Quicksilver Scientific is a leading brand in natural health supplements and detoxification protocols. Its holistic approach harnesses nature’s power and modern science to combine safe, effective, and healthy ingredients. With a focus on wellness and dynamic energy, every product offers a powerful delivery system for increased bioavailability and ultimate efficacy to transform your health.

What is Quicksilver Scientific?

Quicksilver Scientific products are meticulously developed in a cGMP-certified lab (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) that adheres to strict regulations enforced by the FDA. Founded by Dr. Christopher Shade, a recognized expert on mercury, liposomal delivery systems, and the human detoxification system, Quicksilver Scientific innovatively delivers a premium line of products to support cleansing and achieve optimal wellbeing.

Everyday plastics, contaminated beauty products, and chemicals used in and around the home disrupt the biological and physiological functions of the human body. This is the driving force behind Quicksilver Scientific’s revolutionary approach to analyze and address toxicity to help the body restore its natural balance and achieve genetic potential.

What are the most popular Quicksilver Scientific products?

The extensive product range offers healthy supplements to improve cognition, GI microbial balance, longevity, hormones, immunity, metabolism, reduce inflammation, and effective detox programs. Quicksilver’s proprietary liposomal absorption technology ensures quick absorption for maximum effectiveness.

GABA with L-Theanine


GABA is a neurotransmitter that facilitates balanced neuronal transmission and is naturally produced by the body. This formulation contains L-Theanine, a calming amino acid that helps to stabilize brain wave patterns, comparable to meditation. Stress and mental pressure can cause many unwanted side effects and that’s where the GABA + L-theanine elixir can help with relaxation and rest with cognitive impairment.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a universal antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage and boosts immunological function. Quicksilver Scientific’s Vitamin C solution also works to safeguard the gastrointestinal system as well. Other modified products with Vitamin C include R-Lipoic Acid, a powerful chemical that supports good mitochondrial activity, glutathione formation, and assists in eliminating toxins.



Glutathione, also known as the body’s master detoxifier, aids healthy aging, immunity, and detox. Glutathione protects our cells from the harmful effects of toxins by neutralizing and removing them from the body. It can also help maintain a healthy immune system. Glutathione is needed for cellular regeneration, but this antioxidant is quickly depleted by toxin exposure, inflammatory disturbances, and inadequate diet. As a result, supplementation is frequently necessary to maintain healthy levels.



A highly accessible melatonin solution due to improved liposomal delivery, offers fast-acting sleep support that can be used at home or when traveling. Oral liposomal administration allows this natural sleep hormone to start working as soon as it comes into contact with the tongue.

This novel delivery mechanism enables long-lasting systemic effects, which may be beneficial for those who have trouble sleeping through the night or who have morning grogginess from too much sleep.



One of nature’s most important vitamins is replenished to its full potential. This solution is in a form that your body can readily absorb and use, with the optimal combination of vitamins D and K. As a bioactive renewal, it solves absorption difficulties as well as inadequacies caused by a lack of sun exposure. D3-K2, which comes in the form of nano emulsified drops, promotes strong bones, immunity, mood, and vascular health.

Methyl B-Complex


When you need a boost, choose this B vitamin mix. These metabolically active vitamins help you stay energized during mental and physical lows. When compared to non-liposomal B complex products, liposomal B complex products provide more immediate results. The eight B vitamins in this formula include active B2, folate, and B12. The body can easily recognize them, which enhances energy, cognition, methylation, and mood.

What are the benefits of Quicksilver Scientific products?

Quicksilver Scientific uses the highest-quality ingredients, laboratories, and rigorous processes to create specialized, unique liposomal delivery systems, mercury testing, and blood metal testing for human health as explained on These products offer optimal bioavailability to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of cellular waste products and toxins all contributing to increased repair and maintenance of liver function, circulatory, and neurological health.

As a cGMP-certified facility working under FDA guidelines, Quicksilver Scientific guarantees the safety, certification quality, and potency of its products in accordance with company standards.

Where can you buy Quicksilver Scientific products?

Authentic Quicksilver Scientific liposomal solutions are distinguished by the Quicksilver Delivery Systems distinctive trademark, which provides an unrivaled experience. Products are available through certified wellness retailers, international distributors, licensed practitioners, and health professionals to guarantee quality and uphold brand integrity. PureRaw is affiliated with Quicksilver Scientific UK to ensure competitive pricing and quick delivery of products.

Why choose Quicksilver Scientific products to support your body and mind?


The technology uses a revolutionary self-emulsifying delivery system that permits substances to enter the bloodstream at an unprecedented rate after consumption. The testing kits from Quicksilver Scientific screen for a wide variety of potentially toxic and nutrient metals in the blood to analyze excessive toxic metal exposure or nutrient metal imbalances.

Protocols for detoxification come in a collection of high-quality supplements to aid in your quest for optimal health. Quicksilver Scientific products are designed to give you the natural tools you need to maintain your mental and physical health for the rest of your life.