Advantages of animal print rugs in the interior


Firstly, the skin gives the interior a special charm, it looks very expensive and stylish. You can buy the most expensive carpet in the world, but it will never be able to create the comfort and warmth that skin does.

Secondly, the most affluent people decorate their interior with them. You may not be the richest person in the world, you may not have the taste characteristic of the world’s best designers, you will only have to decorate the interior of your house with skin, and you will emphasize your exceptional status, creating an atmosphere of wealth in the house. It’s no secret that all the most affluent people give their preference to more expensive and natural materials.

Thirdly, according to Leffler, unlike synthetic materials, the skin does not contain harmful substances in its composition. This means that your health and the health of your household will be absolutely safe.

The fourth significant reason why many owners of apartments and houses choose them is their practicality. With proper and regular care of skin products, they will retain their softness and magnificent appearance for a long time.

And fifth: skin is very often chosen for interiors because they do not absorb unpleasant odors, which is often the sin of synthetic products.

The benefits for the owner of the product are obvious – this is an affordable way to make the interior stylish and cozy.

Different animals


There are a lot of animals in the world. So, whose skins will become the most interesting decoration for your home?

  • Cow

Cow print rugs are particularly popular. Their main advantage is the lack of an undercoat, which makes this decor hypoallergenic. Such skins are easily amenable to any processing, which allows you to transform them into elegant additions to a variety of interior styles. The possibility of coloring in any print allows you to create an imitation of the natural skins of various animals. All this makes them almost universal in use. At the same time, cow skins are highly durable and can last more than 10 years.

  • Sheep

Sheepskins are no less popular than cows, but they are still less practical. A pleasant soft and fluffy pile creates the effect of a special comfort in the interior and at the same time is hypoallergenic. Such skins do not require special care. They almost do not collect dust, do not shed, they can always be washed or dry-cleaned.

  • Zebra

The zebra skin is one of the exotic ones, while it is universal in its appearance. Thanks to the two-color coloring, it is suitable not only for ethnic African interiors. You can even decorate an apartment in the style of minimalism or high-tech with such fashionable contrasting print rugs.

  • Leopard

Another exotic version of the skin, which is literally created for an atmosphere of wealth and luxury: it will perfectly fit into home interiors with an abundance of leather and natural wood of noble breeds. In modern minimalistic interiors, it can also be used as a bright accent.

  • Bear

An option for rough, massive interiors, with a large amount of natural wood, including untreated. In other words, the dark brown skin of a wild bear is suitable for private houses or large apartments decorated in the country or rustic style. The classic option is to hang such a skin on the wall above the sofa or fireplace.

How to use it?


Before you decide to use such skins in an apartment, it is important to clearly determine where and as what kind of decor they will be located, and already start from this for making subsequent design decisions.

  • Floor covering

This is the most popular accommodation option. As a floor covering, animal print rugs are most often used in the interior of the living room, which serves as an original, beautiful, and stylish replacement for traditional carpets. Putting artificial animal skins on the floor in the living room, you can comfortably sit on such a soft and comfortable “carpet” every evening, enjoying reading a book or watching your favorite movies.

  • Ceiling

Decoration with animal print rugs in this case will emphasize the shocking design of the room. But it is not very popular because of the complexity of care. The most acceptable decoration of the ceiling with animal skins in the interior of the bedroom, where fur blankets are used.

  • Walls

Animal skin wallpaper is considered one of the most modern fashion trends in interior decoration. Fur panels are no less popular. If you decide to use animal skins in the interior as a wall decoration, it is important to remember that such decor is considered too bright and therefore its use should be minimal in other design details. As an additional decoration, animal skins can be used in the form of a wall panel or a fur frame of mirrors. Animal skins on the wall should be used with extreme caution, because their excess, instead of an atmosphere of luxury, will create a feeling of being in the dwelling of a primitive man.

  • Furniture

Animal skins are often used in the interior as upholstery for armchairs, chairs, and sofas. Although they turn furniture far from being the most practical, they still bring their own zest to the interior. If you choose this option of using skins in the interior, it is worth considering that you will often have to clean the upholstery. Decorative rugs made of animal skin can serve as comfortable capes on wrought-iron chairs and will be successfully combined with such furniture.

How to care?


The benefit for the owner of the animal print rug is that he does not have to spend a lot of time and effort to clean them and return them to their natural purity. It is very simple to take care of them – it is enough to vacuum them several times a month. It is permissible to wash, but it is important to remember that they should not be filled with a huge amount of water, otherwise they will simply lose their softness.