If you like video games, Destiny 2 is an excellent choice for people who love to play action games. It has some of the best gunplay in any game out there, and there are many things to do. It was made by the people who made Halo, after all.

Developer Bungie doesn’t help new players learn how to play their games. It means that many people give up on the game way too early. Tutorial: A new one has been added recently to help newbies understand the game better. It’s still not enough, though!

Then, don’t be afraid! A good understanding of the game through will come after reading this guide, which I’m trying to keep as short as possible. It will also help you figure out how to get the most out of the game.

9 Things You Need To Know If You’re Just Starting Destiny 2

1. How to Use Glimmer


People who play Destiny use Glimmer, the game’s main currency. Glimmer is used to buy and sell many different things in the game. Most of the time, it is earned through almost any activity or pursuit. It should be spent as often as it is made.

There is a cap on how many glimmers you can have in this game. Keeping 20k or so Glimmer on hand in case players want to buy something is a good idea, but you should think about spending the rest on things like materials, bounties, or upgrading your gear with the rest.

To get more Glimmer quickly, players can visit the Spider in the Tangled Shore. They can also get a Rainmaker buff, which makes Glimmer gains for four hours more likely for that time. Guardians can also put a Glimmer Booster mod in their ghost to get a lot more Glimmer.

2. Don’t Forget Armor Mods


Players should not forget about armor mods and upgrading their armor when they talk about spending Glimmer. As of right now, they’re easy to forget, but they make up a big part of Destiny. With Glimmer and Legendary Shards, Guardians can make their armor more powerful. They can also get more energy and use more robust armor mods.

It’s not a good idea to upgrade every piece of armor you get or even max out the Energy of a single piece of armor when you start. It’s not always easy to find armor that you like. You should try to improve it at least a little, sooner rather than later if you do.

When a player wears only the shell of their armor, it’s usually a waste of money and will keep them from getting the most out of their playstyle and having the most fun.

3. Collectors and Fashionistas

A massive album of all the things the player has found is called the Collection. It’s possible to get almost everything back from Collections if the player deletes them. Legendary weapons and armor pieces that are randomly rolled aren’t.

However, all of the items in the game, from Shaders to Sparrows to Emblems, are kept safe in Collections. It means that players can put their favorite sparrow on all of their characters. A player can always check their Collections to see if a specific loot item can be found again.

4. Remote Access


Players can now get bounties from any vendor while in orbit with the Destiny Companion App. It is excellent because it saves a lot of time loading into the Tower and going to all the vendors one at a time.

The same app can also transfer weapons and armor between characters. It saves a lot of time going back and forth to the Vault (shared between all player characters). In the Destiny Companion game, the player’s characters have completed this week or to check the timer on quests that are only available for a short period without logging into the game.

5. Seasonal Is More Like Every Year


There will be a new update in the fall of 2024 that will make a lot of the seasonal content stay around for the whole year. There is no need to rush the main goals in a given season. It’s not all that will stay, but things like Wrathborn Hunts from this season and unique quests will. Players who log in later in the year can get two birds with one stone by progressing through two seasons of content simultaneously.

6. Do What You Like To Do And Keep Moving Forward

It is what’s called “Powerful Gear.” It helps you get to the endgame. These are rewards that the player receives from vendors and challenges every week above their average Power Level. It’s only when a character’s Power Level hits Beyond Light’s soft cap, or 1200, that players can start getting Powerful loot just by playing the game’s primary activities.

These are the playlists that are part of the rituals, like The Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, and some seasonal activities. People can do this as many times a week as they want, and they’ll keep getting Power boosts from time to time.

7. Think about Clans


Every week, each member of a Clan that is active gets a little more Powerful loot for free. Players don’t have to do anything to get these rewards. There must be at least one Clan member who has met the weekly Clan milestones for everyone else to get loot. Players who check in with Hawthorne at the Tower at the end of a week can get up to 5 Powerful items, some of which can be exotics as well.

8. Sunset Loot Pools


It is essential to remember the game’s previous expansions: Forsaken and Shadowkeep. There are still expansions that can be bought with Beyond Light, but their contents don’t usually give you valuable items for most of the time. Outside of their Raids and exotics, the loot from Forsaken and Shadowkeep has been “sunset,” which means that it can still be used, but it won’t be indestructible to current Power Levels, so you can still use it.

People can’t use these weapons and armor well for many different things because this limits what they can use. For example, the casual Crucible playlists don’t have Power advantages, so players can use whatever they want. On the other hand, Nightfall Strikes have much stricter Power Level requirements.

9. Campaigns Are Not Necessary


After traditional levelling was removed, Destiny hasn’t kept people from doing many things. You do not need to level up through the campaign to do different quests or reach the endgame.

When it comes to campaigns, they aren’t very important, and players won’t have to finish last year’s story content to start the new one. However, drives can sometimes lead to new pursuits, such as exotic quests or new subclass trees, but the player can choose what they want to do next.


Hopefully, now that you’ve read this, you can handle the vast and complicated world of Destiny. It may be hard at times, but I’m sure it’s worth it.