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Virtually all the publishers on my list of predatory publishers maintain a website for the publisher with links to, among other things, their predatory journals.

China-based Science and Engineering Publishing Company is an exception, for it has no website. Instead, each of its journals has its own home page, and none is linked to the others in any way.

One of their journals … with a title that appears to be lost in translation.

I found this publisher’s ten journals by searching Google for the publisher name. Have I found them all? The titles of all but one of the journals begin with the phrase, “International Journal of … ”

The one outlier is The Computing Science and Technology International Journal, which, rather curiously, seems to have a connection to the publisher Research Publisher, which is already on my list.

I looked up the domain name registration and found the journals linked to a Zhu Qun in Xiangyang, Hubei, China.

The journals (see list below) all have broad coverage, a tactic designed to attract more author fees. The publisher requires that authors sign over copyright of their articles to the publisher, a requirement that is completely against the spirit of open-access scholarship.

I am seeing an increasing number of open-access publishers emerging from China and suspect it may be the beginning of a large wave to come.

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Appendix: List of journals published by Science and Engineering Publishing Company.

  • The Computing Science and Technology International Journal
  • International Journal of Advances in Psychology
  • International Journal of Applied Physics
  • International Journal of Automation and Power Engineering
  • International Journal of Energy and Power
  • International Journal of Engineering Practical Education
  • International Journal of Environment and Resource
  • International Journal of Information and Computer Science
  • International Journal of Material and Mechanical Engineering
  • International Journal of Modern Education Forum

Hat tip: Joanna R. Adler