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We’re living a world where our resources are pretty limited, and we’ve come to a time where everything that we use can be and should be recycled. Today we’re talking about something that probably not many of you have heard about before, so let’s not make this introduction any longer and jump straight into the topic.

What is a flue heat exchanger?

If you are doing some kind of a job that requires you to produce a large amount of heat, you might be familiar with these heat exchangers. If not, no problem, we’re here to inform you about everything that you need to know.

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Heat Exchangers are inventions that allow us to recycle a very large part of the heat that we use for a certain cause, so instead of it going to waste, we are able to use it once again for something beneficial. It’s pretty simple yet extremely useful in many cases. Here’s how it works

How does a flue heat exchanger work?

By using a heat exchanger, you are able to recycle up to ninety-five percent of all heat that you’re producing, that would’ve been otherwise lost and not used for something useful. Simplified, this means that you are “paying” a lot more when it comes to producing the heat, and not using it to its full potential, basically letting most of your money “burn away” if you are not recycling.

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According to, if you invest in a flue heat exchanger system and flue heat recovery, you will be able to start earning back a large portion of the money that you’re spending in order to create the heat. The investment might seem a bit large at the beginning, but all companies are guaranteeing a return of it in just two or three years. After this period you are basically spending a minimal amount of money and your costs are greatly reduced, making your business even more efficient in terms of earning. But that’s not all.

One of the main reasons why people with a higher level of consciousness are starting to use flue heat exchangers is because it’s extremely beneficial to the environment. All of the CO2 emissions are greatly reduced and you are no longer polluting the environment that you work in, which is something that increases your company’s or personal business reputation in the eyes of your customers. Eco-friendly means much bigger trust from your consumers.

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Calculating savings and costs

If you are interested in using flue heat recovery systems, feel free to use a calculator that allows you to get a precise number of how much you will be saving and how much you’ll be spending after you get a return on your investment. If you are not sure where to find a tool like this, feel free to check our suggestion that we mentioned earlier in the article, they have a free one on their website.

Learning about the bigger picture

When it comes to flue heat exchangers, you need to be aware of the bigger picture, not just your personal benefits. This “mission” is a lot more about saving the environment than it is for your own economy, but saving a lot of money is sure a big plus in the entire deal. If everyone starts recycling a lot more than they do right now, this world will be a better place to live in.