The world-famous multiplayer online game dedicated to armored tanks and vehicles has successfully attracted several new players. The game is so competitive and strategic, and you will need a complete understanding of the game to conquer the battlefield.

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Further in this article, you will get insights into the major common mistakes all beginner world of tanks players make. Avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of winning on the battlefield.

1. Don’t stay alone to guard your base


The most common mistake most beginners make while playing world of tanks is that they stay behind alone to guard the base while other team members are going ahead to engage with the enemies. This strategy is not that good and makes it easier for the opponent to win.

This will make your team weak and give a number of advantages to the enemies to defeat the tanks of your teammates. If you really want to protect your base, then work as a team to help your teammates and fight along with them to destroy those enemy vehicles approaching your base.

Staying alone behind you cannot work as a team and eventually, you won’t be able to stand out against the opponents all by yourself.

2. Surprise your enemies with flank attacks


Another common mistake all beginner players make in the world of tanks is that they completely forget surprising the enemies with flank attacks. Flanking means ambushing your opponents from a different direction sideways or backward so you can surround them and attack from multiple directions.

The main benefit of a flank attack is that you can catch the enemies off-guard by attacking from multiple directions. A flank attack is not easy, you must be sneaky enough so the enemy doesn’t get to know about your move until it’s too late and helps you to win every battle.

For more effective attacks follow your commander’s instructions and spread more evenly so the opponent faces difficulty in facing multiple attacks from different directions.

3. Failing to play as a team


World of tanks also allows you to play in a team along with several other players around the world. Playing online in a team can be quite difficult than playing solo. You have to think about actions that will affect your entire team which can be the way towards defeating the enemies by making team efforts.

Many beginners often make the mistake of playing as a team and making decisions that will benefit or save them, putting everyone else on the team at risk. Playing as a team with good strategies and coordinated attacks will improve the firepower of your team and will help you to defeat the opponents easily.

There will be a lot of moments when you will be in a situation that will benefit you but you must always listen to your commander in the game and make decisions that will benefit the overall performance of the team.

4. Know everything about the types of shells


Before you play any game, you must know most of the things about game mechanics and other important stuff. In the world of tanks, there are plenty of beginner players who often make the mistake of not reading the information about the types of shells and damage they do to the enemy vehicles.

You must fire the right shell at the right opponents. You will have limited ammo hence you should make the best use of it. Avoid using high explosives all the time and save them for bigger opponents with full health so you can deal higher damage.

These anti-tank high explosive shells have low penetration but do heavy damage to opponent vehicles and artillery and make it easier for your team to destroy the opponents much quickly. There are other different types of shells that must be used efficiently at the right time.

5. Don’t ignore if you spot enemies


Many beginner players often avoid fights and prefer not to engage with enemies even when they spot them first. It’s always better to wait for your team but if you spot your enemies first then report it to your commander first and seek their approval to engage with them.

Striking an opponent first gives you the damage advantage and makes it easy for you to win the fight. Also, while you are engaged in the fight your team member can flank from a different direction and destroy enemy tanks with ease.

There are plenty of tactics and strategies to be followed while playing this game. Ignoring the enemies won’t help you and your team to win the game. Strike when you have the chance and when the enemy is alone.

6. Avoid deployment of multiple tanks to a narrow lane


Deployment of multiple tanks to a narrow lane will be an asinine mistake and it can lead you towards your defeat. There are several narrow lanes on maps like Arctic and Lakeville. If a lane is contested by both the teams, even a single opponent tank can deal heavy damage to all of your tanks in a narrow lane.

This is because you won’t have enough space to move sideways in a narrow lane and even if you destroy the opponent tank, they will deal enough damage that will make their teammates defeat the rest of your team with ease. Hence, try to keep a distance and maintain distance so you can make flank attacks or make other strategies whenever required.

The Bottom-line

There are plenty of common mistakes beginner players make while playing world of tanks. The primary reason being the game is highly competitive and you have to follow a lot of game mechanics and understand game physics to master the game.

You require unique strategies and play as a team to make your way towards victory. There are some major common mistakes that you must avoid while playing this game.