Mobile phone-based betting applications allow gamblers to experience the thrill of gambling from the comforts of their home. The ease of betting, user-friendly interface, and availability of quick notifications that keep the players updated are some of the key features that make mobile-based betting attractive.

In addition to the points mentioned above, the availability of practice play sessions that allow players to improve their skills and the availability of lucrative bonuses are the major reasons why many people are moving towards mobile application-based gambling.


A Beginner’s Guide To Secure And Successful Online Betting: Some Dos And Don’ts

According to statistics, around seventy percent of online betting revenue is derived from mobile applications as of 2020. But regarding online betting, financial safety and privacy protection are prime considerations for all users. If you want to wager your money at a reliable site, you can go to the app 1xbet ios and bet on the plethora of gambling opportunities they have in store.

If you are new to the world of online betting, it would be helpful to go through the list of dos and don’ts to avoid any substantial losses and make successful bets in your online betting journey.

What All Should You Do Before You Start Betting On A Gambling Site

Check The Credentials Of The Gambling Site


The ‘About Us’ page is the first page you must visit when you visit an online gambling site. bona fide sites are licensed by the country’s gambling regulators, where the online site has its headquarters.

Licensing agencies ensure that gambling sites maintain due diligence while conducting games and do not use unscrupulous methods to give a greater edge to the house over the players. In most cases, regulated entities use random number generators for games like Bingo and other lottery-like games. Hence, the player can rest assured that they have not been dealt an unfair hand when it comes to games of luck.

Check If Your Communication To The Betting Site Is Secure

You can be certain whether your communication with a betting site is secure or not in two ways. If the site’s URL begins with https instead of http, then it is safe to assume that communication with that site is safe.

The ‘s’ at the end stands for secure, implying that the website uses encryption to protect all the information (be it personal or financial) that you share on the site.

You should also check for a lock symbol before the website name in the browser’s address field. This lock symbol indicates that the communication between the browser and server has encryption.

Make Payments Wisely


Before you enter your financial details, be it your credit or debit card numbers or some details related to your payment wallet, you must take all preventive measures to protect yourself from financial theft. Hence, it is always prudent to use a credit or debit card for making payments or while registering for a site, or while placing bets for a particular game. You should also keep your mobile phone locked once you have entered your financial details via a particular device.

You should be cautious and vigilant to spot signs of financial fraud. For instance, if you start witnessing irregular or too much activity soon after you share your financial details on a betting site, it is a red flag. If you get too many alerts from your bank, you must immediately get your card blocked and transfer all the money to another account. Moreover, filing a complaint with law enforcement agencies might help you recover all the money you may have lost.

Read The Fine Print

Any betting site’s terms and conditions section has large chunks of text that are generally not appealing to read. Yet you must make it a point to read and understand every point the site lists on its terms and conditions page. When you are sharing your personal and financial details, you must be aware of the ways through which your private data may be leveraged by the site.

What Should You Not Do When You Start Betting On An Online Gambling Site

Do Not Use Simple Easy to Crack Passwords


Most people use simple passwords when signing up on online gambling sites. But when sharing personal or financial information on a website, you must avoid using simple passwords with only alphabets or numerals; make it complex by mixing special characters, numerals, and alphabets.

It is also essential to change the password from time to time. So do not use an easy-to-crack password, and do not feel lazy to change the password every few months.

Do Not Take Welcome Bonuses On Their Face Value


Online betting sites are mostly popular because of the lucrative welcome bonuses they offer new users. However, if you are a new entrant to online gambling sites, you must read all the conditionalities associated with welcome bonuses. You usually get only a fraction of the bonus for some specific games.

Likewise, in many cases, you have to use the bonus amount only if you bet twice as much money than what is offered as a bonus. Welcome bonuses are great, and players who know how to use them appropriately have much to gain from them. But as a beginner, you should never take gambling bonuses at face value and use them only after deliberation.


Staying safe and protecting your identity while making huge gains is possible at online gambling sites. However, it takes time to get used to the online gambling environment. However, once you have learned the tricks to verify the authenticity of a site and the ways to utilize the welcome bonuses to your benefits, you can make a lot of money on online betting sites.