Owning a business of any kind is a challenge in itself. You have to make constant changes and follow trends that will keep you relevant and up to date with everything that comes your way.

This is why a lot of people tend to go for websites that will further promote and help their business grow. If you want to know what are some important features that your business needs keep on reading since everything is listed and explained down below.

9 Important Features that Every Business Website Should Have

1. Helpful content information


Your site needs to be straightforward and should contain relevant information. In fact, why not add a phone number, the address of your place, as well as an email? Your ”about us” section should have all the information written out, making it easy for clients and users to get in touch with you. Do not forget to update your website regularly since you want everyone to stay informed about your moves and any new big or small changes.

2. Blog is optimized and up-to-date

No matter the business that you’re in, you need to consider making a blog. This way, you will get the right level of SEO benefits, as well as proper exposure to your brand, products, or your service.

Also, blogs that are backed up by SEO will have a great communications channel for your company and you will easily get in touch with your audience, followers, or your clients. Blogs nowadays are so much fun to run + they are a lot easier to manage thanks to all the ranking keywords and basic SEO rules.

3. Location is crucial for you to get exposure


Most businesses with brick-and-mortar locations rely on customers within a certain geographic area, thinking that they are well-informed about their surroundings. However, what about your new customers and people who are just finding your business?

Including your location information will help your SEO strategy succeed and help people unfamiliar with your region find your business. Make sure that your Google domain covers your relevant information so that people can find you easily.

4. Live chat option for faster communication

Don’t you just love it when a site has that live chat robot feature? Not a lot of people have time to read your FAQ and get all the little details on your business. This is why most of them will prefer a live chat robot feature on your site.

Artificial intelligence has made this functionality much more appealing and helpful. Now, your chatbot can answer questions in a matter of seconds while you get to focus on other aspects of your business and pay attention to fields that require more care.

5. Add pictures to your website


Customers like pictures since it gives them a sense of belonging somewhere and they get to picture your business as something that they are familiar with. You can opt for your whole team and their group picture, or you can insert some elements of your work, such as the before & after section, past projects, or your equipment/vision projects. Add interesting pieces and watch how your business blossoms. You can also add your prices for services that you offer.

6. Subscription offer is a good idea

A subscription will let you share information about your company through email marketing and build your email list at the same time. In fact, a lot of users love to get surprised with monthly discounts or special coupon codes around holidays or birthdays.

Use this list to share information you think your clients and prospects will find valuable whenever you have it. Subscription offers can vary from one company to the other, just make sure that you do consider them.

7. Be active on social media


Social media is a huge and important step nowadays for exposure and interaction with your audience. You should link directly to your pages so website visitors can find you quickly and easily. Combine the most popular aps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit with a direct link to your blog. Stay in touch with your fans/buyers or potential clients to show how just intrigued you are.

8. You have a mobile-friendly design

Online presence is not about just one aspect, but more so about the entire package that you have to offer. Google has since been using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor that rewards websites with fully-optimized designs for mobile platforms.

This is why your website should be easily usable and readable on iPhone and Android. In fact, did you know that over 60% of Google searches are done via mobile devices?! Websites are no longer visited or viewed on your laptop, so think twice before you make your site.

9. SEO is crucial for any business


No matter how stunning your business website looks, the problem begins if no one can find it. The quality of your blog posts helps add fuel to your SEO, which then helps the website rank higher in search results. Search engine optimization has to cover the following elements on your site:

  • SEO-friendly URL
  • Tags & relevant keywords
  • Heading & subheadings that look good
  • Has outbound links
  • The right use of keywords
  • Use social sharing buttons

Want to optimize your site?

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