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Picture a world where the internet, the global hub of information and communication, is open to all, regardless of their abilities. This is the guiding principle behind accessiBe, a trailblazer in web accessibility.

They are committed to crafting an internet that is inclusive and equitable, a space where everyone can interact, learn, and engage with the world. This vision is not merely an idealistic aspiration, but a pledge to effect a tangible change in the lives of individuals with disabilities and to enable businesses to benefit from this shift.

accessiBe’s direct collaboration with the disability communities is crucial to this mission. They have partnered with hundreds of disability organizations, working side-by-side with leaders to educate businesses and the general public about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

These partnerships are a testament to accessiBe’s commitment to fostering an accessible internet. In a world where digital spaces are increasingly becoming the primary mode of interaction, accessiBe’s vision is more relevant than ever.

The internet has become an essential part of our lives, and accessiBe is at the forefront of making it accessible to all.

Exploring the accessiBe Ecosystem: An Array of Web Accessibility Solutions

Exploring the accessiBe Ecosystem: An Array of Web Accessibility Solutions

accessiBe offers an ecosystem of solutions designed to make websites more accessible. This suite of solutions includes accessWidget, an AI-powered tool that enables websites to meet legal accessibility standards without altering the original UX or requiring manual coding.

But it’s not just about compliance. By improving the accessibility of a website, accessWidget enhances the overall user experience, making the website more user-friendly for everyone. It’s a powerful tool that can transform a website, driving traffic through optimized SEO practices.

  • accessFlow: This all-in-one development platform is designed for testing, monitoring, and remediation of website accessibility. It offers a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to design and develop natively accessible websites. With a variety of tools and features, accessFlow helps developers code accessibly, helping to create not only compliant but also seamless and enjoyable websites for all users.
  • accessServices: As a professional service, accessServices brings industry-leading expertise to assist businesses in advancing their digital accessibility. Businesses can leverage the knowledge and experience of accessibility experts to further enhance their website’s accessibility. This service is a valuable resource for businesses committed to making their digital spaces more inclusive.
  • accessScan: This free tool analyzes a website’s accessibility and delivers a report on issues that need remediation to comply with legal requirements. It’s an invaluable resource for businesses looking to assess their current level of accessibility and identify areas for improvement. With accessScan, businesses can gain insights into their website’s accessibility and take informed steps to enhance it.

The Business Impact of Web Accessibility with accessiBe

The Business Impact of Web Accessibility with accessiBe

Improving web accessibility is not just about inclusion, it also has significant business benefits. Here are some of the ways in which accessiBe can impact your business:

Improve Organic Reach

Businesses can widen their customer base to include the 16% of the population that has a disability. Moreover, their website will rank higher on search engines and experience increased visibility due to enhanced SEO.

This can drive more traffic to the website, leading to increased sales and revenue. In today’s competitive digital landscape, improving organic reach is crucial for business success, and accessiBe can help businesses achieve this.

Improve User Experience

Improve User Experience

A clean user experience, as a result of web accessibility, will offer users consistent page headers and structure, making navigation easier. The easier it is to navigate a website, the more likely that conversion rates will lift and bounce rates will drop.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the digital age, user experience is paramount, and a positive user experience can significantly boost a business’s reputation and customer retention.

Help Comply with Accessibility Laws

Owning and operating an accessible website means that your business will mitigate legal risk and potentially save valuable time and money that could be spent on lawsuits.

Businesses can rely on AI-powered tools such as accessiBe’s to conform with WCAG in compliance with the ADA. Compliance with accessibility laws is not just about avoiding legal issues, it’s also about demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and respect for all users.

Help with Taxes

For businesses who invest in web accessibility, a tax credit of up to $5,000 is available. The tax credit can be received annually for those who qualify and can be spent on further web accessibility practices.

This can help offset the cost of implementing accessibility measures and provide a financial incentive for businesses to improve their website’s accessibility. It’s a win-win situation for businesses, allowing them to improve their website’s accessibility while also benefiting from tax credits.

Web Accessibility Legislation: ADA, DOJ, and WCAG


Web accessibility is not just about inclusivity, it’s also a legal requirement. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) all play a role in ensuring and regulating web accessibility.

Businesses are encouraged to educate themselves on these legislations to ensure they are in compliance and to promote the civil rights of people with disabilities. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is not just about avoiding legal repercussions, it’s also about demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and respect for all users.

By complying with these regulations, businesses can show their commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible internet.

accessiBe’s Pledge: Respectful Language and Inclusive Internet

accessiBe’s Pledge: Respectful Language and Inclusive Internet

At accessiBe, respectful language is not just a guideline, it’s a commitment. They believe in using people-first language, focusing on the person rather than the disability.

This approach fosters respect and inclusion, putting the end-user at the center of the message. It’s a reflection of accessiBe’s belief that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

But accessiBe’s commitment goes beyond language. They are dedicated to fostering digital inclusion, not just compliance. They believe in creating an internet that is accessible and inclusive, a place where everyone can participate fully and equally.

It’s not just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about creating a digital world that truly reflects the diversity and inclusivity of our society. By fostering digital inclusion, accessiBe is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive internet, one where everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute.