Slots are the most popular option in online casinos these days. One of the main reasons for that is that playing these games can be very entertaining while you don’t need any effort or some advanced strategy to win. All you need is luck and a properly set bet size. Playing some of these games can be a great way to spend free time. On the other hand, there is a chance to make a profit, but only with a good strategy.

If you are a beginner, the first thing to do is to learn more about the different titles available on these websites. You will find hundreds of games with different modes, various number of lines, all kinds of additional features, jackpots, and more. We suggest you try some free games first, so you can start with the right one when you play with real money. One of the best websites where you can play demo games is

While there are many interesting features related to the interface, graphics, and modes, you have to know that the return percentage can be crucial when it comes to your performance. The main factors that can affect your balance are the random generator and RTP. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important things related to RTP in online slots.

What is the Return Percentage Rate?


A simple explanation is that this factor represents a rate that is expected to be provided to the player in the long term. For example, if you choose a game with a rate of 95%, and you start with $100, you can expect that the game will give back at least $95, but you should know that this is only for long sessions.

This feature is similar to the house edge that casinos are using in table games. In that matter, you should research the games at a higher rate since they will provide a better chance to win. On the other hand, the main advantage is that you can prevent excessive losses and longer losing strikes.

Are There Options With More Favorable Rates?

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In most cases, the rate will be under 100%. The point is that the casinos are securing the profit with the small gap under that point. On the other hand, there are some slots where the machine can increase the rate to be over 100%. That is the case with progressive games. These games are the best option for people interested in spending more money and playing for a longer time.

When you are playing in this mode, there are often terms related to the size of the bet, which usually has to be higher or even max bet in some cases. Moreover, it has an integrated prize pool that is increasing over time. Therefore, there is a point in the game where the rate will be over 100%, which means that you will most certainly win.

Still, keep in mind that reaching that part of the game can be quite complicated, and you still need a lot of luck and money to reach it. Therefore, it is important to read more about the game, lines, bonuses, and other features so you can calculate whether it could be profitable to invest more money and time and wait for the jackpot or some other bigger prize.

It is Not a Guarantee to Win


The common misconception is that many players think how playing a game with a rate of 98% or over means that there is no way to lose money. The problem can be that many casinos will integrate this system for a huge number of spins.

For example, the return percentage is 97%, but it is applied on the amount of $1 million or even more. That means that all players combined can expect to get back 97% of that money over time. When it comes to the standard game where you will spend a few hunters and apply a medium bet, high RTP is not always a factor that will help you avoid losing.

Other Important Factors


Besides the return percentage, you should consider the volatility of the game as well. When the volatility is high, you can expect to not win so frequently, but the prizes will be higher. When it comes to games with high volatility, it is common that smaller prizes are introduced as well, which are usually high enough only to recover your hand.

For example, combining only two symbols will give back the same amount as the bet, while three symbols award five or ten times more. Moreover, there are standard and low volatilities where you can expect to win more often, but the amount you can get is significantly lower.

What Are the Best Options?

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The most effective way to find out if the casino, game, and providers are reliable is by checking online reviews and the experience of other players. We can see that there are some games with a much better status that are known as titles that are fairer to players, and many of them managed to win money by playing them.

For example, Mega Joker, which is a game with 40 lines and all kinds of symbols. This game is perfect for those who want to spend more time playing. Also, it is an excellent solution for those who want to start with a strategy where a player will set the bet according to current performances. The return rate of this game is 99%. There are some other interesting titles as well, such as Jackpot 6000, Jokerizer, Rainbow Riches, and more.

Last Words

As you can see, RTP plays a big role in these games. However, it is not the main factor that will result in your winning or losing. Playing games with a higher rate is certainly a much better option, but you should never rely only on that factor. The best strategy to be good in slots is to implement a proper money management plan and control your balance.