The job of a nurse is extremely difficult, especially since the pandemic of Covid-19 has started. However, if you manage to forget how difficult it is, and concentrate on how you can help patients – it will be easier for you to understand what are all the advantages of this job. We will try to point out some of them.

The Nursing Job Is Extremely Noble


The job of a nurse is not easy at all – it requires a great deal of humanity, patience, standing on your feet at different times of the day and night, but also the ability to encourage patients to fight a health problem and lift their spirits.

This is especially significant in times when we are facing the pandemic of Covid-19 – so good medical staff is needed more than ever. We can literally say that nurses provide care, compassion, and comfort without a prescription – and that truly means a lot to every patient.

Perhaps this is the biggest secret of success in this profession – because, in addition to being a hard professional, you must first be a human. You have to carry humanity within you, so it has to be a part of your nature – and what are the professional requirements of this job?

Nursing Job Requirements


Nurses provide treatment and care for the sick and other people in need – and work on health improvement and disease prevention. To perform the duties of a nurse, it is necessary to complete vocational education – which usually ends with the final thesis.

Students can also take state exams, which allow them to continue their education at the higher education level. Click here for details to learn more about continuing your education by getting a master of science in nursing. Education for this profession is also provided within the adult education system.

The basic tasks of nursing care include the organization and implementation of work with patients and wards, the implementation of certain diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, care of patients and wards, giving instructions, keeping records, and the like.

The Advantages Of Being A Nurse

When you start practicing a nursing profession – it is clear that you have a sense of humanity and desire to help others. Not many people have chosen this profession just for money – although being a nurse is usually a well-paid job.

However, according to Saint Elizabeth Health Care, the desire to help people is always stronger than anything else. So if you see yourself working as a nurse, you can always apply for a job on websites such as

And who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the chosen for such a noble work. Being a nurse also brings with it some other benefits that make this profession so special.

1. Helping people brings you endless satisfaction


Providing help to someone who is sick, helpless, or injured is extremely noble. However, the key thing about being a nurse is the fact that it fills you with inner satisfaction. Quite simply, you will feel good when you help someone, speed up their recovery – or even save a life.

Whether your job will be patient care, prevention, and healthcare, or fighting for patients’ rights – you need to be aware that your job is very responsible. Nurses even play a major role in shaping the overall health care system.

Their role in the chain of health workers during the Covid-19 pandemic is irreplaceable. They were standing equally brave on the front lines in the battle against the pandemic – and they represent one of the main links in the chain of the health system of every country.

2. This is a job that is in great demand

Considering the circumstances in which we have been living for the last two years, lockdowns, mass vaccinations, etc. – it is clear that the need for educated staff in the field of nursing is more than necessary.

Some estimates suggest that demand for highly qualified nurses will increase by more than 15 percent over the next five years. This primarily applies to nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), but also to registered nurses (RN). Therefore, we can say that this is a job that can provide you with a secure job in the desired position.

3. Chances of working in different places


Although in the past we all mostly tied the nursing jobs to hospitals or hospital-type health institutions – today, this is no longer the case. Today, nurses can apply their knowledge in different places and easily apply and get the job online.

So now we can see these medical staff on big cruise ships, working in sports clubs, in kindergartens and schools – and even within private companies that have their own inter-company health services.

Of course, there are many small health companies that offer you health care services, holistic care, etc. So, the choice is very wide – and everyone can find a job that suits them best.

4. Flexibility of work

Today, nurses are also able to take advantage of benefits such as flexible working hours. Namely, depending on the place where you work – you can choose to work full time, part-time – or work on-call. You can also opt for 12-hour shifts – which will allow you to have several days off.

This way, you can better organize your entire time and life, which will make it much easier for you – especially if you have a family. So everything is about organizing – and this is one of the main characteristics that nurses are already well-known for.

5. Being a nurse instills trust


This is one of those professions that instills trust in people – and it’s pretty much the same all over the world. This is a highly valued profession that implies certain ethics as well.

Although this industry also has its ups and downs – it still holds first place as a profession in which people have the most trust, and find it very reliable. In numerous researches, the profession of nurse has managed to maintain its status and high credibility when being evaluated along with other comparative jobs.

The Bottom Line

Although being a nurse is sometimes hard and very stressful – nothing in the world can compensate for the feeling of satisfaction when you help someone or save their life. So when choosing this career, keep in mind not only the disadvantages – but also all the advantages that this job offers you.