streaming to attract more clients. A good example would be those who use online casino software to facilitate a live connection between players, with webcams and video cameras inside the casino included. Doing so has the power to provide powerful interaction with and within your target audience and get as much “juice” from them as possible.

Get More People to Attend Your Event


Do you have a concert hall or a sports bar? Or are you simply the organizer of a festival, sporting event, or other similar affairs. If you live to stream your event and get other attendees to also live stream on their social media profiles, you’ll inevitably attract other likeminded people. If they live nearby, they might even want to partake in the event and pay an entrance fee.

Otherwise, if we’re talking about a periodical event, such as a music festival, you’re going to attract people for the next edition for sure by using live streaming.

Earn Some Revenue


Just like uploading videos to YouTube can earn you some ad revenue, so can live streaming on the same platform. There are several types of ads you can choose to display before or during the Livestream, apart from the fact that you can ask for sponsorships like many major Youtubers have started doing for some time now.

To clarify, there are three types of ads that you can show during a YouTube live stream:

  • Pre-roll ads appear before the live video starts and they look just like regular ads look before playing a normal YouTube video.
  • Mid-roll ads appear during the live stream. Do be aware that they can feel a little disruptive to most users, just like regular YouTube ads feel when they interrupt a video.
  • Finally, by far the “friendliest” types of ads are overlays that can run during the video. You’ve probably seen some of these in regular YouTube videos. They appear as simple clickable banners and they are by far the less intrusive.

You can also enable the Super Chat option. Viewers can purchase messages and stickers that they can use within the Super Chat to stand out from the crowd. This way, they’re promoting their profile and channel whilst simultaneously supporting yours financially. It’s a win-win situation for creators and users alike. And who doesn’t love something like this?

Create Regular Live Shows and Podcasts


Podcasts and weekly shows are all the rage these days, especially for people who commute to work on long distances or for those who want something to listen to while working. Similarly, weekly live shows where you interact with your users can also drastically increase your viewership, especially if you know your way with crowds.

You can create polls during your live streams to let your viewers vote on different video subjects and whatnot. Any extra interactivity is always welcome seeing that Gen Z and millennials love interaction above anything else. This is especially essential if you’re someone who lives streams video games because there’s no one else who loves interactivity more than gamers.

Collaborate With Other Internet Personas


When multiple celebrities meet up at a show or event, you can be sure that ratings will increase dramatically. Similarly, when one streamer announces that they’ll be going on another famous streamer’s live show, more people will be likely to tune in.

There are many YouTubers and creators ready to create partnerships with your brand, aiming for mutual growth. You can promote each other’s brand or product and even commit to creating collaborative content further down the line to increase your audiences even more – even if you create relatively different content from one another.

If you want to do this, first create a list of potential collaborators and start marking off each one by emailing or calling them. Reach out to influencers, public figures, and even other brands if you can see the potential of a collaboration.

Final Thoughts

By using these tactics, you’ll inevitably attract more people, attendees, or followers to your event, brand, or business. We wish you the best of luck!