This paper introduces the knowledge of CCNA Exam process, question type, precautions, examination score query and so on. I hope you will succeed in the examination.

CCNA Exam Process

Before the formal exam, there will be a questionnaire survey, mainly to collect some basic information and professional experience of candidates. The whole questionnaire survey takes 15 minutes, and the content can be filled in casually, which will not affect your examination. Candidates who take the certification examination for the first time can make good use of this time to adjust themselves and enter a good state. It is worth noting that when choosing whether to be 18 years old or not and whether to agree to the Cisco agreement, you should choose “Yes” (people under the age of 18 need to fill in the receipt to Cisco after the exam is over), and remember their candidate ID. After the end of the last survey question, there is an “End” option in the lower right. Click “OK” to start transferring questions from the server (generally, the test center has downloaded from the server in Australia on the same day and temporarily stored on the server of the test center). After the test questions are transferred, click “Start” to officially start the exam. In CCNA Exam, you are not allowed to go back and do the questions you didn’t do before (this is different from the Microsoft exam), so please finish each question carefully. Click “Next” in the lower right corner to enter the next question. Be careful not to click continuously and quickly (to avoid skipping to the next question). In case of crash or other accidents during the examination, please contact the staff of the examination room immediately and let them deal with it. In general, there is enough time. Don’t worry. If an unexpected event wastes a lot of time and affects your mood in the exam, you can negotiate with the examination room to reschedule the exam time. After finishing the final question, click “End Exam” in the lower right corner. The final page will tell you your score (the passing score of 640-801 is 849) and the score ratio of each examination item.

CCNA Exam Question Type


There are single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, drawing questions and experimental questions in the exam. The words of English reading in CCNA Exam are much less than those in Microsoft Exam. After the configuration of experimental questions is completed, you must copy run start, otherwise no score will be given. However, not every examinee will encounter all the above question types in the examination. Each examination question is randomly selected, and for some people, there are only multiple-choice questions in the examination.

Contents of Common Experimental Questions in CCNA Exam

The experimental questions of CCNA Exam involve the following contents:

1 Router basic Commands

2 CDP Router Basic Configuration & AMP, CDP

  1. Routing protocol (RIP & AMP, EGRP)
  2. Access control List
  3. Frame Relay
  4. Basic Configuration of Switch
  5. Configuring VLAN

However, the content of the most common experimental questions is only the following three points.

  1. Router checking, port and protocol checking in Router Basic Commands
  2. Router host name, IP address and sub-net mask in Router Basic Configuration, interface IP address configuration, relevant password setting and cracking
  3. RIP enabling and related settings in Routing Protocol (RIP & AMP, IGRP)

CCNA Exam Notes


In CCNA Exam, you are not allowed to go back and do the questions you didn’t do before, so when clicking “Next”, you should pay attention not to click continuously and quickly, so as to avoid skipping the questions directly. It is better to write all the commands in the experimental questions. After the configuration of experimental questions is completed, you must copy run start, otherwise no score will be given.

CCNA Exam center inquires that the three examinations of CCNA can be conducted in Prometric examination center or VUE examination center in each city. Basically, the examination is conducted on arrival, and there is no fixed examination time requirement.

Name and Address of Exam Center in Major Cities

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dalian, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an

CCNA Exam Score Query

After the completion of CCNA Exam, you can immediately know whether you have passed. Remember to ask for the printed transcript from the examination center and be sure to affix the steel seal or official seal of the examination center. The transcript will show your Cisco ID number, score and the accuracy of each knowledge point in the exam. You can also query your examination subjects, passing grades and time on the Internet.

For more info check “

Difficulty /Level of CCNA Exam

We have come across a lot of questions from several students who want to know how difficult Cisco’s CCNA exam is. Furthermore, they also want a comparison of this course with other similar industry certifications to have an idea of what they should opt for.

For you to have a clear understanding of what the Cisco CCNA exam is, we answer your queries so that you can decide better. It is a challenging examination held for entry-level certification in the IT industry. This is because a candidate appearing for this exam should have technical knowledge of networking and also the ability to configure types of equipment issued by Cisco.

The configuration requirement of this exam makes it mandatory for all test takers to have more experience in working with real networking equipment. This is not required for the other similar examinations but is needed for CCNA certification. Furthermore, the examination is tough for beginners.

The exam is difficult for beginners since a candidate’s ability to configure Cisco equipment is tested. Additionally, they should also have the ability to troubleshoot some issues that can occur in networking. This is why months of practical experience are needed so that they can get prepared for the exam.

Is Cheating Allowed In A CCNA Exam?


According to Cisco, if you are caught cheating in a CCNA exam, Cisco will ban you from appearing in all its examinations. The examination held is very strict, and they cannot afford to take risks with the candidate. Furthermore, they also enjoy the power of canceling all your existing certifications as well.

Having said that, if your certifications are of great importance as your career is completely based on them, we recommend you not to take risks. Getting caught cheating in the examination will devastate your career to a great extent.

Criteria If A Candidate Fails CCNA Examination

There are no hard and fast rules as to when a candidate fails the CCNA examination. However, there is a cooling period of five days from the day when you have appeared for the examination. Having said that, if you fail the CCNA certification examination for once, you will have to wait for five days to retake the examination.

Validity of CCNA Certification

When you achieve the CCNA certification, the same will be valid for three long years. After that, you will have to take the examination again and get the certification renewed if you want to enjoy the benefits. The continued validity of every certification can be extended for three more years if the candidate satisfies all laid out requirements.

That said, Cisco has some recertification requirements, and you will have to satisfy them to extend your validity period. Throughout this validity period, you may or may not keep your certification active. That said, there are no compulsions.

The Bottom Line

After going through the details of the CCNA certification, we now understand that achieving this certification has more to do, apart from just studying. The CCNA course offers an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the networking concepts that are required to sharpen networking skills.

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