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Home security is one of the most vital issues that need addressing nowadays because of the rising number of theft and robbery cases and other crimes. One of the many reasons why thieves target homes is how vulnerable some of these homes are.

The worst that may happen is when you or your family member is present during a home invasion. Not only is your property at risk, but your and the lives of your family members may very well be in danger.

That’s why you must ensure that you keep your homes secure.

You may want to consider one or more of the following security tips, depending on how secure you want your home to be:

1. Obtain A Firearm

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Although firearms should always be used as a last resort, having them in case you have to defend your life may give you some peace of mind. As mentioned, no one knows what might happen during a home invasion.

Firearms are controversial right now because of the spike in firearms-related crimes and accidents, but you may need one for security purposes, as a law-abiding citizen. While there may be risks to owning firearms such as accidental firing, there are more ways to ensure you avoid such instances.

One of which is to learn how to handle firearms—including safety, storage, and obtaining licenses and permits. If you live in the State of Virginia, you need a Concealed Handgun Permit before you can own a gun. And before they issue you one, you have to provide proof of handgun competency, which you can get from online handgun courses from and other sites offering such courses.

With such a course, you’ll be taught how firearms work, how to use them, and how to educate your family and keep them safe in case of any unauthorized access. Moreover, these courses also teach you to know firearms laws and gun safety rules you have to follow to avoid incurring penalties or legal liabilities.

2. Secure Doorways

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Possessing a firearm is for defending yourself when an intruder intends to inflict harm or injury on you or your household. However, firearms may not deter would-be criminals because not all will assume you have a firearm at your disposal. Thus, you may have to secure your doorways to prevent would-be criminals from entering your homes.

One thing you should do is to check that your doorframes and hinges are solid and protected. It would be best to change your locks if you’re not the first owner of the property. Make sure to choose locks that are highly rated on the market so they won’t be easily destroyed or picked.

Moreover, you may want to add the following reinforcements to keep your entryways more secure:

  • Have a video doorbell so you can verify the individuals before opening your doors or gates.
  • Upgrade to smart locks like biometrics or numeric passwords.
  • Install a strike plate.
  • Add a deadbolt.

Most importantly, you should always lock your doors and windows because those high-end locks would be put to waste if your negligence will allow trespassers to enter your home.

3. Install A Security System

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Another way you can deter trespassers is by installing security systems like CCTV cameras outside and inside your home. If criminal elements see cameras outside your home, most of the time, they may avoid your property because they know there are eyes watching them.

Nowadays, you can even watch unwanted persons trying to enter your home remotely through a mobile phone feed from your security system. Some models even alert you if there is unwanted access. And if you install certain systems, they may directly alert nearby security personnel or local law enforcement who can quickly respond to the incident.

Whether you get a basic security system or a more sophisticated one, your home should have a deterrent or response to home invasions in real-time.

4. Install Outdoor Lighting

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Likewise, outdoor lighting is one home security system that can also deter burglars from targeting your home. While it can highlight the effort you put into your yard’s landscaping, it can also act as security lighting. With such, you can have more visual awareness over your home’s surroundings since it illuminates your perimeter and landscape.

For instance, you can clearly see unwanted individuals lurking your property in low-light conditions. But most importantly, by installing outdoor lighting for your home, you also remove their incentive to trespass because trespassers don’t like to be illuminated and identified when trying to break into properties. Light can also make your home seem occupied even when you’re away, making criminals think you’re at home, thus keeping your home safe from crimes.

5. Adopt And Train A Guard Dog

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Another way to secure your home is to adopt and train a guard dog. While other dogs are good as pets and companions, certain dog breeds have been bred to guard their owners and their homes and can act as another deterrent against intruders or trespassers.

You can even train them to bark or make loud noises so you know that unwanted individuals are trying to get into your property. You can even train them to subdue intruders when you’re not home so you can then alert the proper authorities.

What’s interesting about guard dogs is their ability to differentiate between trespassers and passersby. When trained and properly socialized, guard dogs will bark and growl to intimidate invaders and know not to do so with mailmen, neighbors, or bystanders.

Thus, you can have a pet who can be a great companion and can identify persons who have ill motives.

Unlike ordinary dogs that bark at people whom they don’t know, guard dogs possess similar characteristics like the following, among many more:

  • intelligence
  • loyalty
  • courage
  • an intimidating appearance
  • impressive physique
  • imposing size

Most importantly, a guard dog knows not to threaten or frighten your family members and understands its job. With such, you can have a four-legged guardian and a family companion with a guard dog.


There are many ways to keep your home safe and secure, but these mentioned in this article are ones you can easily arrange for your property. You may have a beautiful home, but is it safe? Are you safe? Live in a beautiful and secure home by applying these home security tips. Don’t wait for a crime to happen to you. Expending a little for these security measures outweighs the dangers of unwanted persons trespassing your home.