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For many of us, life can feel like an uphill battle where we constantly struggle with anything that is going on in our life. From having to deal with things at work, or with family, we find ourselves constantly battling certain situations because we have a hard time just letting go.

“Some feel that by holding on to their point of view or stance on something that they are being strong,” says Alexi Jones, a life coach at The Coaching Institute. “However, in many instances, it has shown that by learning how to let go, it can drastically reduce a great deal of stress and anxiety. With many of the clients I deal with, I find that once they are able to let go of the need to feel like they are in control of everything, they can finally relax and just be themselves.”

In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there is a powerful scene towards the end of the film when after searching the entire movie for the Holy Grail, a quake has made the Grail just out of reach.

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What many find so powerful about this moment is when the main character knows he just needs to let the Holy Grail go. Just like Indiana Jones, I think we all have moments that we need to decide on whether to let go of something or continue to reach out in hopes of a positive result.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to decide when it is time to let go:

1) The other person has moved on – I spoke to someone the other day who was still pining for at ex who has been married to another person for five years and has a family. Sometimes you need to let go of another person.

2) The Universe doesn’t align – A good friend reminded me the other day that sometimes when the universe doesn’t align for things to move forward, the universe may be telling you to let go of something.

3) It is too much work – You keep plugging away at something and at some point you realize that the work you’re doing is too much for the reward (either emotional or financial). When the cost is greater than the reward it may be time to let it go.

4) There is no joy – If you continue to do something that you used to love but you no longer find joy in, it may be time to let it go.

5) Memories versus present – If you find that your memories of something are more in your mind than the present it may be time to let go of that thing.

6) You’re stagnant – If you find that you are not growing and your current situation is holding you back, it may be time to let go of that situation to be able to grow.

7) You just know – Sometimes we just know that it is time to let go of something in our life. But because of fear or familiarity, it is too hard to let go.

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Letting go can be one of the most difficult things someone has to do. Letting go can cause fear or a sense of loss.

Today is a great day to take some steps in letting go of those things that are holding you back and becoming the best you possible. If you need help a life coach can help you create a plan to let go and move forward. They are able to help you think things through so you can make decisions that serve you well.