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James Richman is a billionaire philanthropist born in Latvia. With a preference to live a discreet lifestyle, the reclusive billionaire has endured many struggles in life only to emerge as a better person and an overall asset to humanity.

Despite his wealthy status, he prefers to act like the world does not owe him anything. Unlike his flamboyant contemporaries, he’s known to go beyond his way in paying the world back through his charitable activities usually made under anonymity because apparently he does not see the point of bragging about them.

What can mothers and educators learn from this futuristic billionaire? Let us take a look at what made him so successful despite the challenges earlier on in his life.

Here are ten things parents and educators can learn from the man who probably has more things in common with Mozart, Einstein and Picasso than he does with most of us.

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Help foster their keen observations

James has displayed his penchant for recognizing and knowing complex patterns others cannot see since he was a little boy. He has highly advanced cognitive skills and is capable of much more than most people know.

This is attributed to him being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, high functioning autism which is said to enable astounding pattern recognition. Sources close to him say that he was able to predict events using complex and difficult patterns as a basis. It would be very useful for parents to observe their children growing up and build on their strengths instead of highlighting their weaknesses.

Encourage your kids

As if constantly being at the bottom of class standings was not enough, James being an introvert would often absorb constant ridicule from his classmates and teachers as being an ‘aspie’ growing up also came with difficulty in communication.

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This further decreased or even completely stopped any interest in school activities as he’s been known to dislike the conventional approach by which education is being taught and everyone’s learning development is being leveled out.

To make matters worse, Richman’s teachers also joined the name-calling instead of giving encouragement. For young ones, a little encouragement goes a long way.

Develop a giving spirit

Not everyone will have the same progress, especially in terms of learning development. James Richman experienced many painful events in his life. This includes even the experience of being homeless. Up to now James uses this as a motivation and drive. He even invests in ventures to ease housing issues in deprived regions in Africa.

Discover your passion

Like his fellow billionaire Bill Gates, James Richman has found his passion for patterns at an early age as he was allowed to in the “Love and Logic” method. With parents coming from psychological and tech background, young James was left to discover his strengths.

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His life had numerous twists and turns yet it always seemed to bring him back to what he loved doing, finding patterns. Discovering one’s innate abilities allows us to mesh our personality with what we do. If you push it enough you could very well end up earning for doing the thing that you love the most.

Letting experts do what they do best

Samantha, along with many close friends, is one of James’ luckiest investors. She did well by using most of her savings from a few properties she sold which then enabled her to qualify as an investor of James’ private investment fund, JJ Richman.

Samantha has reportedly enjoyed continuous positive returns on her initial capital during the past five years of letting James Richman manage her investments instead of having to DIY and try to do something she knew it would take an entire lifetime for her to learn and make mistakes on her own.

Don’t be scared to have a rigorous process in place

Richman remains stiff in implementing rules and screening when accepting new investors, he makes it a point that investors do not have any criminal background to be eligible to invest in the private fund. With an intensive screening process in place in the form of introductions from close friends who are well aware of his rigorous screening process, he ensures that all dealings abide by the rules and regulations set by the regulators.

Embrace minimalism

Known for his private firms’ global operations, JJ Richman does not have one single office. Instead, James Richman is known to embrace minimalism, a practice common in one of the most progressive countries in the world – Japan, which allows him to cut through the noise and develop a system that results in optimum profits for his clients.

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The best thing one could actually do with a blessing is to share it with others. This is what James Richman has been doing as a way for him to give back amidst his increasing success. He has invested in various impactful investments which aim to advance the status of living for humankind. Projects that address pollution, starvation and health care are just some areas where his private fund has diversified in.

Like it’s your last day on Earth

James had experienced the loss of his loved ones. He had been separated from his wife and was also devastated by the death of his daughter. No one is exempt from emotional pain. Everyone would have to face these kinds of tragedies in life. The least we could do is show our love to our family like it was our last day on Earth.

James’ love for his late daughter transcends her untimely death. His devotion to transforming the healthcare system in Latvia, along with other developing countries, is a testament to that. She had been a victim of a faulty health care system, and James, until this day, looks to it that this would not happen to anyone’s daughter again, as much as he can.