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The predatory journal named Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology has accepted a bogus, computer-generated paper entitled “Robots No Longer Considered Harmful.” The paper’s “authors” are listed as I.P. Freely, Oliver Clothesoff, Jacques Strap, Hugh Jazz and Amanda Huginkiss.

Interesting author names.

The journal’s publisher, the so-called American Research Institute for Policy Development, lists the journal’s editor-in-chief as Dr. Pauline Ratnasingam from the University of Central Missouri.

Did the editor approve this article?

The publisher has a slick and convincing website that has tricked many scholars into thinking it’s a legitimate publisher. The website looks like it might belong to the State Department or some other agency. There is no real “institute” behind this firm; it is just a predatory publisher aiming to make easy money off of unwary scholars.

Looks impressive, but it’s completely fake.

Conclusion: Please, please, do not submit any papers to the 52 journals published by the fake and inauthentic American Research Institute for Policy Development (ARIPD). It is a very harmful publisher.

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